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Learn What is Thought Field Therapy

What is Thought Field Therapy®?

Thought Field Therapy® is a treatment for
psychological disturbances that provides a
code, that when applied to a psychological
problem the person is focusing on, will
eliminate the perturbations in the thought
field – the fundamental cause of all
negative emotions.

TFT empowers a person to deal
with even the most extreme stress
and trauma rather than being
overwhelmed by negative emotions.

What might TFT be used for?
• Fear
• Phobia
• Anger
• Guilt
• Rage
• Shame
• Trauma
• Addiction
• Stress
• Toxins
• Psychological Reversal
• Anxiety
• Jet lag
• Panic
• Pain
• Peak Performance
• Embarrassment
• Depression

Who is it appropriate for?

Who uses it?
Everybody, from toddle to elderly. 
In short, human beings.

What effect does TFT have?
TFT is excellent in eliminating emotional
issues such as trauma, fear and anxiety
Since 1980 there have been no recorded
cases of harm from using TFT; in a given
situation, TFT either works or does nothing.

TFT is a non-invasive, drug-free protocol.

TFT Around the World
 TFT has been used successfully all over
the world to help people overcome
traumas from armed conflict, political
conflict, natural disasters, terrorism, etc.

US Embassy Nairobi, Kenya August 8,
1998. 257 killed & 5000 injured.

TFT in Kosovo
100% Success Rate
“Many well-funded relief organisations have
treated the post traumatic stress here in
Some of our people had limited improvement
but Kosovo had no major change or real hope
until volunteer American Professor Carl
Johnson came to help us… with Thought
Field Therapy.”
“We referred our most difficult trauma
patients to the Professor. The success
from TFT was 100% for every patient and
they are still smiling until this day.”

TFT in Kosovo:
“As Chief of Staff of the Medical Battalion of 
K.P.C. (KLA), I have full authority over all 
medical decisions in Kosovo.I am revising 
this completely and starting a new national
program. The emphasis of the national program 
will be Thought Field Therapy.”
Dr. Shkelzen Syla
Chief of Staff

November 2001

Rwanda 2006 PTSD Study
Transformation - One Year Follow-up.

 No major symptoms of PTSD reported in
 students worked with at the previous
 anniversary of the genocide.

 Increased sense of self worth and self 
esteem leading to improvements in the 
students’ behaviors and their environment.

 Increased concentration led to improved 
grades and a considerable number passing 
the state competitive exams to move on to 
regular secondary schools.

Means of CROPS and PROPS.

Empowerment and Healing with TFT
· Self-treatment that can be taught to
 community leaders.
· Groups and classes of people and students
 can be taught TFT treatments.
· The few who need further treatment can 
then be worked with individually.
· Community members and students can share
their knowledge with family and friends.

What is a Thought Field?
A thought field is an invisible, nonmaterial
structure in space that has an effect on matter.

What is a Perturbation?
A perturbation is a subtle but clearly
isolable aspect of a thought field which is
responsible for triggering all negative

Perturbations then affect the chemical,
hormonal, nervous system, cognitive and
brain activity associated with (but not the
cause of) the negative emotions.

“A cause of mental disquietude.”

“The cause of mental disquietude.”

Where are these Perturbations?
Perturbations are encoded in thought fields.

Perturbations are activated when the
thought field is tuned into by asking the
person to think about the problem.

What does TFT do with

TFT eliminates the perturbations in the
thought field.

How does TFT eliminate the
Perturbations in the Thought Field?

By applying the appropriate tapping
sequence (healing).

Once the Perturbation in the Thought
Field is eliminated, the upset disappears.


 TFT was the most effective of four
therapies for posttraumatic stress in
a study by Figley and Carbonell at 
the University of Florida. The four therapies analysed were:

Trauma Incident Reduction (TIR)
Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR)
Visual Kinesthetic Dissociation (VK/D)
Thought Field Therapy (TFT)

Architecture of TFT.

e – a – c – 9g - e – a - c

[e – a – c – 9g - sq]Holon

sq = Sequence of Majors

The Nine Gamut Sequence (9g)

Tap the gamut spot continuously for each
position while doing the following:

1. Look straight ahead and close the eyes
2. Open the eyes
3. Look down and to one side
4. Look down and to the other side
5. Roll the eyes in a circle—one direction
6. Roll the eyes in a circle—opposite direction
7. Hum a tune out loud
8. Count out loud from one to five
9. Hum a tune again

Using the Subjective Units of
Distress (SUD) Scale.

• Know exactly how much the
symptoms are improving
• Rate distress 0-10 on how the
person feels at the moment, not
past or future (1-10 can also be

Tapping Points:

tf: tiny finger
sh: side of hand

Tapping Points
eb: eybrow
e: eye
c: collar
a: arm
if: index finger
g: Gamut spot

Tapping Points

• Eyebrow
• Under Eye
• Under Arm
• Collarbone
• Side of Hand
• Under Nose
• Tiny Finger
• Index Finger

Quantum Leaps in Improvement
• Initial SUD = 10
 First sequence of majors
• SUD = 7
 9 gamut series
• SUD = 4
 Repeat of majors
• SUD = 0

What is a Trauma?

A psychological problem which
appears to be a normal response to
a terrible situation.

Often associated with feelings of
anger, rage, guilt & shame.

TFT Algorithm for Trauma:
Eyebrow, under eye, under arm,
collarbone, 9g, Sq

TFT Algorithm for Fears and
Under eye, under arm,
collarbone, 9g, Sq

TFT Algorithm for
Claustrophobia, Spiders,
Under arm, under eye,
collarbone, 9g, Sq

Post Traumatic Stress Response
Crisis Intervention
• Use at the scene or right after.
• Sometimes the SUD is obvious – just go with a 10.
• “Can you do what I am doing? Just mirror me.”

TFT in full;
There are many more aspects to TFT
including the effect of Individual Energy
Toxins, Heart Rate Variability, Holon
Diagnosis and Voice Technology.

However, the vast majority of issues can
be eliminated at the algorithm
(introductory) level of training and

Volunteers needed
• With real issues
• Or just to show how a session works

Introduction to
Thought Field Therapy
Suggested reading
Tapping the Healer Within
Stop the Nightmares of Trauma
Both by Roger Callahan, PhD

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