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Overcoming Self- Sabotage

Oversoming Self-Sabotage

It may appear safe to assume that, once we have made up our mind to use Psycho-Bio-Acupressure (PBA) in order to work on ourselves, we are fully aware of what we are doing and that our willpower is strong because we really have the intention of getting better. Or, if a patient consults us for the express purpose of improving well-being, it seems as though that should be the case. 

  However, self-sabotage can manifest in any of us, when a conflict arises between the conscious and unconscious. Consciously, the patient may indeed want to recover, but her unconscious mind may not. Without realizing it, she may be drawing secondary gains from an unpleasant situation. For example, a woman suffering from a severe depression may honestly believe that she really wants to get better, whereas her unconscious wishes for this situation to endure, as family and friends are concerned and take care of her. Somehow being the center of attention is a benefit of some sort. 

  This concept has been well explained by Roger Callahan in his remarkable book Five Minute Phobia Cure (scroll down for details) in which he discusses the concept pf "psychological inversion." Other scientists mention this notion as well, such as Doctor Patrick Veret in his work La medicine cosmogenetique ou l'Energo-medecine (Cosmogenetic Medicine or Energetic Medicine) (Editions du Rocher, 1991) or Michel Dogna in his impressive book Manuel du nouveau therapeute  (Manual for the New Therapist) (Edition Guy Tredaniel, 2012).

  Both Veret and Dogna also present the value of what I term "muscle testing" to determine if such self-sabotage is present. Doctor Jean Elminger from Lausanne (Switzerland) develops this notion as well in his book Rediscovering Real Medicine : The New Horizons of Homeopathy (Element Books, 1998). Doctor Veret called it "neuromuscular testing" and Michel Dogna called it " universal bio testing."  Whatever name it is given, the important thing is that it really works. It can be used to check whether the vibrations of a chemical affect our system in a negative way. In the situation that interests us here, it allows us to check on a person's real desire to recover and to remedy the situation instantly in case of self-sabotage. 

Image result for muscle testing

Image result for muscle testing

Image result for muscle testing

It is a very simple procedure. First ask the patient to keep his left arm in a horizontal position, and tell him to prevent you from lowering it. Put your own left hand on his right shoulder to help him keep his balance, then, using your right hand, press upon his left wrist as hard as possible in order to test his strength until his resistance limit is reached. Now ask your patient to think or, even better, to say aloud, that he wants to get better (or to stop being afraid, or to lose weight, etc.) and repeat the pressure upon his wrist. If the patient's intention is strong and if his desire to recover is genuine, then his strength will remain the same. But with self-sabotage, the strength to resist disappears and  the arm just drops (see illustration above).

  If the arm drops, make the patient close his fist and, using the point of your second finger, tap 35 times on the fold below the fifth finger as shown in the following illustration.
 Image result for crease under the fist

Image result for crease under the fist

Repeat the operation on the other closed fist. When this is done, repeat the muscle test and ask the patient to say again that he wants to  get better and you'll observe this time 

Image result for the fold below the fifth finger

Emotional Acupressure Release Points
Thumb (Grief /Sadness)
Index finger (Fear)
Middle finger (Anger/ Frustration)
Ring finger (Worry)
Pinky (Felling small, inadequate, Low self-esteem, inferiority complex)

5 Minute Phobia Cure
 Step 1:Tap while saying “I love myself even if I _________.”
Repeat this 3 times.

Image result for tapping points

Step 2 a. Rate the problem/issue on a scale from 0-10 (10 being the worst possible feeling).

b. While thinking about the problem, tap under the eyes until
the number goes down to 0.

c. If you can’t get the number to go down, go back to step 1,  and start over.

Image result for tapping points

1. “I totally and completely love myself.”
2. “I totally and completely love myself even if I forgive those people who have wronged me.”
3. “I totally and completely forgive _________.”
Dr. that delivered me,

Anyone that you have perceived to have wronged you in any way.
Fill in the blanks with all of your perceived faults and failings!!!!
Treat the positive and negative statement ( can / cannot, am / am not)
4. “God loves me.”
5. “I totally and completely love myself even if: .”
6. “I totally and completely forgive myself even if: .”
7. “God loves me even if: .”
8. “I am lovable even if: .”
9. “It’s safe for others to love me even if: .”

