Sunday, August 3, 2008

the Oxalic Acid is..

.. one of the important elements needed to maintain the tone of , and to stimulate peristalsis.

Live foods means that food which contains live organic atoms and enzymes found only in our raw foods. It is very vital to stress this matter in regard to oxalic acid. When the food is raw, whether whole or in the form of juice, every atom in such food is vital ORGANIC and is replete with enzymes. Therefore, the oxalic acid in our raw vegetables, herbs and their juices is organic, and as such is not only beneficial but ESSENTIAL for the physiological functions of the human body.

The oxalic acid in cooked and processed foods, however, is definitely dead, or INORGANIC, ans as such is both pernicious and destructive. Cooked-oxalic acid readily combines with calcium. If these are both organic (raw), the result is a beneficial constructive combination, as the former helps the digestive assimilation of the latter, at the same time stimulating the peristaltic functions in our human body.

WHEN the raw-oxalic acid has become INORGANIC by cooking or processing the raw foods that contain it, then this cooked-acid forms an interlocking compound with the calcium even combining with the calcium in other foods eaten during the same meal, destroying the nourishing value of both. This result in such a serious deficiency of organic-calcium that it has been known to cause decomposition of bones. This is the reason we never eat cooked or canned spinach.

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