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love is our ultimate goal

  • Anyone can do Optimal EFT but the results depend upon your willingness to study and practice.  Full details are given on this website along with numerous examples.
  • Once understood, Optimal EFT is relatively easy, although a new form of thinking is required.  There are no tapping points or special wordings.  Just some simple concepts to blend into the process.  Imaginative.  Fun.
  • It is built upon Gold Standard EFT.  Although there is no tapping involved, it blends the structure of the Gold Standard EFT process with spiritual principles and, because of this, students are advised to understand Gold Standard EFT to maximize their use of Optimal EFT.  The essential tools of Gold Standard EFT are included in the Refinements section of the Optimal EFT Instructions.
  • There is no upper limit as to the healing possibilities. You are not the therapist, even if you are using Optimal EFT for yourself.  The Unseen Therapist does all the work.  Your job is to pave the way ... to open the door to healing potentials beyond your awareness.  There is where the Gold Standard EFT structure can be important.
  • In essence, Optimal EFT is an efficient form of prayer that is often answered with easy to see results.
  • Not everyone is ready for Optimal EFT.  Some people need extra coaching in the fundamentals of this process before they can gain proper benefits.  Also, some people have frailties such that they should not undergo ANY type of therapy without the presence and guidance of a skilled professional.  Don't go where you don't belong.

  • Optimal EFT - The Essential Intro

    The Theory and Science

    Find here for a video version of this article entitled, "A New Psychology (Optimal EFT) - A Keynote Address"

    A New Psychology (Optimal EFT) - A Keynote Address

    Below are videos of my keynote address at an ACEP (Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology) conference. They give life to the New Psychology (Optimal EFT) concept by bringing it off the written page and onto your video screen. It was welcomed by a standing ovation and I hope you greet it with similar enthusiasm.
    For your viewing convenience, the keynote address is divided into three videos.

    Part 1 of 3:  Intro, EFT and Accepted Science.  Watch Video
    Part 2 of 3:  Unusual Experiences and Quantum Physics.   Watch Video
    Part 3 of 3:  A Course In Miracles and Closing.  Watch Video

    "Teach only Love, for that is what you are."
    A Course In Miracles (T-6.I.13:1)

    We are venturing way outside the box here.
    And before we finish we will develop A New Psychology and a New Medicine that I think will cause the conventional books on these topics to be re-written. Beyond that, we will question virtually every belief on the planet … including the belief that there is a planet.

    When we are done you will have mountainous evidence that our bodies are mere fictions. They are mirages whose needs and limits are imaginary. We have always been alive and always will be. Birth, death and disease do not really exist and neither does time nor space. War, poverty and politics are also illusions as are medicine, mortgages and melanoma.

    Further, there is only one of us. We think we are separated but, despite how real our separateness may seem, we are not divided into several billion bodies struggling for survival on a little sphere spinning through space.

    Our reality is Love … nothing more and nothing less. Everything else is a dream.

    This is the literal Truth and, although it may seem like an empty religious rant at first, you will soon be exposed to its solid underpinnings. The clear evidence is before us. We no longer need raw faith.
    To back us up we now have:
     (1) our own "unusual experiences,"
    (2) the latest in scientific discoveries, including quantum physics and (3) a stunning new literary masterpiece (A Course in Miracles). We will explore them all.
    We are finding the true Source of Miracles here, not magic. We are climbing A Stairway to Miracles that gently leads us toward the glorious existence that is our birthright. With each step, our expanding inner peace will produce richer relationships and our lives will become easier and more fulfilling. You will notice how resentments fade while laughter takes center stage and how your health improves as the anxieties of the world shift in meaning. Here’s a description of one level of this state from A Course In Miracles.
    "There is a way of living in the world that is not here, although it seems to be. You do not change appearance, though you smile more frequently. Your forehead is serene; your eyes are quiet. And the ones who walk the world as you do recognize their own. Yet those who have not yet perceived the way will recognize you also, and believe that you are like them, as you were before." (W-pI.155.1:1-5)
    We are entering an extraordinary experience. I know, because I have been on this stairway for years. It has allowed me to reach millions of people through EFT (a therapy procedure I founded and spread throughout the world). It has multiplied my friendships, enhanced the real rewards from my business pursuits and deepened my love on many fronts. But I’m not done yet. I still have much more to learn and, by sharing it with you, our joint efforts will bring growth to us all. This is what is meant by the spiritual term “giving is receiving.”

