Monday, April 10, 2017

Meet The Guard

The Guard at the Gate™

The Guard at the Gate represents our ego, i.e. our cherished but erroneous belief in separateness.  He intrudes on The Unseen Therapist's efforts because he is threatened by the healing power of Spiritual Oneness that exists behind the gate.  He believes this state of Oneness will render him unnecessary.

And he is right.

Accordingly, he defends that gate with zeal.

But he is not an imposing Super Stud with big muscles, a suit of armor and some weapons.  Rather, like a frightened little boy, he is insecure and anxious.  He is confused about his existence but stubbornly defends it.  And this defiance is one of our major challenges.

Interestingly, we are not interested in a battle between The Unseen Therapist and The Guard at the Gate.  This would be superfluous because The Unseen Therapist fights with no one.  Being the essence of Spiritual Peace, she patiently understands our seeming need for this egotistic grasp on separateness and works within the limits we impose on the process.

However, if we are to progress and make increasing use of The Unseen Therapist, we must convince The Guard at the Gate to open that gate ever wider.  Accordingly, he needs counseling and compassion so he can lighten up and play in our Spiritual Sandbox.  This will take a thorough understanding and some practices, all of which are provided within the Optimal EFT instructions.
e-hugs, Gary

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