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To Prevent & Beat Kidney Stones

Experts claim that over 26 millions Americans suffer from a kidney disease and every 1 in 3 adults has an increased risk of developing the disease.

Medical experts even warn that the situation is extremely alarming, as more citizens die of kidney disease than to prostate of breast cancer. 

Kidney stones are tiny, hard deposits in the kidneys , made of acid and mineral salts. They are formed when the amount of crystal-forming substances in the urine , such as oxalate, uric acid, calcium, are higher than the amounts the urine can dilute. 

The most common risk factors include 

1. body dehydration , or unintentional prolonged dehydration,

2. inadequate intake of fresh re-hydration fluids overtime, 

3. lack of vegetables, or

4, excessive consumption of meat.

The conventional medical treatment in the case of kidney stones involves potassium citrate. Studies have shown that fresh lemons have a beneficial property . As they are rich in natural citrate , so lemon juice may effectively prevent kidney stones. Doctors call this method --- LEMONADE THERAPY.

The citric acid inhibits the formation of stones and dissolve smaller stones which are about to form a bigger one. In the case of higher amounts of this acid in the urine , the formation of kidney stones is prevented. The citric acid coats small stones and prevents attaching of other materials and forming stones. 

Citric acid is found in excessive amounts in limes and lemons. Its pharmaceutical form, known as potassium citrate , is extremely effective in the case of kidney stones. 

The treatment can be easily done at home and it will enhance the function of your kidneys , and help you remove kidney stones. 

All you need to do is drink half cup, (4 ounces or 120 milliliters) of pure lemon /lime juice on a daily basis , or 32 ounces prepared lemonade (945 ml). In this way, you will consume the needed amounts of natural citric acid.

Mix 2 ounce (or 60 ml) of lemon juice with 6 oz (or 177 ml) of water to prepare this lemonade. And drink it two times  during the day, one in the morning, another one in the evening. 


apple cider vinegar

This amazing mixture is also beneficial in other health 
conditions. Apart from being tasty and refreshing, it is 
extremely effective in softening and dissolving stones 
and sand in kidneys and gallbladder. Moreover, you 
will soon feel the relief from the pain.

Stones or sand in the kidneys and gallbladder are 
common and painful health conditions, which result from
a buildup of chemical particles in the organs, 


You can prepare it with the given amounts of the 
ingredients, or you can moderate them, but always
take care for all amounts to be equal.

9 oz of lemon with the peel
9 oz of raw honey
9 oz of parsley root (ground)
9 oz of extra virgin olive oil,
9 oz of powdered brown sugar
(9 oz = 266 ml)

Method of preparation:
Wash the lemon well, cut it into pieces and mix it in a 
blender. Peel the parsley root, cut it into pieces and mix
it in the blender as well. Then, combine them and add 
the honey, the powdered sugar and the olive oil. Mix all 
the ingredients until you get a homogenous mixture. 
Keep the mixture in the fridge in a glass bottle because 
it can spoil easily.

Take one tablespoon in the morning on an empty stomach 
and in the evening before going to bed. For best results, 
take two doses of this mixture, and when possible, take 
care that every dose is freshly prepared because it can 
easily go bad.

During this treatment, it is advisable to drink plenty of water 
or other liquids.

Here is an amazing natural remedy to remove 
kidney stones within a week. It is recommend
-ed to use this recipe with care if you have 
large stones.

This natural formula can help you breakdown and 
eliminate kidneys stones and any of its remains 
including the sand. It will also cleanse your kidneys
off the sludge.

This 6-day treatment for kidney stones was shared 
by a person over social media.

The person explains the recipe and how it helped 
him get rid of a stone that was larger than a grain 
of wheat.

He used the following ingredients:

– Lemon juice – 100 ml
– Extra virgin olive oil – 100 ml
– Beer – 100 ml

Take a glass bottle and mix all these ingredients 
and stir well. Take just 50 ml of the recipe when 
you wake up in the morning. Make sure to shake 
well before you drink it.

Take it regularly and within 6 days it will start 
melting the stone and it will pass through the 
urine. The sand will start coming out within 4 

Those who have used this recipe have reported 
that it is highly effective.

Make sure to use only squeezed lemon juice. As 
already mentioned, this recipe is not recommended
for use for stones which are larger. As a minimum, 
it should not be used with stones of 15mm or higher 
size. Such stones, when melted, could cause 


Kidney Stones are among the most painful 
conditions you can have. About 80% of kidney 
stones are the type known as calcium stones. 
Normal calcium in the body when combined with 
oxalate, phosphate, or carbonate can form a stone.

