Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Cancer is a...

complicated disease, if you have not realize how it came about, and the method of using healing meditations for cells balance and the re-establishment of regulatory enzymes needs to be adapted to each individual's particular circumstances and personality. Present day modality of cancer treatment of one protocol fits all cancer patients will only worsen the cancer war landscape in the wold.

This testimony by Dr Joyce Whiteley Hawkes, PhD, a former scientist become a healer, illustrates different ways of working with the basic principles of Cell-Level Healing in Practice.

Cindy was at the top of her game: a university professor, world traveler, and successful in everything she chose to do. To her dismay, she discovered a lump in her left breast. had it grown so large overnight, or had she been too preoccupied with the overseas exchange program and her participating students to have lost track of her body?

Test confirmed there was a lump the size of an egg yoke high in the upper left quadrant of her left breast. A colleague who knew pf my work encouraged Cindy to make an appointment with me before her biopsy date.

We had time for only one session before her biopsy. During that session we talked about bringing her body back into balance and harmony. We asked the cancer cells to recycle by dissolving and to consolidate in one place where it would be easy for the surgeon to remove them. The biopsy day arrived, and Cindy was well prepared and actually relaxed. She handled the procedure easily using her new tools of calming meditation and visualization.

The female-surgeon was quite surprised when she checked the original ultrasound. The tumor was now the size of a pea, much smaller than measured previously. The margins were clean and there was no indication of any involvement beyond the pea-sized tissue she had removed during the biopsy. The only conclusion the surgeon could draw was that the original ultrasound was inaccurate.

Cindy, her family and I celebrated her excellent prognosis, and we left the surprise and confusion about original tumor size at the doctor's office along with her medical chart. What mattered was her health -- not trying to prove that spiritual healing shrinks egg-yolk-size masses to pea-size.

Healing meditations for cancer derive from two types of information :
(1) cancer cells are out of balance with the human body; and
(2) cancer cells lack a crucial regulatory enzyme.

.This exercise reaffirms cell balance:

1. Address the renegade parts of yourself, embracing them with your heart energy, emotions, and inner vision.

2. Send thoughts of conscious recognition and connection to the renegade cancer cells. Require that these cells either recycle (as in die) for the higher good of the whole body or return to the proper division rate for their tissue type. Tell all of your metastasized cells,"Recycle. Your molecules are needed for life to continue."

3. Accompany your in-breath with the thought "Balance" and your out-breath with "Harmony". Send this message for ten cycles to both your cancerous cells and your normal cells.

4. Genetic codes in the DNA of your cells retain the information to synthesize p53 for proper cell growth rates. Visualize/think/imagine a wave of energy moving from the top of your head throughout your body. Call forth the production of p53 once again in every cell. Enlist your p53 to work effectively and normally within its particular role for maintaining cell health in all tissues and organs.

5. Ask the nanotubes to network with all cells and transmit packets of information needed to synthesize their own p53.

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