Monday, August 18, 2008

Your food can medicate ..

your body daily.

Let our daily food be our medicine. And let our 'medicine' be from our food.

Carrot Health Benefits:

1. Chew a carrot after meals to kill harmful germs in the mouth and prevent bleeding gum and tooth decay.

2.To prepare a carrot salad, mix shredded carrot, a dash of apple cider vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, and chopped garlic into your salad bowl. If you prefer, sea salt(not regular table salt please) and a little raw sugar (not refined sugar please)
or honey may also be added for a tastier mix. Relax and enjoy a better health with us.

3. Cut carrot into sticks shape and dipped them into sauce made with yoghurt, honey, ground black pepper, and a little sea salt, with a dash of lemon or lime juice.

4. Mix shredded carrot into a mix salad of your choice and enjoy with family or friends.

5.A mug(300ml) of carrot juice may be taken to enhance vitality when feeling weak. Regular consumption would detoxify your liver. Many gallstones and kidneys stones originated from liver overload. At NUH recently I paid S$3.00 for a cup (250ml) of fresh-raw-carrot juice without ice. Vitalizing food indeed.

6.A dash of lemon may be added into carrot juice to enhance the taste. When taken regularly it would lower high cholesterol and strengthen your heart.

7.A mug or a glass of carrot juice with two teaspoons of honey, and one to two teaspoons of lime or lemon juice would alleviate morning sickness, hang over scanty urination, and lethargic feeling.

EXTERNAL USE: Fresh carrot juice may be applied to treat burns.
It is never too late or too early to revise and be wise again for the rest of our journey.......

Use Water-cure.
Rather be thankful for the timely warning, and do something about it.

Drink at least 10% of your own daily water-quota (31.42 ml multiply by your present body weight(kg), every 90 minutes. Use 1/4 teaspoon of sea-salt in your daily diet, for every 1250 ml water drank.

Pain is a sign/signal produced by dehydration in the human body. Pain may be common but it is not normal.

To simplify complications is the FIRST essential of success.

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