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Intro to the Lessons - an important bridge

Now here's a bridge leading from the Foundational Intro to the step-by-step Lessons and Refinements that follow.
  • Love is our ultimate goal and the real healer in this process is The Unseen Therapist (not the traditional human therapist).  Her main goal is to correct the belief in separation for both therapist and patient ... even if the patient is also acting as his/her own therapist.  Why?  Because this is the ultimate cause beneath all symptoms.  As we have seen repeatedly, the separated world we appear to see is an illusion.  It doesn't exist, despite what our senses convincingly tell us 24/7.  It is an outer projection of an inner state.  There is no out there, out there.
  • This correction is a step-by-step process and The Unseen Therapist is limited by the Guard at the Gate of both the human therapist and the patient.  Without the resistance of the Guard at the Gate (our egos), the ultimate healing of the Oneness state would have taken over long ago and complete healing would have come to everyone.
  • Thus The Unseen Therapist cannot go beyond the readiness (Guard at the Gate) of either the patient or the therapist. This limitation exists in all man-made therapies including medicine, hypnotherapy, EFT and the like.
  • This brings about some important features of Optimal EFT.
    • The therapists' role changes from being one of "dispensers of wisdom and healing" to that of guides and channels to allow The Unseen Therapist to enter in and take charge of the healing process.  The more skillfully the therapists have dealt with their individual Guard at the Gate,  the more effective they will be in assisting patients along the same path.
    • When Optimal EFT is properly done, both therapist and patient must benefit.  They are, in fact, one with each other and thus their various issues act as mirrors to one another.  For example, both parties deal with their own versions of fear, guilt, anger and the like.  The details are different, of course, but the underlying problems are parallel.  Thus each needs to move toward True Forgiveness, the ultimate solution to all issues, and THAT is the purpose of The Unseen Therapist.
    • As a practical matter, we need "proof" that this process is working.  Typically, we aren't willing to just "have faith" that everything is progressing behind the scenes.  That's why I have injected many of the tools from Gold Standard EFT into the Optimal EFT process.  You will find them in the Refinements and related articles that permeate this website.  They offer ways to measure our results in terms that make sense to us within The Dream we are experiencing.
Please consult physicians on all medical issues.
e-hugs, Gary

Lesson 1: The Basic Formula

Important Note: This article and the lessons that follow assume you are familiar with the Optimal EFT Intro material.

Our Basic Formula couldn't be simpler.  Here are the steps...
  1. Identify an issue.
  2. Be Quiet, Loving and invite The Unseen Therapist to resolve it.
This is the fundamental routine that permeates every use of Optimal EFT and, fortunately, just about anyone can do it.  As the following Lessons and Refinements unfold, you will see that each step can be expanded for deeper results and more complex issues.  Your outcomes are limited only by your dedication and practice.

Lesson 2:  A basic PHYSICAL symptom

This is a baby step.  Our only aim here is to give you confidence that you can really invite The Unseen Therapist to do some impressive healing.
Now remember ... our Optimal EFT Basic Formula is to (1) identify an issue and (2) be quiet, loving and invite The Unseen Therapist to resolve it.

(1) Identify an issue

So let's first identify a basic PHYSICAL discomfort.  We will take aim at emotional issues later.  The discomfort may be a headache, joint pain, abdominal distress, sinus congestion or anything else.  If you don't have one or more discomforts of your own then find a family member or friend who does.  At this stage, it doesn't matter if the discomfort is yours or that of someone else.  Remember, at the core spiritual level we are all One.   Most people over 40 have at least something.  Rate the intensity on a 0 to 10 scale so you have a before comparative measure.

(2) Be quiet, loving and invite the Unseen Therapist to resolve it.

Then, in a quiet, loving state, imagine The Unseen Therapist providing Love to the discomfort. Swirl it around the affected area for about a minute or however long seems right to you.   Then rate the intensity again on a 0 to 10 scale.  This is your after comparative measure.  If the discomfort has improved then you have your first experience of The Unseen Therapist doing her job.  Success!  Our beginner's goal has been accomplished.

If no improvement has been achieved...

Then repeat the process 3 times on that discomfort.  If still no improvement then be persistent and try it on another discomfort of your own or on other people with other discomforts.  Within 5 such attempts you should have at least one improvement ranging from "clearly noticeable" to dramatic.  You may have many.
Although you may be quite surprised at the power of this beginner's process, please recall that our only goal is to give you the confidence that you can invite The Unseen Therapist to do some impressive healing.  At this stage it doesn't matter if the result is temporary or partial as we have more refinements ahead of us.

Here's a video example showing this beginner's process in action.

Carrie's physical symptom was a long standing (many years) "squeezing sensation" in her intestinal tract.  She begins by describing it as having an intensity of 5 on a scale of 0-10 and, as the Optimal EFT process unfolds, it falls to a 4 and then a 2 and, finally, she says, "it's gone."  Please note that I am doing Optimal EFT for her and the process works nicely.  You can do this for yourself but better results are often gained when you are working with someone else.

Lesson 3:  A basic EMOTIONAL issue (Specific Event)

Now we are going to repeat Optimal EFT Lesson 2 but this time our focus will be on an EMOTIONAL issue.  Again, this is a baby step as we are still gaining confidence in our ability to invite The Unseen Therapist to perform some impressive healing.  For our beginner's purpose, we need to be very precise and aim directly at Specific Events that have emotional content.

