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of water cure . (Friday, April,2004 4:14p.m. written)

Following is something for you to read and consider in your free time. It is about water. It is about your body. Pour yourself a glass of water before you read on , for you may need one before you finish reading this e-mail.{smile}

Drink alot of clean water, for it is the key to all body functions . Many people are chronically constipated, another sign of dehydration . Many people suffer from burning, irritating urination, which is also a sign of water starvation.

Next to oxygen, water is the most important substance in the body. The average adult body contains approximately 45 pints of water and excretes about 32 pints daily through perspiration, respiration , urine and defecation. The internal temperature of the body is controlled with water . The average body temperature is 98.6 degree Fahrenheit (or 37 degree Celsius). If it rises above this temperature we become feverish. If it falls below , we are physically affected.

The first five top essentials for the human body : 1.Oxygen; 2.Water; 3.Real Salt; 4.Potassium; 5.Exercise. No one can live without these essentials five items. Mainstream medicine too often ignore 2 & 3 (water and real salt) in favour of selling drugs and procedures to treat symptoms of dehydration. Water makes up 92% of the blood in the body and nearly 98% of intestinal, gastric , saliva and pancreatic juices.

Working with another pancreatic hormone , called glucagon , insulin also controls the amount of glucose in the blood. When the body produces too little insulin or when it does not respond correctly to insulin, diabetes results. Though diabetes can be control, even so, this disease take its toll over time , sometimes causing complications such as blindness and stroke.

Many people have a dehydrated appearance . Their skin looks parched , withered, dry and old. Look at the dry and withered hands of many people. Look at the wrinkles on their foreheads and around their eyes. See how a curtain of dry flesh hangs over their eyes. Such people seem to squint out of little eye slits to see.