According to John Milner, a urology expert from the 
Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of 
Medicine, lemons and other citrus fruits contain 
chemicals that can help prevent against the 
development of kidney stones. Lemons have the 
highest concentration of citrate of any citrus fruit 
which can naturally inhibit kidney stone formation.
Lemons can raise the citrate levels in urine which 
helps to protect you against calcium stones. The 
olive oil provides lubrication for easier passage 
through the urinary tract.


2 Tablespooons of Olive Oil

2 Tablespoons of Lemon Juice

2 Drops of Lemon Essential Oil

Mix everything together and drink. Make sure to 
follow it with a glass of water, and then drink 
plenty of water throughout the day. Take this 
mixture up to 3 times a day. You can adopt
water cure protocol formula: Every 90 minutes 
interval, drink at least 105 of your personal water 
daily quota* (your latest body weight measured in 
kg multiply with 32.53 = your daily water need per 
day, in ml). Use 1/4 teaspoon of sea-salt in your 
daily diet for every 1250 ml water intake per day. 


Kidney stones can be a real problem especially if 
you don’t know where they are. Kidney stones 
represent substances that are not diluted by the 
fluids in urine. These could be calcium, oxalate, 
uric acid, and many other things. Calcium oxalate 
stones are the most common since it’s everywhere 
in diets today. Struvite stones can occur when an 
infection happens, and uric acid stones become 
common for those who are either dehydrated, 
losing too many fluids or have gout. There are 
other types of stones, but these are the most 

The stones regularly have agonizing indications. 
They can go from having agony while urinating to 
have blood in the pee. Different indications 
incorporate serious torment inside and back, 
simply under the ribs; pink, chestnut, red pee; 
fever and chills with a contamination; urinating less
 or more regularly than common or little measures 
of pee; overcast/noxious pee; sickness; spewing; 
agony in waves and vacillates in power; torment in
lower guts and crotch and the diligent need to 
urinate. In the event that there is blood in the pee, 
trouble passing pee, or agony that it’s difficult to sit 
still, see a specialist at the earliest opportunity.

Needed ingredients:
One great way to get rid of kidney stones without 
having to have surgery is using a mix of honey, 
parsley, and lemon to dissolve them. The syrup 
calls for:

– 250 grams of icing sugar,
– 250 grams of honey,
– 250 grams of ground parsley root,
– 250 grams of lemons (with peels), and
– a quarter of a liter of natural olive oil.

Cut the lemon into fine slices and ground it. The 
parsley root is scraped and cut into slices then 
blended with the lemon. The rest of the 
ingredients are added. The mixing should go until 
the blend is homogeneous. One dose should be 
prepared at a time – which is one tablespoon.

Consume one tablespoon-dose on empty 
stomach in the morning. And the other 
tablespoon right before going to bed. Store in a 
glass bottle and keep in the fridge.

This cure is additionally useful for different things. 
Sand and stones are only two of the things it will 
offer assistance. Diseases and other microbes 
can be battled off with this syrup – the length of it 
is utilized as a part of conjunction with a ton of 
water (since that can be one motivation behind 
why the kidney stones are there in any case.)

Natural way to remove kidney stones is the best 
way and something to keep you away from 


Kidney stones usually occur in one kidney and most 
commonly affect men aged 25 to 45. In children and 
people over 45 stones occur primarily in the bladder. 
This condition usually affects people who sweat 
profusely and lose a lot of fluids, and in those who 
wet very little because of insufficient amounts of 
liquid intake.

The main symptom of kidney stones is severe pain 
in the kidney area, extending along the urethra to 
the groins. The pain is often accompanied by 
nausea and vomiting. It normally appears in the 
form of an attack that gradually lessens in intensity 
and then reappears. These pain attacks are also 
called renal colic. They occur suddenly and can be 
triggered by riding on bumpy roads, jumping or 

By contracting the renal pelvis or ureter your body 
actually tries to get rid of kidney stones, which 
causes severe pain. Each attack is followed by a 
little blood in the urine because the stone has 
irritated the kidney or ureter.

There’s one common ingredient which is very 
efficient for treatment of kidney stones. Thanks to 
the high acidity level of ACV, the apple cider 
vinegar kidney stones remedy can help to break 
down the hard tissues that form those kidney stones. 
This makes it easier for your body to flush out these 
smaller stones through urine. To get your stones 
dissolved, you need to consume ACV on a regular 
basis. Regular use of ACV will also make it easier 
for your body to flush out harmful toxins and prevent 
any kidney stones from forming.

1. Add two tablespoons of organic apple cider 
vinegar to 6 to 8oz.(177 ml to 237 ml) (of fresh 
water, and mix well.

2. Drink this solution regularly throughout the 
day. Drinking it before your meals will keep 
kidney stones from building up in the first place, 
and avoid infections.

