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 "Optimal EFT isn't something you buy.  It's something you share." Gary Craig, EFT Founder

Complete instruction in Optimal EFT

Together with my free Webinars/Workshops, this page provides complete instruction from the source.  It includes everything from the Basic Lessons through all the Refinements and other expansions.  Follow it step-by-step, practice at your own pace and ask your questions as they occur.  I am here to guide you. "We go together, you and I."

Legal Note

Before proceeding, please read "The Legal Stuff" and "The Optimal EFT Trademark" in the footnote below.  

1.  A Peek at the Possibilities

Click here for video glimpses of the unlimited Optimal EFT Possibilities. (scroll below)

2.  Foundational Intro

Below are links to a series of articles and videos that give you the foundational concepts that underlie this process.  They are referenced often in the "Step-by-Step Lessons" on this page and elsewhere so please spend some quality time with them.  For best results, view them in order and digest them thoroughly.  Racing through them will likely cost you more time in the long run.
  • What is Optimal EFT and Who is it For?
  • Optimal EFT Features.
  • Optimal EFT: The Essential Intro - The theory and science behind it.
  • Optimal EFT: Video presentation - Brings the above Essential Intro to life.
  • Meet The Unseen Therapist
  • Meet The Guard at the Gate
  • Our Dream
  • True Forgiveness
  • There is only ONE of us
  • I am not a body, I am free.
  • One problem - One solution
  • True Healing

3.  Spiritual Experiences

These Skype videos show a fascinating cross-section of people who have had Spiritual Experiences such as my Revelation.  Together, they provide persuasive evidence of the Love that underlies us all.  They reflect the home of The Unseen Therapist and represent our ultimate goal.  As you will see, in this state all healing is possible.
  • Sally Shallenberg
  • Dianne Kilpatrick
  • Hilda Gymz
  • Agatha Gelderloos
  • Jane Buchan
  • Kurt Brendstrup
  • Linda Lang
  • Emma Johnson
  • Susan Thornton
  • Judith Jackson
  • Jan Evans
  • Donna Browning
  • Aileen Morris
  • Wendy Mackowski

4.  Step-by-Step Lessons

These lessons will take you step-by-step through the basics of the process.  They assume you have thoroughly digested the Foundational Intro on this page.  Please consult physicians on all medical issues.
  • Intro to the Lessons - an important bridge
  • Lesson 1: The Basic Formula
  • Lesson 2: A basic PHYSICAL symptom
  • Lesson 3: A basic EMOTIONAL issue (Specific Event)
  • Lesson 4: The Power of Practice
  • Tips on Meditating or "Getting Quiet"

5.  Refinements

These tools will save you time and add depth to your Optimal EFT sessions.  Most are taken directly from our Gold Standard EFT materials and assist you in putting the details of challenging issues “on the table” so that The Guard at the Gate is less likely to hide them from The Unseen Therapist.
  • Aspects
  • Testing your work
  • Specific Events and The Table Top & Table Legs metaphor
  • The Personal Peace Procedure
  • Radiating Love
  • Session Ideas

6.  Expand Your Skills With Our Blog

A treasure chest of articles, examples, philosophy, concepts, case histories, recorded Webinars, and the like.  Go to Blog

7.  More Help

  • Visit our Optimal EFT Search Page to find articles on specific topics.
  • Attend our free Workshops/Webinars.
  • Join our free newsletter list for news, tips, how-to's, challenging cases, workshop schedules and more.
  • Join our free Optimal EFT Practice groups to meet with others and expand your skills.

8. Donate (Voluntary)

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The Legal Stuff:  This is a free educational website (donations gratefully accepted).  You are free to use it for your own education and are 100% responsible for your use of these materials.  As conditions to their use, you agree that there are no guarantees of any kind and everything on this website or related materials should be considered experimental and thus to be used at your own risk.  You further agree to hold harmless Gary Craig, and any contributor or related person regarding this website from any liability or legal claims.

