Saturday, April 22, 2017

Listen , Your Poop Is 'Talking' to You

Whether you talk about your poop or not, is no big deal. But know for a fact that your poop talks to you every time. So listen up and be in the know.

Talk 1: If your poop is ... so Explosive, Liquid, and of seaweed dark green colour.

Poop may mean:  You have a Clostridium difficile (C.diff.) infection. It's becoming more common and usually occurs after a course of antibiotics. C.diff is a normal part of the flora in your digestive tract, but taking antibiotics drugs can kill off the good friendly bacteria that normally keeps C.diff in check. As a result, the good bacteria may proliferate uncontrollably and cause serious stomach health issues that can lead to dehydration, hospitalization, and in extreme cases may even be deadly. So the quick remedy is to drink at least two glasees of water (230 ml glass size) every 30 hours period. Call your doctor immediately, if still in severe pain. If you are still taking a course of antibiotics, find out if you should stop.

Talk 2:  If your poop is ... pencil-thin size.

Poop may mean: You're constipated, or be an indication of rectal cancer. If you notice pencil-thin stool for a day or two, it's probably not an issue. It may occurif you're constipated and straining a lot, which prevents the muscles in the anal sphincter from opening and can narrow the passage way stool comes out. Adding more water and fresh fruit s daily can help. But if the pencil-thin poop is ongoing for a week, it could indicate rectal cancer. With rectal cancer, the tumor is fixed and rigid and encircles the rectum so there's less space for stool to squeeze through so it appears very thin and stringy. Remedy for this situation is drink water regularly.

Talk 3: If your poop is ... Smells like sulfur or rotten eggs and you have diarrhea.

Poop may mean: Youcoiuld have giardia. The parasite tends to hang out in fresh water, so if you went swimming in lake, have gone camping , or drank unpurified water recently, you may have picked up the bug along the way. The issue here isn't always as obvious as you may think. You could have diarrhea for weeks or even months, but otherwise feel fine. Your doctor can run a 'stool sample test' to diagnose it, and certain medicine can treat it. Meanwhile always remember to drink enough water every 90 minutes-interval with a pinch of natural seasalt on your tongue.

Talk 4: If your poop ... floats instead of sinking.

Poop may mean: You have excess gas in your digestive tract. If you've been eating lots or too much beans, sprouts, cabbage, or very large meals per sitting, it's perfectly normal for stool to float because of gass, and it's not a cause for over concern. However, if floaters poop become more common than a week for you or you spot an oil-slick appearance, it could mean something is preventing your body's ability to absorb fats from food. Inflammation or an infection in your pancreas could prevent you from producing enough digestive enzymes. A food allergy or infection could be damaging the lining of your intestines that's affecting absorption, too. Do a stool sample test to see if there's fat that shouldn't be there. Exercise and drink more water can help this situation.


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