3. You will want to keep drinking this once or 
twice each week even when kidney stones are 
removed completely, which helps to prevent the 
recurrence of kidney stones.

If you want to make this drink more palatable, add 
a couple of teaspoons of honey. 


Ginger’s main ability is to reduce inflammation, 
improve digestion and boost immunity, ginger 
is rightfully thought of as the most powerful 
food of the XXI century. It’s rich in many 
essential oils that give it flavor and aroma like 
gingerol, shogaol and zingerone. They are 
powerful anti-parasitic, anti-viral and anti-
bacterial agents that relieve pain and help with 
cardiovascular diseases, asthma, etc.

Ginger tea benefits:

– Ginger is an extremely efficient remedy in the
fight against sore muscles, cold, flu and
headache, but can also relieve pain.

– It eliminates the virus that causes influenza,
colds and cold sores.

– A cup of ginger tea reduces the risk of stroke.

– Because of its warming properties, ginger
improves circulation, oxygen, vitamins and
minerals delivery.

– The antioxidants in ginger fight infections and
boost the immune system.

Ginger tea recipe


– Organic honey

– Coconut milk

– ¼ teaspoon of ground turmeric

– ¼ teaspoon of ground ginger

– A cup of water

This tea is really easy to be made. Boil some
water, then add turmeric and ginger and let it
simmer for 7-10 minutes. Put the milk and
strain the tea in a cup. You can also add some
flavor if you like, and enjoy this wonderful and
healthy tea!


If you suffer from fatigue, infections or colds than
you may have toxins in your body and you need
to eliminate them fast. Microorganisms and
bacteria may attack your body as well. If you
want to solve this problem you can try some
natural remedies which will clean your body from
toxins and make you healthy again.

Natural solutions are always the best ones. Avoid
medications which are often temporary and are
expensive. Healed patient often avoids pharma-
ceutical industry. Just be brave and start with
cleaning the body from toxins. This may sound as
science fiction but you must try this drink which is
100% effective in detoxifying your body and the
positive results will appear immediately.

This amazing juice will not only clean your body but
it will also improve the digestion and boost your
energy. Most of all is cheap and effective.

1 lemon
4 apples
1 fresh grated ginger root 3 teaspoons)
1 glass of water

Organic products are recommended.

How to prepare it:
Peel the lemons and put them in a juicer together
with the ginger root, water and apples.

It is the most beneficial if consumed before
breakfast in the morning.

You will soon get rid of the toxins and you will
experience numerous health improvements.
You will have improved digestion and increased


Ginger is considered to be one of the most
powerful foods of the 21st century, due to its
strong anti-inflammatory, anti-parasitic,
anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties.

This amazing item is well known for its long history
of improving digestion and immunity, relieving pain
, and fighting cardiovascular diseases, asthma and
many other health issues. Being rich in Vitamin C,
magnesium and other minerals, ginger is extremely
beneficial for your overall health.

Moreover, a cup of hot ginger tea fights the cold in
winter more efficiently than any other drink. This
tea is prepared extremely easy and can help you
prevent and fight a lot of health issues, and even
the most serious diseases.

Ginger tea recipe
Some of the most important health benefits of
ginger tea are the following:

● Ginger can relieve pain, treat sore muscles, cold,
flu and headache

● Due to its warming properties, ginger can
improve circulation, as well as oxygen, vitamin
and mineral delivery

● It is an efficient remedy against the virus that
causes influenza, colds and cold sores

● Ginger is rich in antioxidants, so it can fight
infections and enhance the immune system

● Ginger tea has ability to reduce the risk of stroke 

The primary cause for the formation of gallstones,
kidney sand and kidney stones are improper
nutrition and hydration.

The symptoms of having a kidney stone are severe
pains in the sides of your body, just below the ribs,
but also abdominal pains.

While the most common gallstone symptoms are
tingling stomach pains in the right side of your
body, just below the ribs, but also headaches, bitter
taste in the mouth, and nausea. The symptoms are
the strongest right after a meal, especially if it
contains a lot of fat.

The Best Way to Get Rid of Your Gallstones and
Kidney stones in a Natural Way


● Extra virgin oil (0,25l of, eco);
● Lemon peels (250g of);
● Powdered sugar (250g of);
● Honey (250g of);
● Chopped parsley root (250g of).

Preparation and use:

First of all, disinfect your lemon with baking soda
and warm water. Then cut it into smaller chunks
and put it in your blender. Add your chopped
parsley and blend. When done, add your honey,
olive oil and sugar and stir well. Store it in a glass
jar/bottle in your fridge.