5 Minute Phobia Cure
I totally and completely love myself even if: 
I am lovable even if:
I totally and completely forgive myself even if: 
God loves me even if:
It’s safe for others to love me even if:
I deeply and completely accept myself, even though: 

I am perfect, infallible, flawless. 
I am imperfect, fallible, flawed.

I feel I am deserving. 
I feel that I am not deserving.

I hold grudges.  
I don’t hold grudges.

I am 100% healthy and pain free. 
I am not 100% healthy and pain free.

I have a perfect body. 
I do not have a perfect body.

I am perfect . 
I have faults.

I am overweight. 
I am skinny/underweight.

I am a huge success in life. 
I am a total failure at life.

I succeed at _____ . 
I fail at _____ .

I worry. 
I do not worry.

I feel secure. 
I feel insecure.

I have a perfect memory. 
I am forgetful.

I make lots of money. 
I do not make lots of money.

I am rich. 
I am poor.

I unobtrusively enter the hatred (anger, resentment, negative) energy field with love.
I enter the hatred (anger, resentment, negative) energy field without love.

I am negative in thought, deed or action. 
I am positive in thought, deed or action.

I don’t value my skills, values or morals. 
I do value my skills, values or morals.

I am a light or beacon for others to follow.
I am lost or without direction

I fear my future destination. 
I have faith in my future destination.

I do not know my future destination. 
I know my future destination.

I feel I am deserving. 
I feel that I am not deserving.

I feel that I have to sell myself to others.
I don’t feel that I have to sell myself to others.

The uncertainty of my future and the future of my family creates anxiety.

I fill my mind with love, gratitude and forgiveness.
I don’t fill my mind with love, gratitude and forgiveness.

I live from my higher self rather than my ego.
I live from my ego rather than my higher self.

Others do follow when I lead.
Others do not follow when I lead.

I am negative in thought, deed or action.
Others are negative in thought, deed or action.

Others do value my time.
Others don’t value my time.

Others are generous and grateful.
Others are not generous and grateful.

5 Minute Phobia Cure
These will also help. Just tap them in and clear them with the eye points. You can use these with others by replacing I, my and me with us, our and we.

I see my purpose so clearly that I get my outer self out of my way.
I am the Vision, God is the Power, and we are the Team.
My purpose is so clear that no doubts can enter my mind.
I love what I do, I do what I love.
I am a master of persistence. I do not quit.
I am focused, and I stay on top priorities.
I live and radiate high intensive energy.
I love to tell others what I do.
I attract money with ease.
I love to share.
I love to give.
God provides me with abundance.
My faith and forgiveness grows daily.
The more people I serve, the more abundantly I live.
I act in faith always.
The power that made the body, heals the body, and I know it.
I love my family, and they love me.
I do wonderful work in a wonderful way, I give wonderful service for wonderful pay.
The genius in me is now released. I now fulfill my destiny.
I am a wonderful, loving, caring _____.
My time is valuable and I am worthy of greater things.
I am a great leader, and I honor those who want to listen, cooperate and/or follow.
I am a great leader, and I honor those who choose not to listen cooperate and/or follow.
I release all adverse thoughts, and open myself to the genius within me; let me see clearly the perfect plan.
Perfect love casts out fear. He that has fear is not made in perfect love. I love everyone and everyone loves me. My apparent enemy becomes my friend, a golden link in my
chain of good.
Fear is inverted faith, and I choose faith and the Higher Vibration rather than fear and anger.

I enjoy the power of my Spirit, and choose to grow. I dispel all mental lethargy now.
Rhythm, harmony and balance are now established in my mind, body and affairs.
I am a wonderful father and husband (mother and wife, etc…).

Any affirmation will work. Start small and get BIG!!!
i.e.- I am smart, I am one of the smartest people that I know, I am one of the smartest people living, I am one of the smartest people in the history of man, I am one of the smartest people in the universe, all of my thoughts, deeds and actions are true genius.

Additionally, read Feelings Buried Alive Never Die,and use the script(p. 93) to treat the emotions you are most frequently dealing with. Use your affirmation points (on your hands) while you say the script.

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