Dear friend and beloved water-drinker , I recommend this link for your further reading pleasure in discovering the shocking truth on water: http://www.evolutionhealth.com/bragg_h20.html How to tell if salt is natural . The body need unrefined salt harvested from the sea or ocean. To tell what is the natural salt is simple . Natural salt is not white and it is not dry. Not those kind we find in the supermarket' shelves, today. Those are 'manufactured-table salt' . Natural salt is a little gray with minerals (Real sea salt has 80 minerals which the body required to make new cells) and feels damps or clumps (like pebbles) in humidity. Check out real salt here ; http://www.realsalt.com/ ;another site is http://www.celtic-seasalt.com/ . My Philippines friend related to me that the people in Illoillo province,Philippines, would filled up the halved bamboos with sea water; then wait for the sun to evaporate the sea water and harvest the sea salt (the remains in the bamboo halves) for their own home use. They seemed to be a very robust and health folks, according to my friend. [Water break - take a sip before you read on here. ]Salt Lore. GANDHI'S SALT MARCH -1930. In an atmosphere of growing resistance to the excesses of British rule in India, Gandhi launched a mass civil disobedience action against repressive salt laws. On March 12,1930, Gandhi began his famous 200 mile Salt March . In every village where he stopped along the route, Gandhi inspired others to join in the march. Once they had reached the sea, the group began to harvest from the sea salt and sell small quantities of salt. As news of the salt march spread, more people joined in and openly defied the salt law. The British government finally decided to act, imprisoning over 100,000 followers or satyagrahis over the next few months. Gandhi's principal leadership eventually brought the British Empire to its knees and freedom to India - the world's largest democracy . . . which all goes to show that a little salt goes a long way. Dear beloved friends, it is chronic dehydration that causes the pains and degenerative diseases of the human body. We must change our present lifestyle of drinking caffeinated products (like coffee, tea, green-tea, colas ) . You must remember that decaffeinated coffee still has some caffeine unless it is naturally decaffeinated . It also goes through a process to decaffeinate it with chemicals life formaldehyde (do a word search on this item, perhaps you will be shock to learn the truth of it ) . So, you are actually trading a little caffeine for chemicals. Dear friend, ask yourself this question, is it worth it ? Your health for a while of instant so-called "boost"? How much arsenic is enough ? You decide for your body. What about tea ? Is there any different ?Tea is worse than coffee. It not only is a diuretic ( a substance that increases the flow of urine) but it strips your body of the vitamins and minerals we are trying to put back into our bodies. . Urine wash out the water-soluble vitamins and minerals. That's the reason it is wise to take 1/4 teaspoon per quart (ie:32 oz.) of water you drink daily. Unrefined sea salt not only have 80 types of minerals for the body's use, but also help to retain the proper balance of water inside the body (for emergency, or crisis situation) throughout the day. Your brain cells get the energy from the hydrolysis action of the H2O . If you need to stay up late for some reason , drink plain water , not coffee, or tea , or colas. Black teas (your regular run of the mill teas) are the worst, containing the most caffeine.Decaffeinated teas are a little better , but still are not as natural as you should have. Drink water will surely "de-energize" the body's cells. Naturally decaffeinated teas are the best among all teas, if you still want to drink tea. Green tea has three (3) times the caffeine. While it is supposed to be a great anti-oxidant, beware of the caffeine. Well, you may try to reason, "An herb is an herb, still is an herb. " Marijuana is an herb, so take it from there. If you really want to use tea, is to use in moderation. Every cup of caffeinated beverage you take in, ensure you drink another cup of same amount of water to re-hydrate your body. Caffeinated beverage de-hydrate the body of water . Polluted water is even better than caffeinated beverage, you see the point I hope. To learn more on CAFFEINE and the BODY read this link http://www.watercure2.com/caffiene.htm Coffee and caffeine have long been suspected of causing illnesses ranging from myocardial infarction, arrhythmia, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, gout, and anxiety, to fibrocystic breast disease, various cancers and birth defects, and osteoporosis . No other agent in the human environment has been as frequently associated with such a variety of chronic-degenerative , even malignant diseases. -Siegfried Heyden,"Coffe and Cardiovascular Disease," 1993. Students depending on caffeine to extend their study time should also be aware of its possible adverse effects when taken in large quantities and be prepared for the crash after its stimulating powers subside. The best guide for students is to know themselves. Drink water instead, sip a cup of warm water , and you will be surprise that your mind is more alert and healthier in the long run. The Water Cure Recipe. 1-2-3 How much water I should drink daily?(1)Drink 1/2 (half) your body weight of water in ounces, daily. Example: if you weigh 200 lb. , you will need 100 oz. (200 divide by 2= 100) of water daily. If you are using a 10 oz. glasses , divide 100 oz. by 10 and that's how many glasses you will need to drink , daily. Spread your drinking timing throughout the day. You cannot drink half (5 glasses) of your water requirement in one sitting and then conclude the rest later that day and expect to be fully hydrated. Or another method, 100 oz. of water is approx. 