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Praise for Water Cure

To our Creator: In Awe with Humility, Dedication and Love.

WATER CURE (  to view his health educational products online)

"One man's solution to soaring health costs: water."
Paul Harvey

"Thanks to Dr. Batmanghelidj. I put your book next to the bible and I read them both."
Dick Gregory

"Thanks again. You have truly made the world a better place." Reviews

"The Greatest single Discovery in the History of the World."
Tevor James Constable
author, historian, lecturer, scientist.
Bordeland Quarterly Journal of Borderland Research

"The water principle has a convincing logic but turns much of current medical practice on its head. Does it work? You only have to turn on the water tap to find out."
The European, London, December 1995

"He is arguing for a new scientific approach that turns clinical medicine on its head."
The Daily Telegraph, London, England

"I was particularly stunned by Dr. Batmanghelidj's lucid description of how lack of water is the primary cause of hypertension, which affects 50 million Americans."
Julian Whitaker, M.D., Health & Healing

It is claimed that fish probably have no awareness of the presence of water ; this book shows we may have done little better. Mostly we have treated symptoms, and often wrongly at that , but masterpieces come into being to produce paradigm shifts. if we learn this one, we may arrest the course of our patients in their all too rapid going the way of all flesh."
Book Reviews, Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology

"The Greatest Health Discovery in the World."
Sam Biser, The University of Natural Healing

"After having read many of Dr. Batmanghelidj's recent works, including his jewel of a book, Your Body's Many cries for Water, it is very apparent that this work is revolutionary and sweeps nearly all diseases before it.  As an Internist/ cardiologist I find this work incisive, trenchant and fundamental. this work is a God Sent for all." 
Dan C. Roehm, M.D., F.A.C.P. (Fellow of the American College of Physicians)

"How like 'monkey mind' to bounce about, tying itself in knots with complex solutions while ignoring the profound significance of the simple! Circumstance helped Dr. Batmanghelidj perceive the elegant significance of one factor we too often overlook; water."
Jule Klotter, Townsend Letter for Doctors

"Dr.Batmanghelidj has researched the phenomenon of pain and water metabolism of the body. his research, published in various scientific journals, has led him to address pain as "proven but seldom recognized signal of local shortage of water in the body.'
The Rotarian

Doctor Finds Ulcer Remedy
"It started with a patient suffering unbearable ulcer pain one late night.  The Doctor treated him with 500 cubic centimeter of water. his pain became less severe and then disappeared completely. The physician was so impressed that he prescribed two glasses of water six times a day and achieved a "clinical" cure of the ulcer attack."
The New York Times "Science Watch"

"When Dr. Batmanghelidj thinks of a glass of water, he doesn't think of it as half full or half empty. He thinks of it as brimming over with the essential fluid of life. He thinks of it as the solvent of our ills and the deliverer of ripe old age. He thinks of it as the wave of the future."
The Washington Times

A Medical Atom Bomb!
"New! This book by a highly respected M.D. explodes a medical atom-bomb -- An entirely new paradigm for the cause and prevention of many degenerative disease! You owe it to yourself to read this incredible book!"

"The average American is woefully uninformed about water. Most people think they drink enough water, but they don't.  Dr. Batmanghelidj's book will create a tide of public opinion about the wonders of water."
The Connection Newspaper

"We have, he says in a new and highly controversial book, Your Body's many cries for water, forgotten how to respond to our numerous thirst signals. but if, instead of taking painkillers and medication, we just drank lots of ordinary tap water, we would probably find that not only the pain, but also the condition would go away for ever."
The Independent, London, England

"Stomach pains, migraines, allergies, asthma, and even arthritis may all be symptoms of dehydration that could easily be cured by a few more glasses of household tap water. But only drinking water when you are feeling thirsty will not provide you with enough, according to F. Batmanghelidj, whose controversial book, Your Body's many Cries for Water, sold tens of thousands of copies in the united States last year."
Daily Mail, London, England

"Dr. Batman's book are full of common sense and truthful medical advice. His suggested treatment of diseases goes to the roots, the cause of it and anyone who is fortunate enough to read them won't be disappointed with their purchase."
Laurence A. Malone, M.D., Ph.D., Dean for Academic Affairs, The Learning Center for College Sciences, Ohio