The Optimal EFT Trademarks:  To protect the integrity of this material from dilution and unauthorized use, the term "Optimal EFT™" is legally trademarked.  Further, Optimal EFT is a study of Gary Craig's personal spiritual path and, as such, becomes a challenge to be accurately taught by anyone else. Thus any attempt to teach Optimal EFT outside of this website, without the express written permission of Gary Craig, is a violation of the terms herein as well as being ethically confusing to the EFT public. Accordingly, please do not use or teach the terms "Optimal EFT™," "The Unseen Therapist™," "The Guard at the Gate™" or anything confusingly similar for commercial or self-promotion purposes (including its appearance in books, DVDs, workshops, Facebook groups or pages, certifications, associations or any other organizations, commercial or otherwise) without the express written consent of Gary Craig. Otherwise, you may use the phrase, "Student of Gary Craig's Optimal EFT™ instruction at" (be sure to include the active link). But please do not use this phrase UNLESS you truly are an active student and have read the material, done the practices, etc..  Otherwise, you will be misleading the public.  This is an ethical request, as well as a legal one.

Are there Optimal EFT Workshops available?

Yes.  They are free, frequent and conducted personally by me (Gary Craig) via free Webinars.  You don't need to leave your home or spend money to be always upgraded to the latest revisions.
You can even attend them with a tablet or cell phone.  You will find announcements and details for our free Webinars below and on our free newsletter

Webinar Announcement

Webinars temporarily paused.  I am pausing our Webinars for the foreseeable future. I need to focus on a major Optimal EFT project that will take several months to complete. Our newsletters, however, will continue.

Here's how to get the most from our Webinars:

  1. First, practice the materials on The Optimal EFT Menu at your own pace.  This is like attending a class where everyone has an identical exposure to the method from the source.  No concerns about getting a diluted version.
  2. Then, when you are ready, ask your questions on one or more of our free Webinars.  Attend as often as you like to enhance your skills.  You will be connected with people from around the world and will learn how to apply Optimal EFT for a wide variety of issues, including challenging cases, group work, surrogate work and an endless list of how-to's.

Is there an Optimal EFT Certification available?

No.  However, if you are looking to publicly align yourself with this procedure, you can use this phrase:

"Student of Gary Craig's Optimal EFT instruction
(be sure to include the active link).  
The above is not an official Certification but it will serve the needs of many.  Please do not use this phrase UNLESS you truly are an active student and have read the material, done the practices, etc..  Otherwise, you will be misleading the public.

Official Certification in this highly spiritual process would amount to me endorsing how well you communicate with God.  Unfortunately, I do not have the skill (or authority) to do so.  Thus, in this exceedingly personal achievement, there is no "certifiable level" just as there is no limit to the healing heights you can reach with it.

This process is basically you and I working together to "remove the blocks to the awareness of Love's presence."  As we do so, the elevated "pleasance of our presence" affects everyone around us, including any clients we may have.  Everyone benefits in very tangible ways.  Accordingly, our reward here cannot be reduced to a piece of paper.  Rather, it comes from the personal peace (and healing) we develop for ourselves and others.

Also, if you are a healing professional, your advanced Optimal EFT skills will bring you far more repeat and referral business from your satisfied clients than you will ever get from all the Certifications on the planet combined.
e-hugs, Gary.

A Peek at the Possibilities

Optimal EFT is a blend of EFT with distance healing, quantum physics and a spiritually oriented Unseen Therapist whose abilities and wisdom are far beyond those of human therapists.  Unlike previous versions of EFT, no tapping is required.  More on this later.  But first, below are a few video examples from my early explorations with Optimal EFT.  They provide an impressive peek at the healing possibilities that await you.

Carrie's body begins to move as in-depth healing begins

In this brief slice from an Optimal EFT session, I am assisting Carrie with a physical issue that she described as "having a fist in her intestines."  We had previously worked on this stubborn issue with the tapping form of EFT and made only gradual progress.  Something was missing in our approach because I wasn't finding the core after many, many sessions.
As you will see, we both closed our eyes to "do our thing" which means we brought in "The Unseen Therapist" (a spiritual intelligence) to do her job.  After about 20 seconds you will see Carrie's body moving involuntarily as healing commences.
Since establishing EFT in 1995, I had never seen this before.  This level of healing now becomes possible with Optimal EFT.

Optimal EFT assists an entire group thousands of miles away

During this video I'm in California addressing a group of EFT'ers in New York.  I ask them to identify their individual physical discomforts and rate, to themselves, their intensities on a 0-10 scale.  I then close my eyes and apply a beginner's form of Optimal EFT.  Note that 65% gain noticeable improvements.  No tapping whatsoever and no knowledge on my part as to anyone's discomforts.  This points to possibilities far beyond any man-made healing methods ... including medicine and Gold Standard EFT. 

