Wednesday, August 6, 2008

What are Cancer Cells?

None of us were born with cancer cells. Were you?

Cancer cells are part of your body, later. At one time, they functioned perfectly well as a normal part of your breast, lung, pancreas, prostate, skin, or other tissue. Each cell has its own biological clock that controls its individual rate of repair, replication, and death.

For example, your skin cells live for about a month (30 days); your read blood cells live for about four months (120 days); and your nerve cells live for decades, if not your entire life. For most unknown causes, a cell of any tissue type may divide too fast and at random, resulting in a tumor.

An enzyme called p53 has the enormous job of regulating the timetable for cell division in normal cells. If a cell goes berserk and does not conform to the timetable, p53 first locks onto the DNA and re-regulates the cell. If that does not work, the cell will die.

Cancer cells lack p53 enzymes. They also lose some of the distinguishing characteristics of their parent tissue; they de-differentiate and become strangely embryonic in structure. However, they retain enough of the qualities of the specific tissue to be recognized by a pathologist.

When a tumor metastasizes to another location in the human body, the original tumor location can usually be identified from the characteristic of the wandering cells.

The 'present civilization diet' ,so-called, which had deviated from our earlier forefathers' natural and raw diet of fruits and vegetables is the major factor that bring the increased of cancer victims.

For your body to function and grow healthy everyday, the substances it uses are numerous:
1. approximately 20 amino acids,
2. several dozen sugars and fatty acids,
3. approximately 40 vitamins and,
4. one hundred or so organic-ionic-minerals and,
5.trace elements.

The diversity of substances our human bodies use is possible to classify them in two major groups :-
(1) Basic (alkaline) substances,
(2) acid substances.

All raw fresh fruits and vegetables, herbs only result in alkaline after digestion, therefore people whose daily diet consist of these food source seldom develop cancer.

But, cooked food of any substances will result in acidic after digestion. It is the accumulation of this acid substances in the different parts of body environments that caused some tissue cells to die pre-maturely, in turn, increased the already acidic organ(s). Some tougher cells by nature design, have to mutate to continue their lifespan, and they transformed themselves into 'renegade' cells, in order to "survive".

Cancers: Groups or nests of epithelial cells half-starved from lack of proper organic nourishments, thriving on concentrated starches and meats. one of the contributing factors in the development of cancer has been found to be prolonged RESENTMENTS.

You may use this combination to help yourself to prevent developing cancer(if any).
Drink 16 ounces(one pint) of fresh carrot juice, alternate days.
Or combination of carrot(10 ounces)with Spinach (6 ounces).

By means of the latest super-microscopes, it has been possible to determine that the carrot juice molecule is exactly analogous to that of the blood molecule, a most interesting and revealing fact. No wonder we have found the juice of carrots so extremely beneficial.

Be tolerant and compassionate !
In the reconstruction or regeneration of the human body by natural means, it is very important to bear in mind that natural foods taken in the form of vegetable juices may start a regular housecleaning process throughout the entire body system. Be patient.

It has been claimed by writers of comic news that carrot juice will turn one's skin yellow. Anyone who would believe such nonsense is simply ignorant as to the function of the human body. it is just as absurd to expect the colour pigment of the carrot to come through your skin as to expect the red colour pigment of the root beet or green of the spinach to come through.

Whenever, after drinking juices, yellow or brown appears through your skin, it is an indication that your liver is eliminating stale bile and other waste matter in greater quantities than the eliminative organs can handle so that some of the elimination takes place through the pores of your skin, which is perfectly normal. If the body is toxic, such also may be the case.
When we continue to drink fresh vegetable juices,however, the discoloration eventually disappears. That is the sign to indicate now the internal is totally cleansed.

There are times when, through overwork or excessive exercising and through lack of sufficient sleep, even though we feel that our body is in pretty good condition, discoloration may appear. After sufficient rest, however, this discoloration generally vanishes, sooner or later.

In any case, once our body has been regenerated by the continuous regular use of natural raw foods and fresh-raw vegetable and fruit juices, and it has been cleared of waste and obstructions, we have such a superabundance of health, energy, and vitality that the criticism of uninformed critics fails to affect us.

Success is the good fortune. Good fortune that comes from aspiration, desperation, perspiration and inspiration is really healthy wealth!


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