Friday, April 28, 2017

Levels of Thought Field Therapy

TFT Algorithms 
The general definition of an algorithm is “A sequence of instructions to be followed with the intention of
finding a solution to a problem. Each step must specify precisely what action is to be taken, and although
there may be many alternate routes through the algorithm, there is only one start point and one end point”
(Youngson, R. M., 1994; The Guiness Encyclopedia of Science, Guiness, Middlesex. England, p. 232). The
starting point in TFT is usually a SUD of 10, and the end point, hopefully, is a 1. In TFT, an algorithm is a
recipe or formula for treatment of a particular problem discovered by TFT diagnosis that has been tested
on many people and has been found to have a high success rate. An algorithm permits an untrained person
to enter the domain of TFT treatment success without needing to learn the more complex diagnostic procedures
that permit a higher success rate.

TFT Causal Diagnosis
The next higher level is what we call the diagnostic level where the individual is trained in the more complex
TFT diagnostic procedures and becomes certified after completion of diagnostic training. At this level,
the practitioner learns to diagnose and treat problems with greater success, and to address a much greater
number of problems in the office than can be done with the algorithm level. The certified diagnostic level
practitioner also gains a much higher degree of understanding of theory and is empowered to causally diagnose
and treat most psychological problems with a high degree of success. They learn how to determine the
specific tapping sequence needed for whatever the presenting problem/s for an individual.

Advanced TFT Voice Technology
The most effective level of TFT is Voice Technology, which requires training beyond the diagnostic level.
This level is a significant advance above the previous two levels. The Voice Technology training is now
accomplished in a three day live course and is open only to those who are certified at the diagnostic level.
Voice Technology has the highest precision and success rate and allows one to treat effectively by telephone,
which opens up world-wide potential markets for practice and consultations. 

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