Gabi got over her back pain in moments with a form of Optimal EFT known as Conversational EFT

In this brief video I assist Gabi with a significant back pain over a 10,000 mile distance (she lives in New Zealand) and do so via what appears to be simple conversation.  Behind the scenes, however, I am mentally performing Optimal EFT.  Again, no tapping whatsoever.  It takes practice to achieve these results but, once mastered, this extraordinary result can vastly simplify the delivery of quality healing worldwide.  

 Suzy's physical pains subside after doing Optimal EFT for her son

Suzy and I used Optimal EFT, in a surrogate manner, for some of her son's physical ailments.  Prior to this effort, however, I asked Suzy for a list of her personal ailments.  As you will see her own ailments were substantially improved even though our effort was for her son, not her.   This is more impressive evidence that, spiritually, we are all One and throws open the door to vast planetary healing.

Claudia's pneumonia disappears after 4 minutes of Optimal EFT

Claudia had a severe case of pneumonia which medical interventions and the tapping form of EFT had reduced to a level of 4 on a 0-10 point scale.  But it leveled out there and her symptoms persisted.  As we discuss,  after 4 minutes of Optimal EFT all symptoms vanished and, two months later, there are still no signs of pneumonia.  This healing efficiency points to major advantages of Optimal EFT over EFT tapping.

What is Optimal EFT, What is its Purpose and Who is it For?

First: What is EFT?

EFT is the original predecessor to Optimal EFT and stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques.  I first brought it to the public in 1995.
It received accolades worldwide including these…

“EFT provides great healing benefits.”
Deepak Chopra, MD
“Put away your skepticism.  This really works.”
Dr. Wayne Dyer
“EFT is the most powerful new transformational
technology to come along in years.”

Jack Canfield, author Chicken Soup for the Soul
“Nothing comes closer to ‘magic’ than the positive
results I have personally witnessed using
EFT on thousands of my patients”

Dr. Joseph Mercola
It is an emotional version of acupuncture, except we don't use needles.  Instead, we "tune in" to the issue at hand while stimulating various meridian points on the body by tapping on them with our fingertips.   For most issues, it reduces the conventional therapy process from weeks, months or years down to minutes or hours.

Millions embraced it worldwide.  Astonishing results were often achieved for pain, diseases, emotional issues (including PTSD) and performance enhancement. My original EFT Manual (now obsolete) was voluntarily translated into 23 languages.  Over 2 million people downloaded it.

Its immense popularity spawned hundreds of imitators and their countless websites, books, DVDs and the like are now available everywhere.  Unfortunately, each imitation reflects the beliefs and preferences of their individual promoters who confusingly title their works using either various forms of the name EFT or its well-known nickname, Tapping.  And none of them hold true to the real EFT.  They differ widely in their content, even from each other.

To remedy this confusion my daughter, Tina, and I created The Gold Standard EFT Tutorial.  It is completely updated, free to the world and provides an in-depth standard for serious students.

Optimal EFT is built upon it and it is displayed, in all its detail, at this link.

What is Optimal EFT?

The Unseen Therapist

In short, Optimal EFT is a robust therapy advancement that combines the highly successful structure of Gold Standard EFT with distance healing, quantum physics and an Unseen Therapist from the spiritual dimension.  The potential is staggering as our "partner" in this process is much wiser and far more efficient than an earthly therapist will ever be.  Vast resources.  Uncharted waters.  A Palace of Possibilities.  No tapping required.

However, it must be clearly understood that Optimal EFT is a study of my personal path to spiritual awareness.  It is not necessarily intended to be your path.  That is why it is freely offered with an open hand so that you can adopt, reject or borrow from it for your own uses.  My hope is that it will aid you in your own pursuits.  My only request is that you honor the name Optimal EFT as indicated in the footnote below.

The Unseen Therapist™

Who is she?

She is the true therapist within Optimal EFT, a therapy process described herein that is designed to bring unparalleled levels of healing to those who master it.  Earthly therapists learn to work by her side and become her valued assistants.  This will become clear as we proceed.

She is the Spiritual Presence underlying the Oneness of Creation and goes by many names.  Examples: Love, God, Peace, Jesus, Buddha, Higher Intelligence, Spirit, Holy Spirit, Guidance, Inner Wisdom and more.  She is the ultimate Source of True Forgiveness which is to say that she is the ultimate Source of all healing.