Drink one tablespoon each morning on an empty
stomach, and every night before you go to bed.
Continue drinking it until you get rid of your sand
or stones. However, don’t make large batches as
the mixture has a shorter expiration date.This is a
remedy which was proven to be effective by many
people who had kidney and gallstones. It’s also
very tasty, refreshing, and great for improving your
overall health. . 

Kidney stones usually consist of calcium, and can
also be caused by too much salt in the diet that
stimulates secretion of calcium in the urine. The
other type of stones are created by the urinary
acid, a by – product, as a result of the diet rich in
a lot of proteins.

The first thing you need to do is to limit the
consumption of salt in the everyday diet. You
should be careful with the amount of calcium
and proteins that you enter in the organism and
you should drink plenty of fluids that will halve
the risk of the creation of crystals in the urinary
tract. Other important things are herbs, foods,
vitamins and minerals. Important foods that you
can use are:
1. Lemon juice, olive oil and apple vinegar
This juice is one of the most effective for kidney
stone and gallstones. When you will feel the first
symptoms you should mix 60 ml olive oil and
60 ml lemon juice. After you drink this liquid, you
have to drink 350ml of water with one teaspoon
of apple vinegar.

2. Uvin tea 
This tea is one of the most famous when it comes
to kidney problems and bladder. This tea can
reduce the infection and can remove the pain.
People who suffer from this, are advised to drink
500 ml uvin tea daily.

3. Radish- Raphanus sativus-Cruciferae
This plant contains: potassium, sodium,
magnesium and vitamins. To cure gallstones it
has to be consumed as a frsh juice for two
months, in the mornings before eating. It has to
be consumed in this way:
-the first day one small cup
-the second day two small cups
-the third day three small cups
-the forth day four small cups, and then you have to
 reduce the dose
-the fifth day three small cups
-the sixth day two small cups
-the seventh day on small cup

After this dose you have to make a pause of eight
days, and after that use it on the same way.

4. Basil
The tea of basil has positive effect on the health of
the kidneys. If you have problems with kidney stone
or gallstone, then you can take one spoon of basil
juice in combination with honey.

Herbs for cleaning of the kidneys:
-Marshmallow root

Vitamins and minerals that participate in the
process of cleaning of the kidneys
-Vitamin B2
-Vitamin B6

You should also try this recipe that has already
proved very effective:

Necessary ingredients:
-100 ml lemon juice
-100 ml olive oil (cold pressed)
-100 ml beer

Put this in a bottle and drink 50 ml it in the morning
on an empty stomach. You should shake the bottle
before the use, and maximum of 6 days, you will
clear out the stone. 

Gallstones is common in a large number of
individuals and that includes children.

Most people show no signs of this but for others
they may develop an allergic reaction like rashes.

Checking for the stones with an x-ray doesn’t help
either as they are not calcified or quite small.

These stones can vary in size and colour as they
could be dark green, tainted white or red.

The gallstones cause a decrease in the cholesterol
level of a person and this may actually even

Gallstones are highly permeable and can pick up
parasites, bacteria and other organisms as it
passes through the liver channel.

This can lead to other health complications.

You can get rid of gallstones naturally with this

Here’s what you need:

● Olive oil (cold pressed) – 1/2 cup
● Epsom salt (unrefined) – 4 teaspoons
● Grapefruit juice (organic) – from 1 large or
2 small
● A cup with a lid

Note: you should make this recipe on a day when
you are completely free. Avoid taking any other
recipes and supplements a day before. Make sure
you eat foods that are low in fat for both breakfast
and lunch.

The Plan

By 2 pm:

You should not eat or drink anything after 2 pm.

● Mix 4 teaspoons of Epsom salt with 3 glasses of
clean water.
● Pour it in a container, from this you will get 4

● Leave it in a fridge.

At 6 pm:

● You should drink your first dose which will be
equivalent to about a 1/4 of the mixture.

By 8 pm:

● You should drink your second quarter. By this
time you will not feel hungry though you had not
eaten since 2 pm.

● It’s important that you keep to the time when you
take this drink.

At 9:45 pm:

● You should squeeze the grapefruit into a cup with
a 1/2 measure of olive oil.
Have the cup closed and mix thoroughly till you
have a homogeneous mixture like a smoothie.

By 10 pm:

● Drink the more of this recipe, if you don’t feel
sleepy you can lie down on your back and
maintain this posture without moving for about
20 minutes.
As you lie down the gallstones will leave your liver
through the channels.

You should drink the third quarter of the recipe as
soon as you awake, however do not drink it before
6 am.

Then after a couple of hours you should drink the
last measurement of the recipe. After two hours
eat something.

By the following day you are more than likely to
have diarrhea, but you will be relieved from the
liver stones and you will feel healthy afterwards. 

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