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Tapping The Healer Within


WE'VE REACHED THE "hands-on" portion of the program. it's finally time to put the algorithms to work -- to use the "recipes" that can produce rapid and lasting healing of your emotional distress, and even your physical discomfort. Whether you've been struggling with this problem for weeks or for most of your lifetime, these algorithms have the power to eradicate it in minutes. like a skilled surgeon with steady hands and a fine-tuned scalpel, you can use the algorithms to excise the distress that has disrupted your life for so long.

Each algorithm is composed of a series of tapping maneuvers and other steps that need to be followed carefully. The recipe for every problem is unique and has been carefully formulated and tested for that specific condition.  Though many of the same tapping maneuvers appear in one algorithm after another, the selection and sequence of steps vary from one recipe to the next. the algorithm for ANXIETY is different from the one for ANGER; the algorithm for DEPRESSION is different from the one for OBSSESION.

Turn to the particular disorder you'd like to treat, and before actually using the algorithm, read through it from beginning to end. Become completely familiar with it. If you'd like, isolate each step and try it out. Tap at the edge of the eyebrow. Tap under the eye. Find the "collarbone point" and practice tapping it. once you become comfortable with each step, you're ready to implement the entire algorithm.

To enjoy the recipe's full benefits,

Frequently Asked Questions about Thought Field Therapy (TFT).

The healing world of Callahan Techniques® and Thought Field Therapy® spawned the beginnings of many therapies, often collectively called Energy Psychology.

TFT is often confused with Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), and other tapping therapies, as they make the promise of a simplified version of Roger Callahan's tapping therapy... unfortunately, we have learned that there are different sequences for differing problems, as the bodies energy field reacts to TFT algorithms in different ways.

Most tapping techniques have a basis in the original form of Thought Field Therapy, and together have all performed a tremendous service to improve the effectiveness of alternative healing and the field of psychology.
 TFT is world-renowned as the authoritive source of tapping therapy - we are active in countries such as Rwanda and also are working with soldiers returning home from battle. 

We offer programs for those wanting to treat themselves, and we also offer programs that will benefit you as a TFT practitioner. Thought Field Therapy has created a number of new and ground-breaking training programs to help other meridian energy tapping practitioners make the transition To TFT. 

As many practicing and receiving benefit from these newer therapies may not be aware of the history and the underpinnings of their beginnings, we have created this brief history and time-line guide of how Dr. Roger Callahan Founded TFT Meridian Energy Tapping.

In this guide, there is a short list of some of the numerous versions of energy therapies, having their beginnings in TFT. The very fact that there are so many versions, varieties and methods and that they are all effective to varying degrees, and have helped over a million people worldwide, is testament to the power of the original, Thought Field Therapy (TFT).  
A therapy, which can be copied, tweaked, and adjusted by different practitioners all over the world, with each version remaining effective, and doing no harm, demonstrates the true underlying power and simplicity
 While all of the various methods and ideas have developed over the years, TFT has also been a dynamic, constantly changing and improving modality. We welcome all EFT practitioners and those of the various energy based therapies into our TFT family and friends.  
We have provided a simple time line and history of development of TFT for your understanding, and as a way to ease TFT into your knowledge and practice of meridian energy tapping.
Together we can be a much stronger force
for change and improvement in the world of healing.
1.What is Thought Field Therapy® (TFT)?
 Tapping Into Nature's Healing System
Over 20 Years in Development - Thought Field
Therapy (TFT) is the procedure that provides a
code to nature's healing system, when applied
to problems, addresses their fundamental
causes, balancing the body's energy system and
allowing you to eliminate most negative
emotions within minutes.

This Code is elicited through TFT's unique
assessment procedures.