    THE EVIDENCE: 1. Unusual Experiences

    So, let's look at the evidence. We will first explore our "Unusual Experiences" category, starting with my spiritual awakening in 1988. A Course In Miracles calls it a Revelation and I am by no means the only one to have it. Others have shared their similar experiences with me but few discuss them much in public. Why? Because the general public finds them difficult to understand. Those we tell have nothing in their belief systems to make sense of these stories and so they tend to politely roll their eyes and do little or nothing with the startling message they just heard. But that's about to change. I want to create an impressive list of Revelations on this website that will lend clear credibility to this astonishing experience. So, if you've had such an event, please send me the details.

    After delving into the evidence from our Unusual Experiences we will then look at the Compelling Science involved. This will be followed by an in-depth look at A Course In Miracles.

    Gary's Revelation

    Upon awakening one morning in 1988 I suddenly found myself in the glorious presence of our Creator. I was an unlikely recipient of this gift because, at the time, you would not have called me religious or spiritual. Further, there was no dramatic cause of this event such as being struck by lightning or praying endlessly for an audience with God. Instead, I managed to “let go of this world” out of an ongoing frustration and, as a result, the experience magically appeared.

    Here’s how it happened.

    I was lying in bed mentally complaining about the massive list of things to do that I had piled upon myself and then emphatically thought…

    These weren’t just idle words. I genuinely meant them. Their underlying meaning was more like, “What a messed up, useless, overwhelming world this is. Let me outta here!”

    And with that I “let go of this world” and spontaneously flipped over to “the other side.” Please understand that this breathtaking state didn’t just show up out of nowhere. Rather, it was as though it had always been there and was just waiting for me to shove the debris of my existing beliefs aside and allow its presence to appear. I had, at least temporarily, achieved the central goal of A Course In Miracles, namely....

    "to remove the blocks to the awareness of Love's presence."
    I was instantly in a state of wonderment … awe … bliss. It wasn’t a hallucination or vision wherein I saw the ghostly figures of God, Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha or the like. Rather, it was a knowing … a mental state wherein bodies and the trinkets of this world are meaningless. My poor engineer’s left brain was rendered useless and every belief I thought was true was turned upside down.
    Quantum Physics points to this experience with terms such as “A Field of Infinite Intelligence” while A Course In Miracles calls it a “Revelation.” I call it God.
    Three obvious truths emerged from this episode, all of which violate everything we believe. To me, they form the foundation of a new level of healing and, until we accept them, we are destined to vacillate between diseases and disasters (with islands of pleasure in between) until our fictional bodies finally deteriorate and die.
    Here are these truths:
    1. The state I reached is our true reality; it is lovingly waiting in the wings whenever we “let go of this world.”
    2. That state is so pure that if you could achieve and maintain it, you could walk into a hospital and healing would occur by your mere presence.
    3. The notion of being in a separated body is an illusion … a dream … a fiction that we have created.

    I know this violates all our senses and every belief we have. But stay with me. We are just beginning.

    In this spiritual state there is neither birth nor death. Nor is there hunger, poverty, war, disease, or any of the other limitations of life that show up in our Land of Separate Bodies. In fact, in this splendid space, these things are impossible. Instead, there is only a deep awareness of intense Love that is far beyond anything experienced on earth. That’s because it is not of this earth. Here is how A Course in Miracles describes this state...

    "Can you imagine what a state of mind without illusions is? How it would feel? Try to remember when there was a time, - perhaps a minute, maybe even less - when nothing came to interrupt your peace; when you were certain you were loved and safe. Then try to picture what it would be like to have that moment be extended to the end of time and to eternity. Then let the sense of quiet that you felt be multiplied a hundred times, and then be multiplied another hundred more. And now you have a hint, not more than just the faintest intimation of the state your mind will rest in when the truth has come." (W-pI.107.2:1-4.3:1)
    This state creates an invulnerability because no weapon or calamity of any kind can touch it. This also means we live forever, although forever is a strange term because time does not exist in this condition. There is only an ecstatic NOW. Neither yesterday nor tomorrow exist. Neither do debts nor old age. Further, you do not need to worry about what other individuals think of you because there are no other individuals. There is only a spiritual Oneness within which we are all joined and “belong” in an elegant ethos of ecstasy.

