Thursday, August 7, 2008

Why stones in our organs?

Gallstones, kidneys stones, and gravel in the gall bladder and kidneys are the natural result of the inability of the human body functions to eliminate from the system the inorganic calcium deposits formed after eating concentrated starches and sugars.

Your gall bladder is directly connected with your liver and with the blood stream by means of the bile duct and the hepatic duct. All the food we eat is "broken down" in the digestive tract, and the elements it contains are carried by the blood to our liver for further processing and segregation. No concentrated grain or flour product can be completely utilized for the reconstruction of cells and tissues, particularly if it has been devitalized by heat (cooking). Its component elements, however, must necessarily pass through our liver, and among these elements we have calcium. Such starch molecules are not soluble in water.

NOTE: Vital organic calcium is needed by the entire body system, and such calcium, the only kind that IS soluble in water, can be obtainable ONLY from fruits and vegetables, and their respective juices, when these are raw and fresh, not cooked/heat treatment/micro-waved. As such, it passes through our liver and is completely assimilated in the process of gland functions and cell and tissue building.

The calcium in all concentrated starches and sugars which have been subjected to heat is inorganic, and is not soluble in water. Its presence in the system is extraneous and foreign, and as such is cast aside at every opportunity by the blood and lymph systems. The first convenient dumping ground is your bile duct, which carries it to your gall bladder. The next most convenient place is what we may term the dead-ends of blood vessels either in the abdomen, resulting in tumors, or in the anus, resulting the hemorrhoids (piles). Such inorganic calcium atoms as happen to get past these usually end up in your kidneys. Quit drinking the cow milk, once weaned from our mother's breast milk.

REMEDY: carrot, BEET and Cucumber JUICE.

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