"When I observe a number of suffering patients
who did not respond to our usual treatment
modalities, suddenly get better after TFT
algorithms are given,I don't need a double-blind
controlled study to tell me the value of TFT"                   
...James McKoy, MD Chief, Pain Clinic, Chief
Rheumatology Service Assistant Chief,
Neuroscience Department, Kaiser Permanente,
Hawaii region
"The power and beauty of TFT VT is truly
awesome. Even though I have experienced it
time and again I am constantly amazed at the
healing that takes place through TFT in areas
that other therapies could hardly effect at all,
much less with the speed and thoroughness of
TFT. I believe that nothing so powerful,
effective, predictable, and reproducible has ever
taken place in healing and self-development." 
....Mary L. Cowley, PhD, TFT VT Thought Field
Therapy by Voice Carlsbad, CA
2.Why should I want to learn TFT?
  • Brief self-help with rapid, measurable
  • High success with most problems or
negative emotions.
  • Works with any age from very young
children to the elderly.
  • Effective help without the pain or
retraumatization or reliving of past problems
3.Who can use and learn TFT?
 Parents • Counselors • Clergy • Educators •
Employers • Business executives • Policemen
& Firemen • Massage Therapists •
Healthcare professionals • Social Workers •
Traders/Brokers • And anyone in a high stress
4.What do professionals say about TFT?
 "It is beyond amazing. I have never seen any
treatment so powerful." ...Dr. Martin Swartz,
Research Associate Professor,

New York University Medical School.

"I have received ongoing feedback from many of
the doctors and psychologists who have
incorporated your techniques into their practice,
and comments like 'extraordinary success with
the Callahan Techniques in my most chronic,
difficult-to-treat cases...' " ... Dr. Lee Pulos,
President, Canadian Society of Clinical


"One of the most effective and most powerful
for quick clinical relief and help - and the idea
of psychological reversal is one of the major
discoveries in psychology?"
..Gary Emery, Ph.D.,
Co-author, "Anxiety Disorders and Phobias:

A Cognitive Perspective"

"TFT is extraordinarily powerful, in that clients
receive nearly immediate relief from their
suffering and the treatment appears to be
permanent... it does not require the client to
talk about their troubles, something that often
causes more emotional pain and discourages
many from seeking treatment... it is extremely
efficient (fast and long lasting)." 
...Charles Figley PhD,
Professor and Director, Psychosocial Stress

Research Program and Clinical Laboratory,
Florida State University.

"I asked my problem patients to try your
technique and in one week it has proven 100%
successful for those who have used it."
...David Kerchner,
Hollywood Weight Loss Centre, Ellwood,

Philadelphia, USA

"I have recommended and used Dr. Callahan's
Five Minute Phobia Cure in my Self-Esteem
seminars for many years. Now, his new Stop the
Nightmares of Trauma provides us with a
simple, self-help technique for past traumas.
This revolutionary approach brings us one
giant step closer to reducing the suffering of
trauma victims throughout the world."
...Jack Canfield, Co-Author,

"Chicken Soup for the Soul®" Series

"I find it exceedingly rapid and applicable to a
wide variety of patients." 
...Dr. Patricia Carrington,
Adjunct Professor of Psychiatry,

Rutgers Medical School.

"If it had been a horse race, which the
investigators as well as the innovators were all
at pains to deny, the TFT contingent would
have won, hands down. Requiring virtually
nothing in the way of personal interaction,
TFT can bypass all that tedious therapeutic
business of joining, empathy, history taking,
reprocessing and the like, and zero in on the
problem immediately at hand. With
10-minute treatments not at all unusual?"
...Mary Sykes Wylie, Ph.D.,
Senior Editor, "The Family Therapy

Networker, July/Aug, 1996."
"For 25 years I have treated American war
veterans suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress
Disorder. I have witnessed gallant efforts to
keep a job, be members of a family, overcome
homelessness and resist the temptation of
suicide... I am very grateful to Dr. Callahan
for his discovery of Thought Field Therapy.
For too long a time, my patients and I have
yearned for something like this. In my opinion,
this gentle action technique is easily the best
approach to thorough and enduring relief from
this crippling psychological disorder."
...Carl Johnson, PhD,
Diplomate in Clinical Psychology, American

