Thursday, April 27, 2017

Science Behind TFT

Amazingly again, these positive results were attained rapidly, in an average of about six minutes!

Their SUD ratings would be a realistic evaluation of TFT's effectiveness. All of them improved after Thought Field Therapy. Overall, their average SUD score declined from 8.8 prior to treatment to 1.9 after treatment.

Serious research into TFT is moving ahead at an accelerated pace.

1. Robert L. Bray, Ph.D., LCSW, Adjunct Professor of Social Work at San Diego State university, and Crystal Folkes, M.S., used TFT to treat immigrants and refugees experiencing Post-Traumatic-Stress Symptoms (PTSS). the specific traumatic events in their lives ranged from single acts of psychological threat to multiple incidents  of violence and torture.

   Before the TFT treatments begin, the subjects completely psychological testing that evaluated their trauma-related symptoms. Then a team of counseling interns trained in the TFT algorithms  administered the therapy, which was overseen by a supervisor. Among the 34 subjects who were guided through an algorithm, and who also completed the pretest ( and later a post-test), there was an average post-therapy decline of almost 40 percent in their symptoms. Among a subgroup of 29 individuals whose pretest scores clearly indicated a diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), 62 percent (or 18 people) had post-test scores showing so much improvement that they no longer met the diagnostic criteria for PTSD. Ultimately, 79 percent of these 29 patients reported that they had experienced significant declines in the frequency of symptoms associated with post-traumatic stress. 

2. Im the second study, Ian Grahan of the United Kingdom used one of the advanced TFT techniques called Causal Diagnosis to treat 177 people who were experiencing a variety of psychological problems. All but 11 of these subjects responded  positively to the treatment, thus producing improvement in 94 percent of individuals. The average SUD score declined dramatically, from a pretreatment level of 8.29 to a post-treatment level of 2.17 .

As encouraging as formal studies have been, perhaps the strongest scientific validation of TFT efficacy is simply how predictably people like you experience improvements and cures. The algorithms in this blog will let you test the claims for yourself, without million-dollar studies and control groups. The impressive findings are easily reproducible by practically everyone. With the levels of success we've achieved, we have elevated psychotherapy into the cherished domain of hard science. 

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