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The SECRET to why tapping works and what is Faster EFT?

Deirde : Hello, my name is Deirdre & I'm a FasterEFT master practitioner. And we're here in Habilitat today and it's a great pleasure for me to interview Robert G. Smith. Hello Robert, How are you today? 

Robert : I'm doing great. Nice to be here with you.  

Deirde : I want to just, for the benefit of people watching , to clarify a few things around FasterEFT. 
So, first of all, for the ordinary "Joe Blow" in the street, What is FasterEFT

Robert : FasterEFT. FasterEFT is a thinking system. It's a system about why we have problems. How we have problems. How to change problems, and understanding that problems aren't really problems but merely creations from what we hold within us. That means our life experiences are accumulated. And that we just act from them. So FasterEFT is a thinking system. It's a healing system. We know that if you change how you represent things in your mind , your body will heal. Your relationships will improve. Your attitude about yourself will change.  So, it's about healing your life. It's about transforming how you think, how you represent the world. It's about creating something better. It's a thinking system. It's a healing system. It's a personal transformation tool. It's a lot of things mixed together in all one big package really. 

Deirde : So, why should somebody use it? 

Robert : Well, people should use it because they probably want something better. I mean, they want to be in control. They want to feel better about themselves. They want to impact their children's lives. They wanna to help other people. They want to be at peace. They wanna have some kind of control, some kind of just, maybe just even liking themselves, being at peace where they are, no matter where they are, no matter where they are.  So it's a, it's just a self-empowering tool, really. it's just something that just adds to your life, to your value .

Deirde : And how does it work? In a simple way, how does it work?

Robert : How does it work ? The simplest way. Yeah. Basically, if you were to break it down to the most simplest ways of why it works, it actually changes how you hold things in your mind. And , of course, how you hold things in your mind will determine your actions and your behaviours. Now, of course, we have loads of tools & skills to help transform what we hold  but it's basically what you think becomes real in the body and it's the unconscious mind driving the bus and what we're actually learning to do is make friends with our unconscious mind , that means understanding how it works, understanding that you're a success. You successfully produced whatever it is you currently have in your life because of the recordings in the unconscious . The unconscious helps us create and generate from what we hold and so it's basically helping us learn how to drive our unconscious. Make peace with your unconscious. It's trying to help you. It's trying to keep you in alignment from where you came from. And so we understand how it works. You can also use the workings to manifest and produce something better. That's really what is all about. 

Deirde : So, say for example, I'm depressed. How can FasterEFT help me?

Robert : Well, of course FasterEFT believes that you're a success, so you're successfully depressed and the question is How do you know you're depressed? Do you have proofs of why you should be depressed? and experiences. Do you have a cultural conditioning? Do you have love attachments with people who were depressed? You have experiences that you hold within yourself to manifest and produce depression? So, if you're depressed, what we'll do is we'll help you change the resources that you hold within you  to successfully create depression, you know and just to add a little bit to that is depression is an expression of all your life experiences, happiness is a chemical problem as well, that means if you think certain things you're going to create happy chemicals. The chemicals did not cause it, but it is an expression of what the mind holds and it's, you know, like it's not energy either, it's just emotional expressions and you feel it but that's not the cause, it's the expression of what we hold, and what we developed and the ideas we created from experiencing the world.

Deirde : So, can it work for anybody? 

Robert : It works for almost everybody and when I say almost , it will work definitely with anyone who will set down.Who will step into their mind and address what they hold , anyone and everyone. It doesn't matter if you were born with, what they would call, you know, a mental disability, it will still help people with, with anything because it addresses the number one cause and that is your stressed emotions, how you perceive things. It will not work with dead people (Deirde laughs) . You know , I think it would be obvious with this, because they're dead but, it will help people who hold dead people in their minds , that means they can go in their mind and make peace with those who've passed. So, it works with every person. No matter what the issue is because it addresses stressed emotions. If you change your stressed emotions then you'll feel better about yourself.   That doesn't mean that, say for example, you were born with blue eyes and you don't like blue eyes. It won't change your eyes but you'll make peace with it and you'll say, "Hey, you know what? I'm born with blue eyes. I accept myself." and there are some people who have perhaps certain things that can't be changed but you'll learn to accept yourself and be happy regardless of wherever you are and what you experience in life.

Deirde : Very good, so I've been diagnosed with an illness by the doctor. How can FasterEFT help me? 