Board of Professional Psychology,
Program for Homeless Veterans, Martinsburg,

West Virginia
"I have been trained in a traditional medical,
psychiatric, psychoanalytic and psycho
pharmacological model and I can state clearly -
If I had only one therapy to use it would be
Callahan Techniques® Thought Field Therapy.
It's the best therapy in history!"
...Luanne Ruona, MD, Director,

Center for Holistic Therapy,
Washington, DC and Alexandria, VA
"This (training) was a pinnacle for me. It
expanded, reviewed and integrated what I had
already learned and provided many new things
for me to learn"
...Rita Weinberg, PhD,

Professor of Psychology
at National-Louis University,
Wheeling Campus, Wheeling, Illinois
"TFT is not just the most powerful tool in
traumatic stress reduction; IT SAVES LIVES.
I have used TFT to intervene with a suicidal
client and it worked. Thank you Dr. Callahan
for sharing this with the world."
...Bruce Ramsay, CTR, CISM,

Program Director, First Nations?
Emergency Services Society of B.C.

"What's fascinating about TFT is it's quick,
painless and its success rate is almost
unbelievable... anywhere from 80-97%...which
is really unheard of in the field of mental
health in any type of treatment over this
whole century."                     
...Shad Meshad, President,
National Veterans Foundation and Founder /

Author of the National Veterans
Centre Programme, USA

"Using your technique I was able to help, in
minutes, 10 nervous executives speak...
(in public)...with no trace of their former fear."                     
Dr. Christopher Hegarty,
Renowned and Award-winning

Speaker / Trainer.

"Here we have patients and family members
going through acute and chronic medical,
surgical and psychiatric problems. I am using
Callahan Techniques on a daily basis for rapid
treatment of trauma of various kinds. These
rapid treatments are far superior to traditional
crisis intervention techniques in that the client/
patient receives amelioration of the problem in
minutes rather than days, weeks or months."
 ... Dr. M. Marie Green,
Clinical Social Worker,

McKay-Dee Hospital, Ogden,
Utah, USA.
5.How Can TFT Benefit Me? What Kind of
Problems Can Be Helped?
  • Anxiety and Stress
  • Personal fears or your children's fears
  • Anger and Frustration
  • Eating or smoking or drinking problems
  • Loss of loved ones
  • Social or public speaking fears
  • Sexual or intimacy problems
  • Travel anxiety including fear of flying or
driving on the freeways
  • Nail biting
  • Cravings
  • Low moods and mood swings
6.What is the difference between Steps A & B
Training and the algorithm (recipe) level
self-help tape and book products?
 The algorithms or recipes provided in most of
our self-help books and tapes are common
patterns that work on about 80% of simple
problems. Steps A & B contain the
Callahan Techniques® TFT special
assessment procedures for helping with more
difficult and varying problems. They teach the
very same assessment procedures that were
used to identify the common algorithms and
allow you to work more effectively on even
difficult and complex problems.

"Conventional psychotherapy is like carpet
bombing - time consuming, wasteful of
resources and usually misses the target.
TFT causal diagnosis is like a laser guided
missile - it hits the target 95% of the time -
and never causes collateral damage".
.....Dr Colin M. Barron M. B.
Ch.B., FRSH, BSCMEH, Glasgow, Scotland

"Causal diagnosis is like debugging the basic
programming codes of a software program so it
can run optimally." .....Caroline Sakai, PhD,
TFTdx, VT, Honolulu, HA

"With TFT's unique causal diagnosis the
therapist can zero in to the most basic causes
of a psychological problem quickly and
effectively and in almost all cases eliminates
the psychological symptoms related to the
problem in a very short period of time."                   
....Suzanne Connolly, CISW

"Causal Diagnosis is as simple and as powerful
as knowing the correct telephone number".
....Pauline Bosch, MA, TFTdx, Co. Meath,


Tapping the Healer


Tapping the Healer Within is a good book, and
Roger Callahan is an excellent writer. However
TFT as taught in the book has been far
superceded by EFT.

