Sunday, August 10, 2008

Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease

(HFMD) is normally a mild childhood disease affecting mainly up to five years old.

How can a mild childhood disease cause death? What is "mild disease" to The Health Ministry? Any disease which can cause death can no longer be considered "mild'. A mild illness or health problem is not serious.

Post-mortem of the first HFMD death in seven years.
1. Did the hospital authority use the right treatment/s on patient?
2. What drug/s (if any) were used on patient?
3. What is the present protocol (if any) adopted for HFMD?
4. How detailed and focus were the monitoring processes in ICU? Be reminded, it is THE PATIENT'S Intensive Care Unit; not Illness-Care-Unit. Sardonic expression? Not at all.

It's mere insanity to expect a different result from repeated protocols which are not effective in prevention or mitigation. Paradigm change required here.

If you have studied all preceding postings, your own conviction and common sense should help you and your doctor to follow the course of natural healing which has been so consistently helpful to others.

HFMD Symptoms include fever, blister-like rashes on the hand, feet and buttocks, mouth ulcers, vomiting and diarrhoea.

1. Fever remedy:Fever is the name orthodoxically given to human body temperature which rises above normal when Nature attempt to burn up or incinerate waste matter in the body system. When there is no excessive waste matter and the body cells are promptly and properly nourished and hydrated daily, there is no need for fever. It has been found that by the use of enemas the fevered condition has been alleviated within an amazingly short time.

Only at higher temperature the red blood cells can "fight" better. Hope you see the point of fever. Battle is going inside your body when the fever is rising. Use water to help the soldiers inside to win the war for you. Simple.

Fresh-Raw-Juice(F-R-J) Formula Proportions: 1.Grapefruit 16 oz.(480 ml) or 2. Lemon 16 oz.(480 ml) or 3.Orange 16 oz.(480ml).

2. Rashes remedy: Urticaria (Hives). An excessively acid conditions of the body trying to become normal by means of excretion through the skin.
F-R-J Formula Proportions: 1.(Carrot 10 oz. & Spinach 6 oz.) 2.(Carrot 10 oz. & Beet 3 oz. & Cucumber 3 oz.)

3. Ulcers remedy: (chiefly gastric) A deficiency disease caused by unhealthy tissue as a result of eating incompatible combinations of food leaving fermentation and putrefaction as their end-product. Can also attributed to excessive worry and the other negative contributing factors listed under the headings of CANCER and TUMORS.
F-R-J Formula Proportions: 1.(Carrot 10 oz. & Spinach 6 oz.) or 2.(Carrot 8oz. & Spinach 4oz. & Turnip 2oz. & Watercress 2oz.)

4. Diarrhoea remedy: Loose running of the bowels. Usually Nature cleansing the colon because you failed to do so when you should.
Use F-R-J Formula Proportions: 1.Carrot 16 oz.(480ml) or 2.(Carrot 7oz. & Celery 4oz. & Parsley 2oz. & Spinach 3oz.)

5. Vomiting remedy: Chronic dehydration set in the stomach, the digestion system is extremely exhausted to continue its normal process, like drunkard overfilled the stomach with alcohol, or overeating food without enough water-content. Soft drink like Coke also produce same effect.
Remedy: Just drink saline water every half hour. Mix 1/4 teaspoon of sea-salt with 1250 ml water.

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