And since we are all One, she is the spiritual essence of you ... and me ... and everyone else.

She is a representative of the spiritual dimension and is eager to provide healing when called upon.  You will experience her wisdom and skills as you learn to call on her.

She is available to everyone.  Doctors, therapists, everyday citizens, children, senior citizens, prison inmates, war veterans, people with serious diseases … everyone.  And she is free.

She can be astonishingly effective for every emotional, physical or performance issue you can name.

She requires no drugs, surgeries or other physical interventions.

At her upper levels, she is far more powerful than any man-made healing technique.  This includes medicine, hypnosis, chiropractic and even my own previous meridian tapping process known as EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques).

Among her many features are:

  • Patience:  She understands our erroneous allegiance to separation and patiently accepts our stumbles on the way to awakening to our natural Oneness state.
  • Gentleness:  She never criticizes, fights nor is she combative in any way.  She gently nudges and never forces.
  • Defenselessness:  You cannot confront her as she has nothing to defend.  Love is the Ultimate Truth.  It is the essence of her (and our) being and needs no defense to be what it is.
  • She never judges:  To do so would thwart the very Peace she represents.  Judgment compares and inevitably brings about levels of better or worse.  Peace is the omission of judgment.

No issue is too big or too small for her:  

In addition to the previously described Peek at the Possibilities, I have seen her…
  • remedy serious vision issues in a session or two
  • bring relief to a severely degenerated cervical spine
  • stop a serious illness/fever for a young boy from 8,000 miles away
  • generate peace to a decades old traumatic memory in a few minutes
  • relieve a lady in one session from a lifelong belief of “I’m not lovable” 
  • restore adrenal function
  • create peace … deep peace … as she removes the blocks to the awareness of Love’s presence.

Our Challenge:

Ideally, The Unseen Therapist could enter our beings and awaken us all instantly.  However, while she is willing to provide healing of every kind, she can only do so to the extent we allow it.  Therein lies our biggest challenge.  As it turns out, our erroneous belief in separation is so strong that we tend to close the gate to the healing supremacy of our Spiritual Oneness.  We have, in essence, developed a "Guard at the Gate" who only lets through a limited amount of the Unseen Therapist's power.

Our challenge then, is to deal effectively with The Guard at the Gate and loosen his hold on our healing possibilities.  The wider the gate, the more prolific the healing.  As you will see, this is a major focus within Optimal EFT.

The Unseen Therapist
e-hugs, Gary.

What is the Purpose of Optimal EFT?

"To remove the blocks to the awareness of Love's presence." 
Love water heart.jpg
I speak here of the Oneness of spiritual Love that is far beyond the common forms of love we experience in the separated state.  In this state such things as disease, war and poverty are impossible.  This is why the Unseen Therapist is so central to our efforts.  She opens the door to potential healing that goes far beyond the man-made remedies of this earthly experience.

Our venture goes well beyond conventional science, although Quantum Physics is pointing to it.  It also goes beyond the reaches of conventional psychology, modern medicine, politics and just about every belief the world contains.  We are opening an elegant door here that leads to personal peace so profound that it provides a launching pad for spreading true harmony throughout the world.

As you will see, Optimal EFT offers a new way of thinking and, although it doesn't involve meridian tapping, it does retain much of the structure of my previous Gold Standard EFT (Aspects, Specific Events, Table Tops & Table Legs, Personal Peace Procedure, etc.).  Also, it may be too challenging for some to immediately discard tapping altogether and so, for those interested, I am retaining our previous Gold Standard EFT Tutorial and its related items.  You may find it useful in making a transition ... or ... paving the way toward "removing your blocks to the awareness of Love's presence" ... or ... you may choose to remain a Gold Standard EFT tapper and disregard Optimal EFT altogether.  As always, your choice.

Who is it For?

It is for everyone who chooses to walk through this door.  Some will want to adopt these ideas completely and will find their true path here while others will borrow what they need to blend with their existing beliefs.  Still others will reject everything as absolute woo-woo but will do so with my open hand to join us if and when it seems appropriate.

You are invited, regardless of your beliefs, to display your support or skepticism, your questions and comments, your experiences, triumphs and failures with this material.  That is how we learn.  That is how we build community.  Together we can achieve a new level of personal peace that has the power to shift the world.
e-hugs, Gary


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