    While in this experience, my fondest desire was to stay there. But, alas, I soon “came back” into this nonsensical mirage that we call The World. But it has colored my life ever since. Like others having the privilege of this enlightenment, I have rarely discussed it publicly because it seems too woo-woo for most people. What few dialogues I had were usually polite and “interesting,” but went nowhere. But it is ridiculous to leave our true reality in the closet simply because it violates the erroneous beliefs we have about ourselves. As you will see, these beliefs are easily challengeable.

    Now skeptics might ask, “How do you know your experience wasn’t just a delusion?”

    To which I would respond, “How do you know that your experience of life in a separated body isn’t just a delusion?”

    Therein lie the seeds of a great debate between those who have experienced this exquisite phenomenon and those who have not. Although you have every right to be skeptical, these writings will show the existence of this state and how it can be achieved, or at least approached, by all of us. Indeed, we MUST enter such a path because it is our answer to war, disease, poverty and the like.

    Please know that these aren’t the mere musings of an energetic engineer who has become lost in his own mental meanderings. Indeed, I am not alone in this pursuit and am but one of a growing number of enthusiasts pounding the table for these truths.
    We have an ambitious job before us and we can best do it as a team. After all, in our true state of spiritual Oneness, we ARE a team already. My job includes moving back towards my Revelation and sharing the process with you. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to team up with this worldwide effort, share your experience with others and, like me, get as far along the spiritual path as you can. Eventually, we can solve the world’s many ailments and conflicts. We can do this, not by actually solving them, but by recognizing that they are illusions and cannot exist once we have adopted our true reality. The problems will simply fade for lack of interest.

    We are radically thinking outside the box here. We are saying that our senses are deceiving us and that our true reality has nothing to do with bodies that deteriorate and die. I respect that this may be too far outside the box for you and take no offense if you choose to pass on it. But if you stay with me, I will eventually prove it to you and our joint rewards will be immense. Better stated, they will be “out of this world.”

    THE EVIDENCE: 2. Simple Science (our senses deceive us) & Quantum Physics

    The compelling evidence that our senses deceive us reaches as far back as the beginning science that we learned in school around age 16 or 17.

    For starters, we learned that our eyes and other senses perceive only a tiny fraction of our physical existence. If, for example, the entire electromagnetic spectrum stretched for 3,000 miles from Los Angeles to New York, our eyes would only detect an amount equal to the length of one of our arms (the visible spectrum). All the rest of it (99.99999%) is lost from our everyday awareness. Similarly, our ears hear only a tiny portion of the entire sound spectrum and, in the same way, our feelings, tastes and smells are severely limited.

    Yet we think our miniscule senses are giving us reality. We even have phrases that echo our firm beliefs in these illusions. We say things like...
    • “Seeing is believing”
    • “I saw it with my own eyes” and
    • “I heard it with my own ears.”
    Our lives, our belief systems, our politics, science and relationships are almost entirely based on the 0.00001% that our senses perceive. The rest is ignored. Where’s the intelligence in that?

    In addition, our scientists have identified 11 dimensions to our existence and yet we are only aware of 4 of them (length, width, depth and time). The wonderments of the other 7 are hidden from us, buried beneath our awareness.

    Further still, the minimal amounts that we do perceive are often distorted through our individual interpretations. For example, we might all agree that a dog is a four legged animal. However, depending on our experiences, some of us perceive it as a loving pet (a “best friend”) while others consider it a snarling, barking, dangerous pest.

    Same dog, different interpretations.

    This is a form of insanity because we can't all be right. Yet we are each convinced of our own version of "reality" and often engage in fights, even war, over it.
    Stated differently, if our entire reality was equivalent to a sea of possibilities, we spend our lives floating on the surface of that sea in dinky little bathtubs, completely unaware of the vast grandeur that surrounds us (e.g. my Revelation). Our senses shut almost everything out leaving us with the false impression that the infinitesimal bits we perceive within our individual bathtubs is all there is. To us, this microscopic view appears to be everything, even though it falls dramatically short of complete reality. To borrow from a well known nursery rhyme:
    We are all in our tubs.
    Accordingly, we are captives within our own senses. We don’t know anything else and, unless we find a way out, we have no choice but to stay in our bathtubs, forever bobbing ignorantly on the surface of the wonders that are rightfully ours.

    Fortunately, the way out is given us through both Quantum Physics and A Course in Miracles. Let’s start with Quantum Physics.