"I consider your insights some of the most amazing I have encountered in medicine. Sixteen years of private practice in OBG and 8 years as a GP have provided me with a perspective that appreciates the potentials of your proposals."
L.B. Works, M.D., F.A.C.O.G. (Fellow Of The American College Of Obstetrics And Gynecology)

"The author, as a result of his extensive clinical and scientific research, concludes that the body possesses many different thirst signals. many different symptoms and signs of dehydration have until now been viewed as classical diseases of the body."
Frontier Perspectives,
The Center for Frontier Sciences at Temple University

"After many years of study and practicing medicine, it is both rewarding and refreshing to discover the solution to many degenerative conditions beautifully explained by Dr. Batmanghelidj in Your Body's Many Cries for Water. This type of information fills a void left from traditional education."
Robert Battle, M.D.

"Thank you for the timely advice on using the combination of water and salt to treat my asthma ... not only calmed my coughing but took it away.  Once again thank you so much for sharing such insights into complex problems."
Jose A. Rivera, M.D.

"It is a well written book and easy to understand. I think reading of this book should be made compulsory in all the Elementary, Middle and High Schools. It will prevent lots of illnesses and suffering at almost no additional costs."
Hiten Shah, M.D.,
San Jacinto Medical Clinic, CA.

"Batmanghelidj leads us through these entities point by point and weaves a magnificent tapestry if not possibly allopathic medicine's shroud -- we can't both be right."
The Bioron Connection

"Batmanghelidj's book, Your Body's Many Cries for Water, hits the nail on the head - period."
Arthur Moll, D.C.

Small press Selection:
"Your Body's Many Cries for Water, a health book authored by a doctor combining holistic and medical facts about the effects of water and its healing possibilities on many diseases. This book was
chosen since water is a topic that has increasing awareness in the marketplace and the author has credentials."
Jan Nathan, Executive Director,
Publishers Marketing Association

"Both these books, as well as the publishing firm, bring the sort of news that could change your life. Clinics and counter-claims aside, Dr. Batmanghelidj has really got hold of something."
The Book Reader

"No pills! No pain! No fooling! ARTHRITIC CURE IN YOUR KITCHEN. Doctor's discovery heals for pennies a day."
National Examiner, December 14, 1993

"Yours is the most elegant description of arthritis pain I've ever read!"
Perry A. Chapdelaine, Sr., M.A.
Executive Director,
The Arthritis Fund / The Rheumatoid Disease Foundation

"Dynamite! Your hypothesis is precisely the paradigm breakthrough that generates quantum leaps forward in disease etiology."
Edmund H. Handwerger, D.D.S., M.P.H. (Doctor of Dental Surgery) , (Master of Public Health)

"Batmanghelidj gives example of patients who have followed his advice using ordinary tap water with positive results in reduction of blood pressure, allergy relief and weight loss. He even goes so far as to link the lack of water with depression."
The Irish Times

"It does seem sensible to adhere to the logic of the natural and the simple in medicine as fostered in the book, Your Body's Many Cries for Water."
Monsignor Philip A. Gray

"The content of your book is a huge gulp of fresh air, and holds much hope for the human race!"
Judge John B. Morgan, California

"I consider Dr. Batman's information as God-sent. It is my prayer that you too will benefit from his pain-relieving and life-extension revelations."
Lloyd Palmer, Straws in the Wind Newsletter, February 1996

"He has successfully treated allergies, angina, arthritis, headaches, hypertension, ulcers and more with the simplest of solutions -- water."
Nexus Magazine, Australia, January 1996

"As his controversial book quietly gathers support worldwide, the doctor behind one of medicine's most extraordinary theories explains why he has turned his back on conventional wisdom to treat his patients with water, not drugs"
Daily Mail, UK, August 27, 2001

"Revolutionary medical breakthrough ; The slimming new water cure! Learn how to drink away 40 lbs."
Finola Hughes
All My Children TV series
Woman's World (cover)
September 4, 2001

"Dr. Batmanghelidj's discovery regarding water was critical to my recovery. I could not have recovered (from cancer) without it."
Lorraine Day, M.D.
Positive Press
Interview with Bob Butts


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