Sunday, April 30, 2017


If you've tried traditional psychotherapy to treat your emotional problems, a healing algorithm may be a difficult concept to grasp. many of my patients initially respond this way -- until they try it. Again, the key element of each algorithm is tapping particular points on the human body, selected from among twelve (12) major points located along the energy meridians. Remember, these brief recipes are different for each emotional disorder -- that is, there is a distinct tapping sequence for resolving phobias, anothe one foe "love pain," and so on. In that sense, each algorithm is like a custom-tailored suit rather than one bought off the rack; it is designed specifically for a particular type of psychological distress. the specificity of TFT opens the door to recovery time after time. The healing energy is already contained within the human body, just waiting to be accessed by the correct algorithm that can release it and stimulate a full recovery. 

  Keep in mind that these targeted recipes were not created by intuition or a trial-and-error process. They have grown out of careful evaluation of the scientific evidence -- my own and that of other practitioners. In recent years, they have been refined through a complex procedure called Causal Diagnosis, which has become an integral part of TFT. 

Image result for Causal Diagnosis,

 Image result for Causal Diagnosis,

It is a method by which we can determine with precision the "code" responsible for producing and healing a particular psychological problem. Remember, every algorithm -- in fact, each portion of every algorithm -- has been tested before being incorporated into the healing technique. At times, I've felt something like Thomas Edison when he tried many different filaments before finding the one that worked. in TFT, the final arbiter has been the reality of whether patients get better.  And ultimately, nearly all of them do. 

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