Robert : Well, FasterEFT works with the power of the mind. The power of the mind has the great ability to heal itself. Scientifically proven over and over and over again, the mind can heal itself , Even when doctors can't and that is proven with the placebo effect, of course when you hear 'the placebo effect' people think, Oh, it's you know, it's usually a doctor with a lemon in his mouth talking about it but the placebo effect proves the fact that you can take a sugar pill  and the sugar pill doesn't heal you but it's the mind of the individual who believes & who's doing inwardly something correctly to manifest healing . Now , we call that the universal pattern of creation / belief because, see, we work with how the mind works and the mind will heal itself. And it's done it over and over again and so we use that and understand the 'nocebo effect' , the 'nocebo effect' is that you're getting the right surgery, the right drugs, and yet nothing works because these two individuals are doing exactly the same thing but they're looking in two different directions. One is saying "I will never heal. It will never work for me" and they're doing something in their mind to create no healing. And the placebo effect person is doing something that creates healing. That means they're using their resources, the power of the mind to heal their body. It's not the sugar pill. It's the power of the mind. FasterEFT steps into the understanding what you're doing successfully to manifest and produce and if you use the unconscious resources you can create healing, you can create anything you want . I mean, you gotta think about it, everything we're doing in our life : the car, the air conditioner, everything is a creation from the unconscious mind, the creative mind, and so that's why it works, it works with the power of the mind.

Deirde : So, can you do it wrong? 

Robert : Only way you can do it wrong is not do it at all.  Now , a lot of people like, when they start using any process, doesn't matter if it's FasterEFT, or talk therapy, or any other type of therapies , what will happen when you start using it, other things show up, other memories, and emotions and feelings will show itself up. And then, what we have to do is realize that we have to just keep working, keep cleaning and clearing because there is, some will call it the healing crisis. I just say this stuff is still trying to work its way out & you're trying to make peace with your unconscious mind  and the memories that it holds. The only way you can do it wrong is not do it at all. So, that's how I see it.  

Deirde : Okay and how do you do it? How do you do it to do it properly? What do you do? 

Robert : The most important thing is knowing inwardly. How do you know you have a problem? It's aiming and how you internally represent the memory. It's the belief. It's the memories that you use to create it. It's the attitude. it's the emotions. It's the physical sensations. It's the voices in your head. It's the pictures you have. Aiming at these and knowing when you get done, when you finished, the memories change, the feelings change. Your attitudes change, your beliefs change and your actions change. 

Deirde :  Okay, so, how do you aim? What does that mean? You aim at the emotion. What does that mean?

Robert : Well, aiming is, you know, you've got a problem, How do you know you have a problem? Well, I know it I feel it right here, in my heart. I know it because they said something. I know it because I have a picture in my mind. That's aiming, that's how you know, then you notice how you know in your body, how you know internally. Then you just tap. (Fingers tapping the top of the head, 5 acupoints on the face, collar bone , side of body 4 inches below the armpit ) saying, "I release and let it go those problem's emotions/feelings  and let it go.I release and let it go. (Inhales & exhales ) Peace."  Now, as you're tapping, you have to focus on, your tapping, just your tapping. Don't focus on the problem, focus on your tapping, then go back and check it again, from the scale from 1 to 10.  Aiming inwardly. How do you know you have a problem? How are you successfully creating, manifesting, producing & representing the problem? and then changing that. 

Deirde :  Okay, So then you just, when you're tapping , you're not thinking about the problem, you're just thinking about tapping on those points on the head ,face, collar bone,  side of the body and then, deep breath in and then go back and check the level. 

Robert : Go back and check what you're aiming at. Because, see, it's hard to let go of something if you're holding onto it. So, we notice it, we notice how we know and then we're aiming at the knowing. The feelings, the sensation and we're pulling in and out of trance, you now, because there's an understanding that when you have a problem , a problem, even though we call it a problem , it's an undesirable outcome or experience. When you have a problem, you know because you're bothered by it. The bothering and the physical expression  is a manifestation and what we wanna do is, you notice it and then we release it by de-fractionating, which is when you have a problem you go into a trance. When you remember something, when someone looks at you a certain way, when you hear a song and you start to drift into a memory, those are hypnotic states of mind.  We do this thousands of times a day. Well, problems are just hypnotic states of mind. It's the unconscious mind with all its data producing what we know how to produce from the data and the life experiences we hold.  So what we do is, is we de-fractionate, basically you take a record or a DVD and you just scratch it, you de-fractionate it over and over again until eventually it can't play. De-fractionation is a pattern interrupt with a desired outcome in mind,  and that means we want to re-write the story , reimpriting it . 

Deirde : So that all sounds very exciting and what's the best change you've ever seen in a person? What comes to mind when I ask you that? Biggest changes? 

