Saturday, April 29, 2017

Week 3: Application – Key Components of TFT

Program Outline
Using Thought Field Therapy to Instantly Conquer Your Fears, Anxieties, and Emotional Distress
Week 3: Application – Key Components of TFT
1. Structure – 9 gamut sandwich – handout
2. Psychological reversals – handout
 Massive Reversal
 Specific reversal
 Mini- reversal
 Level II Reversal
 Mini-Level II Reversal
3. Major treatment points – chart
4. Nine Gamut procedures – handout
5. Collar bone breathing – handout
6. Floor to ceiling eye-roll – handout
7. Advanced procedures – toxin correction for reversals - handout
 (just mention- 7 second and chakra)
8. Demonstrations – submitted in advance

The Components of TFT Algorithms
The Architecture of TFT


Algorithms follow a standard pattern. By completing each step strictly in the order that they are prescribed,
you will be performing effective TFT in the most efficient manner possible.

There is one standard protocol for all Algorithms, and it conforms to the architecture commonly present in

TFT. To illustrate this, the TFT protocol for the treatment of a simple phobia is shown below:

e is a major.
e, a, c together
is a sequence of


e, a, c - 9g - e, a, c (sq)

sq = sequence. This
means to repeat the
sequence of majors
given before the 9

Gamut Sequence.

9g = do the 9 Gamut


In an abbreviated form, it can be written: e, a, c, 9g, sq. 

The complete treatment sequence is known as a holon. 
Each holon is a “9 gamut sandwich,” including majors (top bun), 9g (meat or vegetables), and majors (bottom bun). 
The collarbone point often ends a sequence of majors, acting something like an exclamation point.

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