Sunday, August 17, 2008

Fuss & facts about Trans Fats???

In the beginning there is no fuss about trans fats because people just eat direct produce from the Mother Earth. No pseudo-scientist or entrepreneur trying to hoodwink anyone into processed food stuff for commercial motives.

Then the intellectuals snobbery begins and all the fats in nature were dissected and debated and deleted from the produce and we have the fuss & facts about fat fats (still counting).

You have health because of the life conscious in you; you have disease because of the death conscious in you too. Your time spent on which consciousness will decide your present condition. Destiny is a matter of choice not chance.

What's the fuss about Trans Fats? Trans means transition from one form to another different form. Fat is a compound found in natural produce. When anyone start to treat/cook any natural produce, the excitation (through heat/micro waves) of the molecules of the compound with other elements found in all produce will start to break down the organized structure of the geometrical balance in the produce. With the energy (vibration) now gone , the end result is not the same as the one in the original, hence, transition/transformed-fatty.

Can We common citizens Trust Food Labels? The simple answer is no.
Reason? Simple : The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has made it mandatory to list trans fat content on nutritional labels. Just like nicotine is also listed on cigarette packets, pasteurised milk and homogenized milk is also listed on the containers. However, trans fat does not have to be listed if the total fat in a product is less than 0.5g per serving.
You may be surprised to find product, which list hydrogenated vegetable oils or shortening as ingredients, labelled as "trans fat free". A food containing less than 0.5g of trans fats per serving may have '0 gram' reflected on its label. If you/ your child eat ,multiple servings of such foods, you could exceed the recommended amount. The general statement "eat moderately" by the Public Health Boards around the world is just paying a lip service to the public health concern. Who is supporting their funding, do you know? Share with us with your comment at comment column. Thanks.

Believer not any human who has a heart for your own heart wellness and health. Listen to your own heart, it's calling for truth, listen to your heart, it's calling for you.

Trans fat are formed when hydrogen (atom) is added to liquid oil. Known as hydrogenation, this chemical process makes the oil more solid. As trans fats are found in partially hydrogenated vegetable oils and shortening, products containing these two ingredients will have trans fats. These includes cookies, cream cakes, pies and fried food such as hash browns and meat nuggets. Some frozen products, such as french fries, are pre-cooked using partially hydrogenated vegetable oil prior to freezing and distribution.

It is the over heating of oil above its smoke point that cause trans fat to be formed. Use a small sliced of onion while frying any food, and once the onion turns brown the smoke point has reached and if you continue frying, trans fats will be formed on your food. Banana is perfect for human body, fried banana (goreng pisang) is trans fatty food. Enjoy your choice and harvest your yield later.

Why food manufacturers use trans fat then? Trans fat are used as they prolong shelf life , though does not prolong the consumers health and life, and to enhance the texture of food. Consumers only judge by appearance but customer judge by insight. For example, doughnuts get their crispy outer layer and moist cake-like interior from the presence of trans fats.

Why are trans fats bad?