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Depression, Grief, and Heart Rate Variability

By Howard Hagglund, MD

Part I – Depression and Heart Rate Variability

I am a family practitioner in Norman, Oklahoma. I 
have been using the Callahan Techniques® for 
about six months. I was at the causal diagnosis 
training seminar in June of 1999 and something 
interesting happened.

   I have been very much involved in all the 
alternative therapies but as far as getting my own 
self well, it has never been a top priority. Indeed, I 
had a lot of despair about it. I volunteered to be 
treated using the Heart Rate Variability (HRV) 
Scanner along with the procedure so the effect of 
the Callahan treatment could be evaluated by this 

  What I had to confess to is that I had a lot of 
despair and a lot of depression because I never 
thought I would find a way that would make me 
well. Everybody else could be well, but not me. 
My HRV report reflected my poor status.

  Dr. Callahan treated me and in less than five 
minutes, my depression of over seven years was 
gone and I had a bright outlook almost beyond 
belief. My HRV chart reflected this change. It 
was amazing.

Part II - Extreme Grief

I am particularly interested in having others know about the treatment for my own grief reaction that followed a terrible tragedy. While at the advanced seminar, I learned of my daughter?s sudden and unexpected death. This was my oldest daughter, obviously my pride and joy. We have walked together four nights a week for five or six years. She was a stunning individual. We had been soul mates for quite a long time. She had suffered from chronic connective tissue disease, etc. but died suddenly while I was at the conference. I was devastated.

I wanted to feel the pain and stand into it and was surprised when I spoke with Roger and he told me that it was not necessary to experience such suffering. But he spoke to me most re-assuredly that I wouldn't have to endure that degree of suffering and it was not part of the therapy to suffer (as it so often is in conventional therapies).

I began working with Roger with the Voice Technology and there were eight or ten issues we covered in that first post trauma session. We covered these particularly upsetting issues and to my surprise all of that intense pain was wiped down to just sweet memories and an enormous amount of compassion. I did a whole turn around on my approach to Ann?s death. Because she is gone now, she doesn't have to suffer anymore from all the physiologic problems that she had. Believe me, I am not just using that thought so I can make all the pain and sadness go away. It really doesn't work during those lonely long nights. What I did find was that all of the thoughts that we worked on were safe from that time on. Now to show you that for each level of the loss of a child like this, unless I know what it is and that it has been treated can still be very painful. One example is the lady who sold her a horse last year had some photos of her and asked if I wanted them. Of course I did - it was a treasure beyond belief. On seeing them it was like being stabbed in the heart.

I called Roger immediately and the VT eliminated all traces of pain within minutes. What I am finding is that each aspect of a loss, or thought field has its own specific problems (or perturbations) and they need to be treated in turn. If these aspects are treated they become compassionate memories within minutes instead of a devastating arrow right in the center of my heart.

I am also aware that the most compassionate advice I get from friends and professional colleagues who are unfamiliar with TFT all say to go into my pain, feel it, and that it will take a year. Well, I found that it doesn't take a year. It can take only minutes, in fact. At times I wonder, "Maybe I am not being loyal as I should to my own daughter?s death and to her loss, and yet, at the same time, I really believe that people suffer way too long because they have not been exposed to TFT. I offer this in compassion and truth. I know that it goes against the common philosophy of the day. I know that people who offer you these compassionate bits of advice about the necessity of suffering over time, are very well meaning. But, I am here standing in a position to say that I see no need, and no desire to continue to have such pains eating away at me, especially when all of this, I mean all of this, is so easily treated.

Anyone who would care to discuss this may get touch with me. I am on the web at www.doctortalk. I am certainly up for as is Roger and the other practitioners to have you understand this. What a gift to humanity that we could pass through this life, taking a course of caring deeply for whatever treasures you would without having to suffer intensely for years at the loss of such precious irreplaceable treasures.

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Subject: Howard Hagglund
SDNN: 24.0

(Quality of the test data is acceptable)
Vegal dystonia. The body's regulatory system is out of balance : calming activity is below its normal range while stimulating activity appears to be normal. This may be due to presence of chronic stress or health condition that substantially suppresses calming activity. If such pattern systematically appears in this report, it is recommended to consult your doctor. 

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About Dr. Hagglund (Click here)


Hagglund, Born on Oct. 7, 1939 - RIP on Feb. 14, 2016. 
NORMAN. Dr. Howard E. Hagglund, age 76, of Norman, OK, died Sunday, February 14, 2016, at Integris Hospice House in Oklahoma City, OK. 

  Howard Edward Hagglund was born October 7, 1939, in Omaha, NE to Howard G. Hagglund and Betty Joyce (Bradley). He spent his growing up years in both Utah and Wyoming. In high school, he completed his Eagle Scout (1954), participated in the All-State Debate Team, National Thespians Society, and Boys State. He completed high school, graduating in 1957 from Green River High School, Wyoming. 

  After graduation, he attended college at Creighton University, and then graduated from Omaha University in 1961. He completed his medical degree in 1965 after attending the University of Nebraska Medical School. 

  Howard accepted a commission into the Navy Medical Corps in 1968 and was stationed at the U.S. Marine Corps Air Station in Iwakuni, Japan. Howard returned from Iwakuni in 1969, and after a short time in Storm Lake, IA, Howard moved to Oklahoma, taught family medicine at The University of Oklahoma, then set up his medical practice in Norman, OK in 1972. 

  He retired from the Navy Reserve with a rank of lieutenant in 1972. While married to Judith Hagglund, they had two daughters, Ann, who was born while they were stationed in Japan; and Stacy, who was born in Oklahoma City. 

  For 45 years, Howard was devoted and dedicated to the Norman community, where he was truly loved by his patients. He enjoyed public speaking and had a talk show on KTOK radio called "Dr. Talk," where he shared his vision and love for the evolving world of alternative medicine practice and study. 

  Howard was preceded in death by his grandparents; parents; and his daughter, Ann. Howard is survived by his daughter, Stacy Hagglund Canada and her husband Rick; granddaughter, Amy Jane; grandson, Braxton Clarke, and Braxton's father, Chris Clarke. He is also survived by his brother, David Hagglund, of Kansas, his wife and family; his sister, Kathy Keith, of Arizona, her husband and family; his fiancee, Judy Ringer; and his beloved brown dachshund, Tootsie. 

  Family requests memorials to be made to the OMRF, 825 NE 13th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73104. Services for Dr. Hagglund will be held at a later date. Condolences may be sent to
Published in The Oklahoman on Feb. 21, 2016

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