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Isn't it something how medical research puts millions of animals to death in the process of trying to find cures for our worst diseases, and now we see sea salt curing pets of many of these same problems, yet these same researchers haven't the slightest interest? I don't even know of one vet who will say anything to his/her clients about how easy salt can cure pet arthritis 100% of the time. But that is no different when it comes to the water cure curing countless people of allegedly incurable diseases and not one researcher will even talk to us, even though our success rate is near 100% with some simple problems like asthma, allergies, chronic fatigue, depression, most pain and arthritis to name a few. Then again what financial incentive is there for anyone to endorse a solution to a high profit problem? Would you???? That's why we haven't cured one major health or other high profit problem in the last fifty years that I'm aware of. Dr. Dean Burk, an original founder of the National Cancer Institute said, "The more people making a living off cancer (that applies to any high profit problem) the more impossible it is to get rid of it."

Bob Butts


CPR = Canine Pulmonary Resuscitation

Till today , man is dog's best friend.
Till today, man and dog remain sure companions.

This incredible story of how one owner saved his beloved pet was first featured in the July/August issue of Pets Magazine.

Mr Lian Chun Howe, 31, a civil servant, heroically performed mouth-to-"muzzle" resuscitation on his mini-pitbull terrier, Dozer, in a desperate bid to save its life in April 2008, after it had choked on a raw-hide bone and stopped breathing.

Mr Lian and his girlfriend, accounts assistant Amelia Mak, have raised 4-year-old Dozer since it was a 3-month-old puppy.

In April 2008, retching sounds alerted Mr Lian to the difficulty Dozer was experiencing. Dozer was trying unsuccessfully to throw up a palm-length piece of his favourite bone, which stuck in its throat.

With the help of Miss Amelia Mak, in her mid-30s, and his mother, Mr Lian tried to extract the bone, but the snapping of Dozer's powerful jaws made it difficult - and dangerous.

Mr Lian recalled, "I broke my index finger when Dozer's jaws instinctively snapped down on my hand in his mouth. It was really painful, but I couldn't think of it then."

Giving up, Mr Lian bundled Dozer into his car, and drove together with Miss Amelia Mak to a veterinarian' clinic, which was 15 minutes away.

By then, Dozer was foaming at the mouth. Its tongue had turned blue and its pupils ere dilated.
Said an emotional Miss Amelia Mak, whose eyes welled up at the recollection of the event: "I kept talking to Dozer in the car, I didn't want to lose him."

Upon reaching the clinic, their relief turned to horror when they saw that it closed down.

"It was then that we really started to panic." said Mr Lian.

Off they sped to another vet, but barely a minute later, Dozer's laboured breathing stopped altogether.
Unmindful of the traffic behind, Mr Lian stopped his car in the middle of the road - in the West Coast area of Singapore - and rushed Dozer to the pavement. This time, without difficulty, he extracted the bone from Dozer's now-lax jaws.

Forgetting all thoughts of proper CPR procedure he had learnt in national Service, Mr Lian put his mouth to Dozer's muzzle and started blowing air in, while his girlfriend Miss Amelia Mak administered chest compressions non-stop.

"Everything happened so fast, there wasn't any time to feel or think of anything. I thought he was already dead." said Mr Lian.

But he had the presence of mind to wrap a towel around Dozer's jaw, to prevent air from leaking out.
Mr Lian described as "the longest two minutes in my life", incredibly, Dozer started breathing weakly.

Mr Lian then came to his senses to find a crowd of curious bystanders and vehicles lined up behind his car on the road.

Amazingly, no one sounded their horns at the couple. Together with Dozer, they headed home and Mr Lian then saw a doctor for his own injured finger.

Till today, this man and this dog remain sure companions. Mr Lian walks Dozer every day without fail, and Dozer is the first thing he asks about in phone calls home when he is overseas.

"He loves Dozer more than he loves me and his family."
joked Miss Amelia Mak, his girlfriend.

"It's a love-hate relationship. he's so stubborn at times.
But we'll grow old together."
said Mr Lian Chun Howe.
(Photo of this happy trio can be seen in MY PAPER,MONDAY AUGUST 18,2008 PAGE A5. news by dawn tay << >>)

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