Monday, April 10, 2017

"I Am Not A Body, I Am Free"

The body, properly perceived, is a prison.

"I Am Not A Body, I Am Free"

This is a central concept in A Course In Miracles and vital to our goal.
Bodies are the home of the senses and thus are the main players in the illusion of separation.  Our senses erroneously report that the world is made up of countless things, each competing for our attention.  This includes, of course, other bodies.

So let's think about what would happen if there were no bodies.

Without bodies there would be no physical needs and thus things like hunger, disease, trauma and death would have no meaning.  Without bodies every business on the face of the earth would have no customers and money would be useless. Without bodies there would be no politicians and no governments.  Indeed, there would be nothing to govern.  Without bodies there would be no impediment to the awareness of Love's presence because all concerns about the individual self would vanish.  This leaves only Love.  What else would there be?  What else would you truly want?

Almost everything we do or think involves the body in some way.  Check out your thoughts.  Don't they shift from finances to prestige to survival and ricochet endlessly amongst everything in between?  And don't most of these have to do with your body's comfort or well being in some way?
We believe we are contained within its walls of flesh and thereby limited at every turn.  We are dependent on food, air, water and shelter.  We are subject to hurricanes, earthquakes and natural disasters of every kind.  We are confined to the laws of gravity, economics and physics.  We must eat other living things to survive only to eventually be consumed ourselves by worms (burial) or fire (cremation).

Fortunately, The World Beyond Our Senses is completely free of the body and thus completely free of all limits.  In that state there is only the growing power of Love with nothing to block its infinite expansion.  This is the essence of (1) Quantum Physics, (2) A Course In Miracles, (3) my Revelation (and that of others) and (4) an evolving number of spiritual disciplines.  Accordingly, this idea becomes an integral part of our goal.  In essence, our ability to remove the blocks to the awareness of Love's presence is dependent upon the extent to which we can escape from the mental confines of our "body belief."

Does this mean that we must forsake our bodies in order to reach our goal?  I think not.  Rather, it is an option.  As we become more aware of Love's presence our experience of the body shifts AWAY from something that cries out to satisfy an endless number of needs TOWARD a means of communication wherein other bodies sense our evolvement as possibilities for themselves.  Once attained, the profound peace we seek is contagious and spreads everywhere.

This is exciting.  This is how we shift the world from turmoil to tranquility.  How many does it take to do this? Eventually everyone.  But a handful of truly evolved people can bring multitudes along the path.  And those multitudes can bring more multitudes until everyone is on board.  And then, who needs bodies?

Like I've often said, we are on the ground floor of a Healing High Rise.  And we will reach the ultimate Penthouse when we can truly say, "I am not a body, I am free."
e-hugs, Gary.

There is only one problem ... and one solution

All our discussions about Quantum Physics, Our Dream, Oneness, Erroneous Senses, A Course In Miracles, etc. reduce down to one simple problem...

...our belief in separation.
That's it. 

Without that belief we are left with an exquisite sense of Spiritual Love ... and nothing else.  Without that belief, there would be no need for bodies (our ultimate evidence of separation) and, as we have seen, without bodies such things as hunger, poverty and all the ailments of the world, both personal and global, would be non-existent.

But are we ready to flip a switch and create an awareness outside of our bodies?  Only a scant few may be ready for this.  Most of us need a lot more evidence before we relinquish all those cherished bodily limits to which we have become accustomed.  The Optimal EFT process is designed to provide that evidence.  Here are some natural outcomes of this pursuit...
  • As we learn to work more intimately with The Unseen Therapist, we will see growing proof of Love's power.
  • As we better understand our self imposed Guard at the Gate, we will gradually see the fallacies of our egos and the silliness of separation.
  • As we see healing unfold before us with increasing astonishment, we will steadily shift our perceptions to Love's Palace of Possibilities.
There's more, of course, but all this boils down to one simple solution....

...True Forgiveness
Indeed, the only thing necessary to abolish the belief in separation is to recognize that this whole earthly experience is but a dream, a fiction.  With that awakening, everything is forgiven simply because it never really happened in the first place.

I know how lofty this sounds.  I mean how could anyone expect to reach an Enlightenment goal like this when only a scant few throughout history have been able to achieve it?   Please know that Optimal EFT does not promise this.  Rather, it provides a path where this becomes possible and you may travel as far down that path as you choose.  You may not get an instant Revelation but your perception of the world is certain to change as you work toward approaching this goal.  Gentleness,  calmness and confidence become more prominent while everyone, including you, notices the Pleasance of your Presence. 
e-hugs, Gary.

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