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• The meaning of PR is that the flow of energy in the body is reversed,i.e., the normal polarities are reversed.

• In such a state, normal healing and successful treatments are blocked from working.

Professor Harold Saxton Burr
Dr. Burr discovered that all living things - from men to mice, from trees to seeds - are molded and controlled by electro-dynamic fields, which could be measured and mapped with standard voltmeters.

These “fields of life,” or L-fields, are the basic blueprints of all life on this planet. Their discovery is of immense significance to all of us. Dr. Burr believed that, since measurements of L-field voltages can reveal physical and mental conditions, doctors should be able to use them to diagnose illness before symptoms develop, and so would have a better chance of successful treatment.

Professor Burr’s Voltmeter
This is a Hewlett-Packard DC Vacuum Tube Voltmeter Model 412A. Recommended by Burr to measure electrodynamics fields.

Control System and Direction
“In the growth and development of very living system there is obviously some kind of control of the processes.”

• Burr elaborates that control requires direction.
• One of the few things in the universe, which possess direction, is the electrical property of things.
• Even atypical growth (e.g. cancer) requires direction.
Life requires energy but energy has no direction
• What Callahan calls “PR” and what Burr called the “reversals of polarity” appear to make sense from
the standpoint of control forces operating within life.

Dr. Langman’s Hypothesis

• Langman had been a student of Prof. Harold Saxton Burr
• Was a professor of Gynecology at New York University
• Mention of Langman’s study was in the Appendix of Burr’s book

Dr. Louis Langman hypothesized that cancer is fundamentally an alteration of field forces in the body.

To check the idea, he examined cellular diagnosed cases of cancer under blind conditions; that is, the pathologist and Langman did not know who was who. He compared these cases (in measurement of body polarity by Burr’s method) to normals. [The measurement of body polarity was done with a sensitive voltmeter placing the electrodes on different parts of the body.]

Langman’s Results
Positive Polarity - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 74
Negative Polarity - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 4
95% of the normal group showed the measured polarity to be POSITIVE.

Positive Polarity - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 5
Negative Polarity - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 118
96% of this group showed the measured polarity to be NEGATIVE.

The cancer group has a striking preponderance of women showing a reversal of normal polarity.
Dr. Callahan made the discovery of PSYCHOLOGICAL REVERSAL and found that the few cancer patients he had ALL showed PR. Dr. Shulman learned about PR in Dr. Callahan’s first training.
Shulman was a psychologist who specialized in treating cancer patients. On checking his cancer patients, he discovered they all had PR.

We can say that PR is a disrupted flow of energy
caused by reversed polarity.

This reversed polarity can be measured

(in millivolts) and corrected.

BLACK (neutral) on thumb or palm of hand

RED on location to be tested or back of hand


Electrode should make DIRECT CONTACT with skin.

Image result for Examples of Voltmeters used to measure PR.

Example of Voltmeter used to measure PR.

Image result for ELECTRODE PLACEMENT  on the head

Using the Voltmeter (vm)

  There are two leads coming from the voltmeter (vm) – a red and black one. After turning on the proper range, millivolts, take the black lead and place it on the fingerprint of your thumb.

  Place the red lead on the part of the body you want to measure.

  You should observe a rather steady movement of the voltmeter in a plus or negative direction coming to relative rest at a rather steady reading – some small variation is tolerable but the trend must be quite clear to be meaningful and the position of positive or negative should also be quite clear.

  If you get sharp variations up and down, in a random sense, with the reading it is likely that you are in an area of great interference and must work in another more stable area. For example, in our first training in our building, my voltmeter worked great in my home but in my office the variation
was extreme on the ground floor. Despite this on the second floor we saw amazing results with the vm reflecting the profound changes brought about by TFT and the various reversal corrections. What we have found is that fluorescent lights and wireless internet systems may interfere with stable readings.
Try to select a location in natural lighting and without strong wireless systems near by.

We noted immediately that the points on the leads were very sharp. Ask the store to file off the sharp points so that no injury takes place – or get a file and do it yourself.

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