Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I've seen many cancer patients ...

over the years.

Some victims did not survive their disease. Some patients found the combination of meditation and medicine powerfully helpful, and they continued their spiritual practice long after they regained their health and there was no sign of cancer.

A few patients, along with their alternative physician, chose to keep a close eye on the tumors while eschewing chemotherapy and explore acupuncture, herbs, supplements, and spiritual healing. A very few of those people had remarkable and complete recoveries. At this time in history, full recovery without medical intervention is rare.

When clients combine spiritual and medical therapies, they report the best and most reliable results.

Anna called me in desperation. She had returned home from the hospital and was bedridden. In pain, and totally exhausted whereas normally she was dynamic and endlessly energetic. Ovarian cancer had struck her suddenly and it was found to be only partially operable. She had an astonishingly aggressive tumor that had spread all over her intestinal area, attaching to the omentum (a large membrane covering the intestines). Metastases had begun to grow in her liver and spleen.

She was not strong enough to come to my office, so I arranged a time for a house call. Lying on the couch, pale but determined to survive the cancer, Anna was ready to accept any information or help I could provide. Our first session included suggestions for breathing into the pain, softening it, and breathing it out. I also encouraged her to take pain medication so she could sleep and allow her body to recover from the surgery. Strong people who work in health-related professions are often the most difficult patients!

Relaxation imagery helped Anna over the next week, until we met again. By then, she wanted information on how to practice healing meditations. We talked about balance and harmony in her body and about calling forth the synthesis of p53 enzyme in every cell. She was dedicated to the practice, and she called me on the telephone several times to refine her meditations so they worked specifically for her imagery is a powerful tool when it is simple and personally meaningful.

Eventually, Anna came to my office for her sessions. Much of her stamina had returned; her spunk was in full display; and her questions were as astute as ever. Her head was wrapped in a bright scarf because she had progressively lost her hair from chemotherapy. This was evidence that both the cancerous and the healthy cells of her body were absorbing the powerful chemotherapy drugs. We worked with using the medications, both IV (intra-venous)and oral, for her body's highest good, while continuing to fine-tune her balance and harmony, along with p53 visualizations.

Anna's tumors marker tests continue to show no tumor activity whatsoever, and her physician believes she will make a full recovery.

Human body also uses the hair as toxin disposal, whenever excessive poison/toxin buildup like introducing chemo-drugs into the body. Once the toxin is in the hair, it will not be affecting the body normal functions , which later be drop off, hence saving the whole body.

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