Monday, April 24, 2017

In Closing

The Energies of Love has taken me and you on a journey through the biochemical, psychological, social, and spiritual dimensions of love, always with and eye on the vital role our bodies' energies play in each. we show you how core differences in organizing information and managing conflict are based on Energetic Stress Styles that are inborn and underlie many of our psychological differences. We explore energy techniques that can change the course of arguments that could be devastating to the energies of our partnership. We learn energy techniques for healing old emotional wounds, defusing triggers, addressing resentments, bridging differences, and cultivating skills for successful bonding and living a shared life. We see how sexual union in nature's energy medicine for couples and how, by staying attune to our own and our partner's energies, we can keep our sexual relationship vital and blossom. We sense into the multilayered energies connecting body and soul that allow a deeper love to grow out of conscious partnering and fostering our relationship as a spiritual journey. For the two of us, garnering these lovely lessons has been an amazing tide and tide, and we thank you and ourselves for allowing us this lovely and amazing privilege and rare opportunity of sharing them with the world. may the energies of love smile on all your days.

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