Friday, April 28, 2017


Thought Field Therapy (TFT) offers simple, effective prescriptions or "recipes" for psychological ( and in some cases, even physical) recovery. As Roy discovered, it takes just minutes for this technique to work -- not the weeks, months, or years required by traditional psychotherapy. 

   Most therapists who use my procedures today were understabdbly quite skeptical before they tried them. After all, what I do is supposed to be impossible. Those who try Thought Field Therapy (TFT) are surprised to find that it is just as successful as claimed.  Nothing in traditional psychotherapy or current psychological theory could have predicted this unprecedented success -- nor can either explain it. Thought Field Therapy (TFT) is truly revolutionary.  The terms that you'll become familiar with in this blog --- from perturbation to active information to Thought Field itself -- are new to human psychology, and so is this approach to healing. 

   Before Thought Field Therapy (TPF) , when I treated a patient who had just lost a lover, for example, I had him or her relive the most agonizing moments of that broken relationship, session after painful session. The patient often truly suffered through those many hours of therapy. It was retraumatizing --which might have been acceptable if the patient were getting better in the process. But I never felt that I was helping my patient very much to move beyond the pain and resume a normal, productive life. 

   Before Thought Field Therapy (TFT), I would guide my phobic patients through techniques for relaxation, then challenge their false beliefs that were producing the fears. I might hypnotize them, providing them with positive suggestions to combat their phobias. Then I'd directly expose them to the source of their fear -- whether it was crowds, insects, or speaking in public -- increasing their level of exposure little by little over a period of weeks or months. Clients told me that even if they were finally able to stand on the balcony of a high rise building or talk in front of a group, they still felt absolutely horrible. Yes, they understood that their fear was irrational -- that they shouldn't be afraid -- but they couldn't help it. I came to the conclusion that this therapy wasn't eradicating their fear; it was merely persuading them to engage in activities they had absolutely no inclination to do. I certainly wasn't eliminating their fear at its source. And so their suffering persisted. 

   As you've al;ready learned, Though Fild Therapy (TFT) doesn't require w lenghty series of uncomfortable treatment sessions that drag on for many months. Nor does it involve the use of any needles or complicated instruments. But TFT does demand a dramatic shift in thinking about psychological  disturbances, their cause and cure. Like other mental health professionals, i was trained to believe that past experiences, various cognitive factors, body chemistry, the nervous system, and the brain itself were the fundamental causes of negative emotions. But here in this Healthy Wealth blogsite, you'll learn that this isn't the case at all. 

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