    Quantum Physics

    Quantum Physics whisks us away on a journey beyond our senses. It is a magic carpet ride into a reality we never expected. This is enthralling. Science has found my Revelation and opened the door to a massive Palace of Possibilities. Let me unfold it for you.

    First, Albert Einstein told us about a century ago that everything, including our bodies, is made of energy. That was an “outside our senses” discovery because we appear to be solid forms … not vibrating energy packets.

    Later, a new science known as Quantum Physics emerged. It is the study of very small things (quanta) on the atomic scale and, as such, explores fascinating phenomena that are well beyond our senses. And because we are made of atoms, it is also the study of our physical reality.

    This is a Godsend (literally) because these studies have become our scientific eyes and ears into the mysteries underlying our existence. They point the way out of our bathtubs so we can swim in that sea of possibilities.

    As you may appreciate, however, it takes people with Einstein’s intelligence and background to properly explore the extraordinary messages of Quantum Physics. The endless experiments that have been performed over several decades require a grounding in science and mathematics that few possess.
    Fortunately, the findings from this highly complex science were summarized and beautifully portrayed in the 2004 DVD Production known as “What the Bleep!? Down the Rabbit Hole” (highly recommended). It included statements from some of the most prominent scientists of our time, such as Candace Pert, William Tiller, Joe Dispenza, Lynne McTaggart, John Hagelin, David Alpert, Amit Goswami, Dean Radin and Fred Alan Wolf. You may recognize some of their photos to the right.

    Here are some of their conclusions. Note the common theme that we are NOT separate:
    • "At the most fundamental level of our being, we are all One and that Oneness is Love. It is God. We are not separate from each other or from anything else in the universe. Our senses tell us otherwise, of course, but that is an illusion."
    • "All of our worldly problems can be reduced to the perceptual error that we think we are separate."
    • "The world, as we see it, is a projection of our own beliefs in separateness. We are conditioned to believe this because our limited senses deceive us. There is nothing outside of ourselves and everything our eyes “see” is an illusion. We have projected our own beliefs onto the world’s screen and are acting according to our own erroneous projections. There is no out there, out there."
    • "Time and space do not exist. They are merely creations of our own minds to help us make sense of our erroneous belief in separateness."
    And here are some direct quotes from these devoted scientists in the DVD. Note, once again, the theme that we are NOT separate. Rather, we are connected in a glorious manner.
    "We are now realizing that this erroneous view of ourselves as separate is most destructive ... it’s the thing that creates all the problems in the world. We are now realizing that that notion is all wrong … we are all One. We are all together. At the very essence of our being … we are connected."
    • "The deepest level of truth uncovered by science and by philosophy is the fundamental truth of unity. At the deepest subnuclear level of our reality you and I are literally One."
    • "This interconnectedness…this timelessness … I think of as the beginning of a scientific understanding of spirituality."
    • "There is one God self that is all of us. We grow from that. The whole Universe grew from it and each of the separate personalities that appeared have grown from it with the illusion that each one is a separate individual."
    • "When people have a mystical experience, how they describe it is that they begin to lose the usual sense of material reality around them. In fact if they go far enough and achieve a sense of absolute unitary experience, then all of the material world as we typically know it basically goes away. What we are talking about there is just an experience of pure being, pure awareness, pure consciousness." [Note from Gary: this beautifully describes my Revelation]
    • "There is no real separation between us. So that, what we do to another, we do to an aspect of ourselves."
    • "There is no place where we end and everything else begins. We are all connected."
    • "The most fundamental thing is that we are all connected by an energy field. We swim in a sea of light basically. You have to get away from the whole idea of separateness because separateness is the biggest problem in the world now."
    • "One then begins to see others as part of themselves. One begins to see that it’s best just to love others and not judge them, that what you do to build another actually builds yourself. You begin to see that you are connected, you are part of a large family."
    We owe endless gratitude to these dedicated scientists because they have revealed to us a world of vast possibilities that is rightfully ours. Properly understood, their gifts are unparalleled in history.

    But their findings lack one thing. They show us WHAT is possible but they do not show us HOW to get there. That gap is beautifully filled by A Course In Miracles.

    THE EVIDENCE: 3. A Course in Miracles (ACIM)
    An astonishing spiritual document that mirrors Quantum Physics

    The timing of this is fascinating!