Robert : You know, there are so many, but usually it's the earlier ones, like the pivotal "Ah Ha's " you know. The first lady that came to mind, she read an article in the newspaper Yukon Oklahoma and when she came to see me, I was working at a gym and doing massage and tapping. And she's walking with this little walker and I'm following behind & I'm thinking "My God, it's gonna take forever to get out there, to get to my office." So then she, I started working on her and we addressing this specific memory. Her leg was hurting and she bumped the coffee table but I said, "Have you ever hurt this leg before?" And all of a sudden, she goes back to a memory when she was 12 years old. She steps out of a '57 Chevy and a rattlesnake bites her leg. But that's not where it all began. Cause back when she was in the hospital, in the ER and the doctor said she's dead & she can still hear her mother crying. And then, that was like emotional, gigantic. And then, so after I cleaned all the emotions & everything else involved, we worked a little bit on work and then she walked out carrying the walker . I thought "That's big time. That was like at the very beginning." So that sticks out really really big and  of course you know, my family, my youngest son, working with him or even here in Habilitat, working with addictions, you know , so or the lady who had the big burn marks on her hand where she was felt like, almost electrocuted, you now because of doing some king of , I don't remember what it's called now, but it just tapping on it in front of a big group people. Then, she shuffled to her chair and then I worked with her probably 20, 30 minutes. The lumps on her hands, the burn marks went down and she actually just walked to her chair. You could see the colour in her face change and all it is is just that memory and a couple of other memories where people had died and her body changed, you know. She just changed, just like that (snap the fingers), in front of everybody. I mean there's so many. I mean those are some of the big ones. There's a lady that's on YouTube. Used to, every time I'd watch her testimonial. I'd just cry, you know, and it's about OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). Of course, when she came to my office . You know, with FasterEFT, you don't have to know the details of the memories, so I remember in the office, the emotions and all this stuff and then she came back to see me the next week and she had this big smile on her face and she goes, I said, "Well, how was it?" She said, "I went to mall and I bought SHOES!" AND SHE JUST LIKE, LIT UP! and to me, "Well, okay!" You know, I didn't know what was going on and basically she couldn't leave her home. She was trapped in her home. She had taken tons of pills just to go to work. She would, I mean, she'd be lucky to stay in a job 2 weeks, maybe a month, and then she'd lose her job and move to the next. And so, that one session totally changed her life and, believe it or not, to this day she has the exact same job she had 9 years ago. And she's happy. She's got a smile, her life now is completely changed. And we did several sessions afterward, addressing other issues, but those were some of the big ones. You know. 

Deirde : So, what do you think makes FasterEFT different from other modalities?

Robert : I think the most important thing about FasterEFT is, first of all, It's very simple. It's very easy. It addresses the mind. Which that's where I bring in the NLP ( Neuro Linguistic Programming) because it's the structure of thinking and then also, with the tapping, you know, EFT ( Emotional Freedom Techniques) and plus a lot more, EFT basically is a pattern interrupt programme. And so, with the package , and so what I have done is I combined them all together with an understanding of how we work, how we think, how we process and how we manifest things and it's taken it to the next level. I mean, there's a lot of guys who . Like, I started with EFT in 1999, NLP probably in 1994, and it just an accumulation of all kinds of different understandings and truths and spiritual understandings, things that actually do work. And it's direct and to the point.  And it has a healthy belief system about why we have problems, how we see things and how  we produce it. So, I think that's the magic, you know, it really is. 

Deirde : So, on a personal level what drives you to keep on going with this work? What is driving you? 

Robert : ( Robert is doing tapping process) Tears, Emotions Ha Ha)
See a big change(emotions) ( He taps on himself). Seeing peole change. That's it. 

Deirde : Yeah, Yeah, and what do you see in the future, Robert? What's your greatest wish for the future? 

Robert : Oh, you know, I see . You know, I've gotta get some books written and, of course, have my books out there. My 25 books! FasterEFT taught in schools and prisons and rehabs. Yeah, it's just . It's big.  It really is big. It's getting bigger. I mean, what you see of FasterEFT has grown naturally.  I mean, I'm not. There's no promoters, there's no sales. Only thing out there is 738 free videos on YouTube , teaching individuals who can't afford to go see a therapist, do it themselves. And I think that's the number 1 thing is that it's free.  You know. of course we have practitioners like us and those who have trained who know how to go deeper. You know, the YouTube stuff is not the training, it's deeper that what you see. see? There's more things that you can't understand just by watching the videos because it's so rich , and, of course, you know, we do training all over the world, you know, and the Level I training is 5 days, or actually, 7 days and that's intense training, you know and people say, "Well, if FasterEFT is so fast, why does it takes you so long to learn?" I say because 'we' the practitioner have to be a lot smarter than our clients.  We have to be so adjustable,  depending on how they create their problems,  what they do inside their head. And we have to have a tool that , well, all kinds of tools to adjust to whatever is in front of us. 

Deirde : So, it's 20 years down the line : What do you see? 

Robert : I, you know, I can't even see that, it's I don't know. 

Deirde : What would you like to see, if you could? 

Robert : I just see a better world. Everybody's happier, you know. Big differences made. Um. You know, there's peace, there's love, there's kindness, people are getting along, there's health, there's, who know?  

Deirde : Uh huh, and FasterEFT has played it's part?

Robert : Major part because, it's simple, It's easy. It's universal. It fits any culture. It's universal. It's , it has a belief system that's logical, practical, Um. It's serious. And it's fun at the same time. 

Deirde : Good. Thank you very much Robert, for this interview today. 

Alright. Thank  you. Good job. 


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