Friday, August 29, 2008

F-1 & F-35 & Families

F-1 (Formula One), F-35, and Families have two things in common. They need finance $$$ $$$ $$$ and fuel.

Which one comes first? Money or fuel? Many arguments/ debate/ foruming going on. We need money in order to buy fuel. So, no money, no fuel. Right? (Hmmm...)

Wrong! Without fuel, how to earn money. Right? (hmm...) not sure, it seems like "chicken or egg" enigma or dilemma.

Back to the subjects: F-1, F-35 and Families.
Well, all these "subjects" are expensive and need regular-detailed-specific maintenance processes in order to enjoy them to their optimal.

1.F-1 (Formula One) racer must ensure his machine is correctly serviced and refuel with the manufacturer's deigned fuel, to finish his laps around the race circuit. He trusts his technical crew's integrity during his race. Racing driver may not own the engineering master piece, still he needs fuel to drive around safely and successfully.

2.F-35 (Sheath-aircraft) fighter-pilot, too, must ensure his pre-flight procedures are religiously followed by the ground-specialist crew members, and jet-fuel is sufficient for his sortie or mission. Fighter pilot don't own the F-35 plane, but still he needs fuel to fly the machine safely and to the optimal.

3.Families consist of human beings with various characters and personalities, yet the bodies are basically operating in a same manner under normal conditions and parameters. Everyone breath, eat, drink and sleep. These are our 'fuel'. The car-racer, or fighter-pilot, and your families need the same kind of 'fuel'. In between, are the extra-curriculum activities.
How, what, when, where and why and who are our 'best friend' in learning about preserving ourselves. You don't own your families bodies, but still, you need 'fuel' for them to enjoy family-life happily together till death do you part.

Why breath? Eat what? When drink? Sleep how? The matrix of the questions will determine our living destiny here on earth.

A f t e r w o r d

They have put themselves to pain, by surgeries and drugs, but shall not profit. Disappointments await all who forsakes the Nature Law of Human Health (NL2H) and basic principles of simple living.

Therefore I say, surely these people are poor; they are foolish; for they know not the way of Truth. I admit that this dreadful condition existing among the poor and ignorant, but that I feel I can find honest men and women within the ranks of Singapore's educated and rich leaders. However, they too had utterly rejected truth. Because their transgressions against the common sense are many, and their back slidings from life-restoration are increased and still justifying themselves more with their professional credentials. Commercially and financially sound, yet mentally and healthy unwise. Poor rich citizens of this world.

Afterword 2
Medical science has yet to come to terms with the fact that numerous useful methods of healing holistically have cured and worked for millions of people worldwide throughout the ages and can make all the difference for good in the treatment of the most threatening disease/afflictions that plague our modern societies.

Every house ( like the human body) and appliance (like the body cell) requires some form of maintenance or repair work from time to time; otherwise, it will lose its ability and capacity to carry out and carry on the true purpose for which it was designed.

The same principle applies t the human's liver. Your liver is healthy, you live healthy wealth; your liver is sick, you leave healthy wealth.

No other organ in our human body besides the brain is as complex and has as many vital functions as our liver. The liver suffers the most from an overload and onslaught of toxic chemicals, via drugs prescriptions, poor quality of food (non-nutritious and non-organic foods), and lack of physical movements and daily exercise of the mass-muscle, like walking, computer usage produced more body degeneration than other inventions to-date. Hence, it is of utmost importance for everyone who is concerned about their health and wealth being to ensure that their liver and families livers are cleansed and remains free of any obstructions.

Inner parts of the body cleansing, liver being one of them is not something someone else can do for you or me. Rather, it is a self-help method that requires profound sense of self-responsibility and trust in the natural, innate wisdom of the human body. The 'doctor-within' you is anytime wiser than the human doctors you have consulted throughout your lifetime thus far, if you only willing to learn to co-operate with yourself. Many medical personnels are admitting to this simple fact.

Liver cleanse set the precondition for your body to heal itself. In fact, it is are for an ailment not to improve by increasing liver performance. To understand the great significance of the liver cleanse, one needs to personally experience how it feels to have one's own liver that has been relieved of two handfuls of gallstones.

For many people, the liver cleanse has been an "amazing" experience -- reason enough for me to share it with those wiling to help themselves. The truth of the adage,"God help those who help themselves" is that, one has to admit the error one is holding on and turn to the truth and pursue it to experience the "effect of the truth applied" on oneself. Then is the reality of truth manifesting in oneself.

Help yourself with liver cleanse. Details can be found in earlier postings. See one of them here, click

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