First, let's define a Specific Event

It is like a short, emotionally charged movie from your past lasting a few seconds to a minute or two.  It has characters, a beginning, an end, and an emotional crescendo that still causes distress when you recall it.  If there is more than one crescendo, shorten the movie to contain only one.

Incorrect example:  My father often abused me.  (Way too general.  Very little specificity.  Not a Specific Event.)

Correct example: The time when I felt so angry as my father hit me in front of my friends at my age 8 birthday party.  (Very specific.  An actual event with an emotional crescendo).

To help assure that you are aiming at a Specific Event, it is useful to start your description with the words, "The time when I felt so [angry, humiliated, fearful, guilty, shamed, etc.] as [an event happened]...."  This will lead you right into a Specific Event with the emotion attached.

Now, with this in mind, let's again apply our Optimal EFT Basic Formula.

(1) Identify an issue

Search your past for an emotionally charged Specific Event.  Close your eyes and run the movie.  Rate the intensity on a 0 to 10 scale so you have a before comparative measure.

(2) Be Quiet, Loving and Invite The Unseen Therapist to Resolve it

Then imagine The Unseen Therapist sending healing Love to this Specific Event. Bathe the emotion in a loving swirl for about a minute or however long it takes until it becomes more peaceful.  It doesn't matter if the discomfort is yours or that of someone else.  Remember, at the core spiritual level we are all One.  Then revisit the event and rate the intensity on a 0 to 10 scale.  This is your after comparative measure.  If the emotional intensity has improved then you have another experience of The Unseen Therapist doing its job, this time on an emotional issue.

Important note:  Be aware that this process may so rapidly and thoroughly resolve the Specific Event that another related Specific Event may replace it and cause distress.  That's OK.  You will learn more about that later.  Just be aware of this feature and address the new Specific Event the same way you did the first one.

If no improvement has been achieved then repeat the process 3 times on that Specific Event.  If still no improvement, then be persistent and try it on other Specific Events, including the Specific Events of other people.  Within 5 such attempts you should have at least one improvement ranging from "clearly noticeable" to dramatic.  You may have many.

As in the previous Optimal EFT lesson, at this stage it doesn't matter if the result is temporary or partial.  We have more refinements ahead of us.

Bobbe had used the Tapping form of EFT many times with good results.  However, there was one emotional Specific Event for which she could only get temporary relief. 

The results were impressive and you will see that Optimal EFT cleared out the issue to levels unavailable with normal tapping.  But please note that I don't use terms like "The Unseen Therapist" because, at that time, I had not developed my thinking far enough to create names and metaphors to assist with the process.  This makes for an ideal example because I, like you, was a newbie to the process.

Note how she could sense what I was doing during the process.  

This is clear evidence of our connectedness (Oneness) and you are likely to experience the same thing from time to time.
Below is a letter from Bobbe several days later indicating the quality and permanence of this result.

Hi Gary,
Thank you soooo very much for your precious time on Sunday.  I wanted to wait a few days to see if what you did held...and it has.  I had worked on that issue of my dad a few times with tapping, always brought it down, but always seemed to have a residual.  Now, nothing but a memory.  No response to the memory at all.
Your new technique is amazing.  It goes right along with most of what I have been reading and studying regarding intent and energy.  Time, distance or location makes no difference when working with energy; and everything is energy.

Please consult physicians on all medical issues.
e-hugs, Gary.

Lesson 4:  The Power of Practice

Although Optimal EFT contains many Refinements, it is possible for you take what you just learned and, through practice of just the preceding Lessons, steadily improve your successes to expert levels.

As you do so, you will get more exposure to The Unseen Therapist and will begin to communicate with her in healing ways.  You will also get more experience with the wily ways of The Guard at the Gate and will grow to better understand his (your) resistance to Optimal EFT's unique healing power.  As a result, you will gradually develop a more velvet personality and see the world through increasingly forgiving eyes.  The Pleasance of your Presence will grow and healing will flow more smoothly from your being.  All of this emanates from the power of practicing these basics.

The Refinements and expansive material that follow these lessons will add to all this AND save you time ... perhaps a lot of it.  Many of these procedures are taken from our Gold Standard EFT materials and are designed to illuminate your path so that you will stumble less on this important journey. They contain concepts, exercises and out-of-the-box thinking that I have used to stimulate my progress and should add some engaging creativity to your pursuit.

Please consult physicians on all medical issues.
e-hugs, Gary.

Tips on Meditating or "Getting Quiet"

Most of us encounter mind chatter when we try to get quiet or enter a loving state.  This interference can reduce our Optimal EFT efficiency or even thwart it altogether.  With practice and a few tips, however, this can be improved and can widen the doors to our benefits.

Some meditators close their eyes and focus on their breathing as a means of silencing the chatter.  Others focus on their heartbeats while still others count down slowly from 10 to 1.  Any of these, with practice, can assist you in entering a loving state.
Another method involves the tapping form of EFT and is not well known to the meditation community.  As you will see in the specially designed video, it can be highly effective and superior to other methods.  At first, however, you may wish to combine all the methods above.  Once you master the art of getting quiet, you will have less need for these tools and your Optimal EFT benefits should expand.Whether or not you are new to EFT, you can simply follow along in the video as I instruct the audience in the tapping procedure.  Until you are comfortable with the process and can do it on your own, you may wish to replay the video before each Optimal EFT session.For more details on the mechanics of tapping, see How to do the EFT Tapping Basics - The Basic Recipe.  It is part of our Gold Standard EFT Training Tutorial.  Please consult physicians on all medical issues.e-hugs, Gary.

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