3 quarts. One quart is 32 oz. ( So 100 oz. of water is actually 3.125 quart). A 1.5 liter bottle has 6 servings of 8 oz. , which makes it 48 oz. Two bottles of 1.5 liter plus slightly more water is needed for your weight of 200 lbs. How much salt and how do I use it ? (Interesting Facts About Water and Salt, click this link http://www.watercure2/interesting_facts.htm )(2)Use 1/4 tea-spoon of real sea-salt for every quart (32 oz.) of water you drink . You can put the 1/4 teaspoon of sea-salt "IN" the bottle of water, or season your food, or lick some off the palm of your hand, and then drink some water. Use salt liberally with food. As long as you drink your water, you can use the salt. What is important is that you get the proper balance throughout the day. Don't try to take in your body need for water and salt in one sitting. and expect to be fully hydrated. Spread out throughout your waking hour. It is good to drink two glasses of water after you wake up every morning, because the body has gone through a long fast during your sleeping hour. (3) Avoid caffeinated or alcoholic drinks. These are diuretics and will dehydrate you. Your body cells function well in water-environment . So , drink some water the first thing when you wake up is the best for the body. Every 6 oz. (a common mug size) of caffeine or alcohol requires an additional 10 to 12 oz. of water to re-hydrate you. Beloved friends, many testimonials of people who had suffered from many different kinds of pains and diseases had gain back their rightful health through this simple yet powerful Water Cure Recipe. Try it , you have nothing to loose , but every good blessings to gain, ie; a healthy body to live in and enjoy with your family and friends. Happy drinking your water daily as your body cries out for more water. Believer it or not , to read some touching testimonials (click http://www.watercure2.com ) of people who suffered acne; AIDS; alcoholism; amputations; arthritis/bursitis; asthma/allergies; attention deficit syndrome (ADS); back problems/pains; bee stings; cancer; chronic fatigue; colitis; depression; digestive complaints; edema; epilepsy; general health; gout; headaches; hearing; heart problems; hepatitis C; high blood pressure; hives; impotence; insomnia; irritable bowel; kidney problems; miniere's disease; multiple sclerosis; muscle spasms; muscular dystrophy; narcolepsy; panic & anxiety; pet's health problems; PMS; pregnancy maladies; sjogrens disorder; skin problems;sports injuries; ulcers; vision-floaters; weight loss. Beloved , I wish above all things that you may prosper and be in pink of health , even as your soul prosper in Christ. FACT- Health care makes big bucks ($$$$$$$$$$$) by selling a quart (ie:32 oz) of water with salt in it (SALINE 4) for up to US$350.00 per packet installed, but they won't tell the patients or the general public they do indeed need more water and salt in their diets. Keep in mind that the first medical protocol for a patient once hospitalized is a SALINE IV because those who establish these protocols should be well aware that the reason most people are admitted (other than trauma, patients) is due to lack of salt and /or water. This ignorance is to such extent that doctors aren't even taught that the first thing that should be checked in any patient is his hydration and salt levels because nothing, other than lack of oxygen ,can kill us human quicker. What's worse is that your doctor hasn't a clue that lack of either water or salt is what most likely put you in the hospital in the first place. Ignorance beget more ignoramuses. In fact, the doctors' education in nutrition(biochemistry) is to such a low level his schooling hasn't taught him to understand that caffeinated beverages like coffee, tea, sodas and alcoholic beverages are deadly diuretics and many doctors are heavy users of such . Why is caffeine a staple on every hospital menu ? I guess that's to make sure their business doesn't get slow. Doctors weren't taught to check the patents water and salt levels. Instead they were brainwashed into trusting in the scientific absurdity to medical schools which has ignored nutrition because there is no money profit in it. The result is a very profitable "treat the effect and not the cause" business. Here is the healthcare's GREATEST NIGHTMARE. This ignorance of health care is directly killing many cases which are curable , by treating drought in the human body with drugs and money generating procedures. When a human body is dehydrated (or experiencing drought) , it need water and salt . In reality, we are all contributing to this "holocaust" so long as we put profitability before responsibility. This means that so long as we believe that our worth as human beings is measured in terms of money ($$$$$$$) and power (the higher position in authority will define the "truth" for those below it) , we are contributing to everything that is taking away from the quality of our lives.No one is to blame for what is happening , but we are all responsible. FACT - How can you (naively) expect drug companies to do research on the importance of water in our daily lives when they can't make money on it ? Who does research to put themselves out of business ? It is my belief that medical schools are so hungry for grants from drug companies that they wre willing to discard common sense to promote drug-based solutions for virtually all health problems. We all know that, thanks to a drug-based medical education , doctors are illiterate in nutrition. Do a survey among those medicine-undergraduates why each take up medicine studies. For people , or for profits ? FACT- No two substances in the Bible are mentioned more than water and salt. Do a concordance check and see whether this is true? FACT- During the Middle-Ages, people were put to a horrible death by salt deprivation. Any of you know the price for 100gram of unrefined sea salt? Please share with me the price and the store selling it in Singapore . Thanks.

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