Sunday, April 30, 2017


So with the concept of the Thought Field in mind, what is the root cause of emotional distress? It is what I call a perturbation in a Thought Field. As you may now, in physics and astronomy the term perturbation indicates a disturbance in or difference from the norm, and it implies a random quality. But in Thought Field Therapy, the perturbation is hardly random; it is a unique entity that contains active informations ( a quantum physics concept) of a highly specific sort -- a subtle, but clearly isolable aspect of the Thought Field -- that is responsible for triggering negative emotions. The psychological upset is due not to a trauma or the loss of a love,  for example. These experiences give rise to the perturbation, but it is the perturbation itself that is responsible for generating, guiding, and controlling all of the fundamental changes  within the human body -- influencing the chemicals, hormones, neural pathways, and cognitive and brain activity -- that result in the experience of a specific negative emotion such as fear, anger, or depression.  When you're  grieving, when you compulsively overeat, or when you're anxious, there is a perturbation in a Thought Field. The perturbation holds the information that governs these and all negative or disturbing emotions. 

  For years, although I knew of the existence of this entity in the Thought Field that created emotional disturbances, I did not know what to call it. I sought a  name that would fit the existing knowledge, but would not need to be changed if new information became available. Then the word perturbation came to me, and I opened a dictionary to see what it said. One of the dictionary definitions particularly  excited me. It defined perturbation as "a cause of mental disquietude." When I read that, I knew I'd found the perfect word to describe this entity in the Thought Field. I simply amended the definition slightly, to "the cause of mental disquietude."

  The perturbation is analogous to the concept of the cell in biology and the atom on chemistry. It is the fundamental unit of causation of all disturbing emotions. Keep in mind that if it were the event itself that caused the emotional turmoil -- the loss of a loved one, for example -- you couldn't do much to quiet down the storm; after all, there is no way to change that past event. Fortunately, perturbation can be collapsed and eliminated, thanks to Thought Field Therapy. 

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