Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Healing Effects of Sole

The crystalline structure of salt, as sole (pronounce as "so-lay"), has such a lasting effect, that its frequency can be maintained within our body for over 24 hours. Sole will give our body the exact vibration that it is missing. The quantity of sole you drink is not significant, because the biophysics is all about quality, not quantity. Cardinal is the quality of the salt from which you make your sole.

Drink one teaspoon of sole in natural spring water every morning on an empty stomach. Again, it is not the quantity that you consume, but the regularity with which you consume it. Biochemically, the stomach and intestinal activity (peristaltic) is metabolism and digestion. Electrolytes are created which improve the body's conductivity and stimulate the circulation. Salt allows the current to flow.

Sole-drinking therapy restores the body's natural frequency pattern and can hold this vibration for over 24 hours.

Sole balances the acid-alkaline imbalance as well as normalizing the blood pressure.

Sole dissolves and releases crystallized deposits, the cause of rheumatic diseases and kidney and gallbladder stones.

Sole weakens addictions. How addiction comes about in our human body? Most addicts thinks his/her body is yearning for sugar. But in fact, the opposite is true. What we're actually longing for is that which was removed from the natural substance during its manufacturing process! In place the manufacturer use aspartame or other artificial sweeteners which the body cannot assimilate and use. Refined products such as white sugar, coffee, decaffeinated coffee, etc,are isolated compounds. Isolated foods, which have had their holistic properties altered during the denaturalization process, cause the body to react by sending out messages to search for the extracted missing
substances in order to metabolize the food. This is why, wholesome ,natural foods, fresh produce, in comparison to processed foods, are the cardinal importance for our health. Isolated and refined food products are essentially addictive.
The neutralizing and energetically balancing effect of the sole will decrease the yearning/craving for the extracted, missing substances. You can and will see how your child's sugar craving will decrease when you add sole to his/her drinking water on a daily basis. Only one teaspoon of sole to the child's own quota water per day, is enough to see the positive effect.

Sole cleans the intestines and heals skin diseases.

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