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How to Create Faster Results; zero limits 9

You don’t say “Please forgive me” to the Divine 
because the Divine needs to hear it; you say it 
because you need to hear it. —Dr. Ihaleakala 
Hew Len

Despite all the evidence you read in the preceding 
chapter, I still had my doubts. I told Dr. Hew Len 
that I couldn’t always see immediate results from 
cleaning. He said,“If you could see the array of 
results from your cleansing and the cleansing of 
others, you would be awed. And you would do 
more cleansing.You hold the errors of the world in 
your soul, as well as I do in mine,” he added. 
“Shakespeare is really incredible in his insight:
‘Poor soul, the center of my sinful earth, / 
[Thrall to] these rebel pow’rs that thee array. . .’ 
[Sonnet 146].”

Shakespeare notes that reason (intellect) causes 
madness, confusion, unclarity:

Past reason hunted; and no sooner had,

Past reason hated, as a swallow’d bait,

On purpose laid to make the taker mad 

. . .Sonnet 129

Shakespeare notes the problem of memories:
When to the sessions of sweet silent thought
I summon up remembrance of things past,
I sigh the lack of many a thing I sought,
And with old woes new wail my dear times’ waste.

Then can I grieve at grievances foregone,
And heavily from woe to woe tell o’er
The sad account of fore-bemoanèd moan,
Which I new pay as if not paid before.
--Sonnet 30

Morrnah notes the purpose of the gift of life from 
the Divinity:

Clean, erase, erase, and find your own Shangri-la.

Where? Within yourself.

Shakespeare and Morrnah are messengers giving 
insights into the mystery of existence.

I was as open-minded as a person could get—at 
least a person named Joe Vitale, or even Ao 
Akua.  But I still wasn’t understanding the point
of what Dr. Hew Len was trying to tell me. But I 
hung in there. I remembered what I wrote in my 
earlier books: Confusion is that wonderful state 
before clarity.

Well, I was in that “wonderful state.”

A lot of therapists come to Dr. Hew Len, 
complaining that they feel sick or feel like they 
can’t help the people they see. I could relate. 
started a miracles coaching program and wanted 
my coaches to understand that the way to heal 
others is by healing themselves; the others were 
in fact already perfect. Dr.Hew Len explained it 
in an e-mail like this:

A student in the Self I-Dentity through 
Ho’oponopono class this past weekend in 
Calabasas, California, suddenly cried out loudly 
in the afternoon session as I was talking:

“My God. I now know why I feel sick in my 
stomach when I do healing with my clients. I’ve 
been deliberately taking on their woes. And I
don’t have to. I can clean the woes away.”

The student got part of the insight that “healers” 
don’t get. What they don’t get is that the client 
is perfect. The client is not the problem. The 
healer is not the problem. The problem is what 
Shakespeare calls “old woes new wail my dear 
times’ waste.”

The problem is error memories replaying in the 
Subconscious, the Unihipili, that the “healer” 
shares in common with the client.

Self I-Dentity through Ho’oponopono is a 
problem solving process of repentance, 
forgiveness, and transmutation that anyone can 
apply to themselves. It is a process of petitioning 
Divinity to convert error memories in the 
Unihipili to zero, to nothing.

So it is with you. Error memories in your 
Unihipili are replaying problems, be it weight or 
your son or whatever. And the Conscious Mind, 
the Intellect, is clueless. It has no idea what is 
going on.

This being so, Ho’oponopono appeals to the 
Divinity within, who knows, to convert 
whatever memories are replaying in the Unihipili 
to zero.

A point needs to be made. Expectations and 
intentions do not have any impact on Divinity. 
Divinity will do whatever and whenever in its
own way and time.

While I still wasn’t understanding all of this yet, I
did grasp the power of saying “I love you.” It 
seemed innocent enough. What harm could come 
from saying “I love you” all the time? None. In
fact, zero.

As Dr. Hew Len once explained, “To open the way 
for the in-flow of Divine wealth requires first 
canceling memories. As long as memories 
(blocks/limitations) are present in the 
Subconscious, they block Divinity from giving 
us our daily bread.”

I began to feel that this whole “I love you” 
cleaning and clearing and erasing tool needed to 
be shared with the world. Since I’m enough of 
an entrepreneur to see a product here, I talked to 
one of my business partners, Pat O’Bryan, about 
making a special audio of the method. He 
quickly agreed. While he wrote the music, and I
recorded the four phrases, I also wrote the web 
site copy. (You can find it at

That web site and audio became a best seller for 
Pat and me. But what felt better than the sales 
was the fact that we were helping people awaken 
to the power of a simple cleaning process. 
Imagine the thought of thousands of people all 
saying “I love you”!

