Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Kidney Cleanse

If the presence of gallstones in the liver, or any other situation, has led to the development of sand, grease, or stones in the kidneys or urinary bladder, you may also need to cleanse your kidneys. The kidneys are extremely delicate, blood-filtering organs that congest easily because of dehydration, poor diet, weak digestion, stress, and an irregular lifestyle. The main causes of congestion in the kidneys are kidney stones. Most kidney grease / crystals / stones, however, are too small to be detected through modern diagnostic technology, including ultrasounds or X-rays.

They are often called "silent" stones and do not seem to bother people much. When they grow larger, though, they can cause considerable distress and damage to the kidneys and the rest of the body. To prevent kidney problems and kidney-related diseases, it is best to eliminate kidney stones before they can cause a crisis. This crisis will affect all your family members too, overtime.

You can easily detect the presence of sand or stones in the kidneys by pulling the skin under your eyes sideways

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