Thought Field Therapy is the technique that
Callahan invented and teaches in Tapping the
Healer Within, and it is way more complicated
than Emotional Freedom Technique as taught on
this website. Both techniques are effective to an
equal degree.  For practical use of Tapping, you
are far better off reading Tap Yourself Free. It
will give you the understanding of your
emotional system and your negative feelings and
beliefs that you need to use Tapping in your daily
life.  It’s difficult to learn the Tapping sequence
from any book, although Tapping the Healer
Within contains great diagrams and clear
instructions. It’s much easier to learn from a
video though - you can start tapping right away
with the videos on this site.   There is no benefit
to learning TFT when you can learn EFT. You
can use them both on the same problems and
they tend to have the same level of effectiveness.  
However, Tapping the Healer Within gives you a
great understanding of the emotional system and
the way energy techniques such as EFT and TFT
release trapped energy.  Thought Field Therapy
combines acupuncture points from Oriental
Medicine with Body Centered Psychotherapy,all
of which is nicely explained in Tapping the
Healer Within.  Learning Tapping from a book
like Tapping the Healer Within is not the easiest
way, it is far better to have someone guide you
through it. Even the most experienced healers
can have difficulty treating themselves, and see
other healers for precisely this reason. When you
are starting out it can be particularly difficult. 
The next best thing from seeing someone in
private is to use video tutorials such as the ones
on this site.  The difference between EFT and
TFT as taught in Tapping the Healer Within is
that for TFT there are many different ‘recipes’
for tapping procedures. EFT uses the same
tapping procedure each time and is just as
effective. All that is needed is to direct the
mind’s attention by verbalising the problem. 
Learning particular recipes such as those in
Tapping the Healer Within for each different
problem is unnecessary. It also seems doubtful that a particular problem would have the same tapping sequence
for everyone. People’s energy systems are as
diverse as people themselves.  Overall I would
recommend Tapping the Healer Within if you
really want a thorough understanding of your
energy system, although there are certainly better
books to start with. As a practical guide Tap
Yourself Free is a lot better to get started with.


Happiness and Truth in your
Health, Wealth, and Relationships

Everything I have discovered about using
Tapping for Self-Development is in this book. 
This book will make you see your life
differently and put you firmly in the driving seat.
  • All you need to know about the nature of
  • your conscious and unconscious mind

  • The interplay of thoughts, negative feelings,
  • and beliefs

  • How to find the limiting beliefs that are
  • holding you back

  • How Tapping works, and why it is so
  • powerful

  • Clear Real-Life examples
It is my hope that following the guidelines in
this book will show people how to become the
person they want to be. It worked for me - I
could never have succeeded in a project like this
without following the principles described. I
have tapped away my barriers to success - and I
want to see you do the same. This book is the
key to making the changes you hear about from
other self-help resources. It is your negative
beliefs that stop you changing - Tapping is the
way to remove them, and rapid self development
becomes a breeze.
  • Free yourself from excessive Stress,
  • Anxiety, and Depression

  • Find that you can Forgive where you
  • thought it was impossible

  • Eliminate the shadows of past
  • Relationships

  • Destroy Lazy Feelings that stop you
  • exercising

  • Wipe away Food Cravings

  • Finally understand Procrastination and
  • develop the habit of doing things

  • Become someone who falls asleep quickly,
  • Sleeps Soundly and wakes up easily

  • Open yourself to Money and Wealth,
  • whatever that means to you

  • Learn how to Achieve any Goal
'Tap Yourself Free' explains how your negative
feelings and limiting beliefs are all that stop
you from achieving all these things.

Tapping Guide

In this Tapping Guide I explain

precisely how to tap, and how
to find and remove the barriers
that block you from achieving
common goals.
The Science of Getting

This hundred-year old book by

Wallace Wattles is available
free all over the internet and
many people offer it as a bonus
with their e-books. I used to
think this was because it was
out of copyright, but after reading
it (a dozen times now) I realized
it's because it holds valuable
timeless information.

I've put together a unique

Tapping Guide that will help
you remove your internal
barriers to wealth.

Happiness and Truth in your
Health, Wealth, and Relationships


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