Mark Ryan—the friend who first told me about the 
mysterious therapist who helped heal mentally ill 
criminals—also joined me in creating a product 
based on Dr. Hew Len’s insights. Mark and I 
developed a subliminal DVD. The idea is to make
change easy and effortless. All you do is slide the 
DVD into any player, sit back, and watch the show
.What you hear are stories told by either Mark or 
myself, and original music.What you see 
consciously are beautiful settings, such as islands 
and clouds.What you don’t see consciously are 
subliminal messages that flash on the screen for 
just moments. These messages are like telegrams 
to your unconscious.They flash the words needed 
to help you let go of any resentments so
you can feel love.The entire DVD is designed to 
help someone forgive and love again. 

This product was designed to help people clean 
the negative blocks within themselves. As they 
cleaned, they got closer to experiencing the bliss 
of the zero limits state of being.

I was learning that ideas were coming to me as I 
continued to clean. I began to call this Inspired 
Marketing. In the past I might try to create a new 
product by combining existing ideas or products. 
Now I was finding it much more powerful, and 
less stressful, to simply allow ideas to come to 
me. All I had to do at that point was act on them.
That’s how Pat and I came up with the “I love 
you” recording.That’show Mark and I created 
the subliminal DVD.The ideas appeared in my 
mind and I acted on them.

If you stop and consider the implications of this, 
you might find yourself in awe.What I’m saying 
is that to just keep cleaning is far more important 
than anything else. As you clean, ideas are given 
you. And some of them could make you very, 
very wealthy.

Dr. Hew Len offers several ways to do nonstop 
cleaning of his own creation. One of them is a 
symbol that came to him in an inspiration one.
This is it:

He put the symbol on his business card, and made 
stickers and buttons out of it. 
(See The word 
Ceeport means, he says, “Clean, Erase, Erase, 
while returning back to Port— the zero state.”

Because I’m today convinced cleaning is the 
only way to get faster results, I wear two pins. I 
also place the symbol as a sticker on everything, 
from my cars to my computer to my wallet to my 
gym equipment. I’d stick it to my forehead if I 
didn’t think it would look strange. Of course, I 
could always get it as a tattoo.

One day, when Dr. Hew Len came to visit me to 
discuss this book, I showed him my new business 
card.A friend had taken a picture of me standing 
in front of my latest new car, a 2005 Panoz 
Esperante GTLM, a hand-assembled exotic luxury 
sports car made outside of Atlanta. I knew I 
looked confident and probably radiated wealth in 
the picture but I had no idea just how powerful 
the image was. (See the photo of Francine and me on my business card.)

“This is a cleaning tool,” Dr. Hew Len said after 
looking at it a few moments. “You can clean 
memories and negativity by swiping your 
business card over things, or people, or yourself.”

Whether he’s right or not, I sure felt better about 
my card and was more than willing to pass it out 
to people. I instantly waved the card over my 
body, to clean any negativity around me. Dr. Hew 
Len smiled and laughed.

Dr. Hew Len said the company logo for the Panoz 
car, an original crest with a yin-yang swirl and a 
three-leaf clover in it, was also a cleaning tool. 
He stared at the bright red, white, and blue colors 
and the green clover in it, and said it was a 
powerful symbol for cleaning,too. Since I love 
my Panoz and drive it a fair amount, thinking 
that it was cleaning me as I sat behind the wheel 
made me smile.

And the most beautiful thing about my business 
card is that it contains a picture of my car, with 
the Panoz crest right there on the hood. So the 
business card is a double whammy of a cleaning tool.

I’m sure it’s talk like this that makes people think 
Dr. Hew Len is off his rocker. But whether you 
think he’s crazy or not, the results I and others 
are getting with “crazy” cleaning tools like my 
business card or his Ceeport design are real. 
Listing them here won’t make much of a 
difference, though, if your mind is purely 
skeptical. After all, hearing about people who 
stick Ceeport designs in their office to increase 
sales probably seems dumb or at best 
superstitious. Well, maybe it’s the placebo effect:
It works because you believe it works. If so, 
I say keep doing it.

Marvin, for example, a salesman who you’ll read 
about in the next chapter, is breaking all records 
selling luxury cars to customers. He told me he 
sticks Ceeport stickers “everywhere.”

“I stick them under my desk, on my ceiling, on my 
computer, on the coffee pot, under cars, in the 
showroom, in the waiting room, and more,” he 
said. “I don’t get a discount for buying these 
stickers, either. I buy hundreds and use them 

Maybe it’s his belief in the cleaning tool that makes it work.

Or maybe the tool itself does all the work.

Who knows for sure?

A medical doctor once told me, “All medicine 
involves props and placebos.”

If my business card is a placebo, it’s a far less 
expensive one than many others.

I say if it works, do it.

Clean, clean, clean.

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