    Quantum Physics and A Course In Miracles have appeared at approximately the same time in history. Both point clearly to the illusion of separateness but choose different methods to bring this idea to the world. Quantum Physics does so through hard science and mathematics while A Course In Miracles takes the softer, more spiritual route. Neither approach relies on the other but both come to identical conclusions. In addition, A Course In Miracles offers a path for bringing into reality the infinite promises that are outside our “awareness bathtubs.”
    A Course In Miracles or “The Course”, as it is often called by its growing swell of enthusiastic students, began in the mid 1960’s when Helen Schucman, a psychologist affiliated with Columbia University in New York, began hearing a persistent sort of “inner dictation” that said…

    “This is a Course in Miracles. Please take notes.”
    This outside-the-box beginning causes many people to dismiss this astounding work until, of course, they get below the surface and truly study its magnificent message. I mean, come on … inner dictation, a channeled work? … how woo-woo or New Age-ish can you get?

    I only began reading it at the urging of my friend, Bob Skutch, who actually knew Helen Schucman before she passed away in 1981. In fact, Bob wrote one of the most highly regarded books that introduced this compelling literature to the public (Journey Without Distance). He detailed her arduous task and her resistance to writing down this 1200 page document (in which, by the way, she had no personal belief). To make the task even stranger, Helen was Jewish by ethnic background while the “voice” behind the Course was that of Jesus.

    At first I found the Course obtuse and hard to read. Later I came to realize that its message was quite clear and was not obtuse at all. My resistance, as it turns out, was because I didn’t want to hear what it was telling me. I didn’t want to hear that the world, as I saw it, was an illusion … that I didn’t have a body and neither did anyone else.

    I didn’t want to hear that I was insane and was walking around within a dream where all my beliefs were fictions. I didn’t want to hear that I was in the arms of God and that things like business, medicine and baseball were fantasies that I made up to distract me from my true reality.

    But it was written in such loving and compelling terms that I kept reading it anyway. To me, it was a beautiful melody whose lyrics didn’t make sense (yet).

    Eventually, I completely discarded the skeptics’ objection that this channeled work was the result of someone’s delusion. Why? Because the symphonic organization … the spectacular prose ... the message itself … could not have come from this world. My engineer’s left brain easily concluded that it was clearly a message from the “other side” letting us know that our senses were deceiving us and that the "reality" we hold so dear is imaginary. It is the same message given to us by Quantum Physics but from a much different angle.
    Further, I dismissed the skeptics' protest that this stunning work was motivated by the author's need for fame and fortune. There is no evidence for this whatsoever. In fact, the opposite is true. Helen Schucman's name does not appear as author of the book and she never received any royalties or remuneration whatsoever. It was given as a gift to the world and she shied away from publicity.

    Here are some highlights regarding the Course and its role in my writings.
    • The Course is non-denominational. Although it uses a Christian setting, the principles involved often transcend those of most formal religions, including Christianity.
    • The Course is not the only path to spiritual awareness. But it is clearly my path and, of course, will influence my writings. You may have a different path and that is as it should be. But I suggest you study my articles because the principles contained therein tend to be universal and are likely to assist you along your path.
    • I will be quoting from the Course on many occasions and will be expanding upon its principles to provide many exciting outside-the-box ideas. You are not required to believe any of it. I only ask that you ponder the ideas with an open mind and see where they take you.
    I do not claim to replace the Course’s message with anything I write. That is far beyond my abilities. You are referred to the Course itself for your own detailed study. I will, however, refer to the Course's principles with some frequency as these writings evolve.

    Where to from here?

    So, does all this mean that we should just flip a spiritual switch and quit our jobs, stop eating and give up movies, sex and all the other trappings of this world? No indeed! The world of separate bodies, although an illusion, appears very real and it will take time to fully discard our entrenched beliefs. Our bodies appear to experience pain, pleasure, disease and death. They demand education, protection from the weather and appreciation from others. We have decisions to make while we are here and we must make them appropriately. Otherwise, we are headed for disaster within our dream.

    But one of those decisions is to learn how to see beyond our dream … to use “vision” instead of eyesight … and gradually get out of our individual bathtubs and swim in that sea of bliss that is our true reality.

    As time unfolds, these writings will explore ways to ease into the wonderment of our Creator and eventually giggle at the fears, angers, traumas and predicaments we have made up within our dream. It promises to be a magical experience and will be wrapped within the Optimal EFT envelope. This will take time and diligence, of course. Merely reading about it won’t get the job done. I will provide practices and examples and the journey will provide countless benefits along the way. Your results will depend on your efforts.
    e-hugs, Gary.


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