Saturday, April 29, 2017

Environmental Toxins

Environmental Toxins

The following is a new treatment developed in early 1999 by Dr. Roger Callahan through Voice Technology.
It has been confirmed by feedback from other VT-trained practitioners.

An environmental toxin is any toxin in the immediate environment, such as the person’s clothing, hair
spray, perfume, smoke, or any other airborne substance, that enters the body via the lungs. Dr. Callahan
found that such toxins could completely prevent a treatment from working or holding, even in the short
term. For an inhalant toxin, in the past, the clients would have to remove their clothing and put on a gown
washed in a substance that was not toxic to them. They could also wear a surgical mask to prevent them
from inhaling the toxic fumes. Another option was to have them shower and wash their hair before treating
them with TFT.

Fortunately, the correction described below will work about 80% of the time, making removal of the offending
clothing, showering, or other intervention unnecessary.

Dr. Callahan has recently determined that this correction will often work for an ingested toxin, as well.
This treatment can be applied after the reversal treatment for PR2 (under the nose) and before Collarbone
Breathing (CB2).

Environmental Toxin Correction
Tap the Index Finger 15 times.
Tap the Specific PR spot (side of hand) 15 times.
Then, repeat the treatment that hadn’t previously worked.

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