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You are Not Sick, but thirsty & dehyrating?

Dear healthy friend , brother or sister, firstly I like to thank God for His inspiration to let me research(study and investigate) and learn much from the Bible (Genesis 1:29, 2ndKings 2:19-22) and health resources on how the human body cells live. I hope this e-sharing will open up you mind into more sober and serious thought in helping the natural way of maintaining a healthy body for your spirit to dwell in. God bless all the readers with sound mind.

Your body system break down (trauma accident aside) , due to 'unintentional' de-hydration of your body cells.

Change your water drinking pattern (water cure formula at the end of this posting,scroll down )and start enjoying a wonderful blessing of learning the true facts of science. This is a wake up call for all living human beings who are suffering signs & symptoms of de-hydration, daily (unknowingly).

This knowledge , you are about to read are taught in Singapore schools, Primary 5(age 10-11) students(year 2004). Never despise the small things in life , for when we move slowly in this journey , we get to observe more details and begin to understand more truths. Slow down now , read and reconsider ....

Cells- the building blocks of life.
In 1700's (exact 1703) , more than 300 years ago, an English scientist Robert Hooke, used an instrument called a microscope to observe thin slice of cork. The microscope helped him see that the slice of cork was actually made up of tiny 'boxes' which he called 'cells'. This term was used from his earlier experience of visiting prisoners in the prison jail, prison-cell.

Since then, scientists have found that all living things - from the simplest (amoeba, found in water) to the most complex (human being on earth) , are made up of cells. You may not know ,yet you can see under a microscope a pinhead [size] can actually hold a million bacteria ! {WOW! What ! Are bacteria that small ? }

A cell is a single unit of life. We therefore say that cells are the building blocks of life. Many cells grouped together is called tissue. Many tissues grouped together is known as organ. And all various organs joined and functioning together is called a body , an organism.

Many animals and plants , including human beings (body), are made up of many trillion of cells( trillion = 12 zeros behind, 1 000 000 000 000 WOW!) . However, some living things such as bacterias are made up of only one cell. In fact, bacteria has no nucleus, it's actually a nucleus.

1.The nucleus (plural : nuclei) of a cell controls all the activities of the cell. It also contains information that is passed from one generation to the next. Here is where the genes are found. Our genes are passed from parents to their children. Genes determine many of our body-characteristics, such as our body height, the colour of our eye balls, skin and hair, etc. Genes are the 'blueprint' of the body architectural designs and functions.

2. The cytoplasm of a cell is made up of a jelly-like substance that contains many cell parts such as nucleus and the chloroplast ( found only in plant cell) . The animal and human cells does not have chloroplast . That is why animals and humans cannot make their own food, like the plants . They have to ingest food from the outside sources. But in a plant cell, the chloroplast are disc-like cell parts that contain a green pigment called chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is needed for photosynthesis.

3. The cell membrane of a cell is a thin partially permeable layer that controls the movement of materials in and out of the cell. This cell membrane is partially permeable , that is , it allows only certain materials (of size and chemical properties) to pass through. Act like a filter element and also like a hedge around the cell.

4.In a plant cell, there is cell wall (outside the cell membrane) which supports the plant cell and gives it a regular shape. However, unlike the plant cell, the animals and humans cell does not have cell wall. That is why an animal and a human cell does not have a regular shape . Plant cell walls are made up of a tough material called cellulose, which criss-crossed to form layers. These layers form a strong and stiff structure to support the plant. This is necessary in plants because they do not have bones , like animals and humans do.

Dear reader, How and why you grow bigger and taller ?
Question : Do the cells in your body change as you becomes older ?

We know, cells are living things and like all living things , they grow . When a cell grows to a certain size (determined by the DNA code in the nucleus) , it makes a copy of its nucleus.

The cell ('parent cell') then divides(or split) into two 'daughter' cells. Each of these 'daughter' cells is identical to its 'parent' cell. Each 'daughter' cell will grow (according to the DNA inside the genes) and be able to make a copy of its nucleus and divide into two. So from one 'parent' cell , we get two cells; from two we get four, from four we get eight , from eight we get sixteen, from sixteen we get thirty two, and increasing so on ...The quality of the next generation of cells depends on the quality of nutrients we eat since we were born. Holitic and nature produce will reproduce the same quality of cells; inferior foods will produce inferior cells, hence inferior life form.

As the process continues , many more cells are formed . The splitting of a cell to produce two new cells is called cell division. Here is the true meaning of " increasing (multiplying) by division " applies.

In summary , it started with one 'parent' cell. As it grows and mature, the nucleus of the parent cell makes a copy of itself and separates into two(2) new nuclei.
[singular : nucleus; plural: nuclei ] Then the cell splits into two(2) identical halves to form two (2) 'daughter' cells. And this cycle of cell division continues on .

As more cells are formed, the organism grows in size . Cell division is necessary for an organism to grow. hence , a baby grow into a small child, who then grows into an adult as hundreds of millions of cells are formed and added to the body through repeated cell division. Bear in mind, the starting point of the organism growth was at the fusing of the sperm(father) and egg(mother).
Truly, you have come a long way, now that you are able to know and understand how and why you grow bigger and taller, as determined by your DNA.

As you are reading this e-mail, now, cell division still continues because new cells needed to replace old or damaged cells. Cell division will be slower. That is why older folks find their injured body parts healing process slower compare to a child.

Cell division occurs in both plants and animals and humans throughout their lives and is essential for growth and for the replacement of old and damaged cells. Our cheek (inside surface) cells divide once every 24 hours ! This is because many new cells are needed to replace cells that are damaged when we eat or drink.
(The Primary 5 knowledge end here.)

How to maintain and keep the well-being and healthy cell ?
Basically , a cell need water and nutrients. Nutrients consist of glucose, protein and fat.
75% of you body weight is water. That is to say, if you weigh 100 pounds : 75 pounds is water(solvent) and 25 pounds is nutrient (solutes).

The cells need water (H2O) to survive, function as per designed, and to multiply itself by cell division.

1.Ensure your DAILY water intake(in ounces) is half (1/2) of your body weight (in pounds). Example, body weight is 100 pounds , then 100 divided by 2 = 50. water intake required by this body weight, per day is 50 ounces(oz.) [ Conversion equivalent 1 liter = 35.2 oz. ;
1 quart = 32 oz.] Drink two glasses of water when you wake up in the morning. Not only because your body had gone through 6-9 hours of fasting from food and water while you were asleep, but the brain cells get a "boost" energy from the 'hydrolysis' of the water. When water, H2O split apart ( H and O) it release an amount of energy, which the brain makes use of , for it's natural functions. Subsequently, drink a glass every hourly or half glass every hourly, as long your water quota is meet , daily. If you are sceptical about this fact, or don't believe me, please don't disbelieve your body. Try and experience for your self.

2. Avoid using caffeinated drinks (like coffee, tea, colas{Coke,Pepsi,aerated soft-drinks}, sodas or alcohol) to kick start your day. Here is the physiology behind that so-called "boost". It has negative side effects, though many caffeine-addicts (or users) do not realize that , or deny the simple fact. Once ingested , the caffeine will tax further the 'de-hydrated' cells of their interior water. Reverse-osmosis takes place. Interior water from the nervous system's cells were drawn out through the cells' membranes. This event also produce "hydroelectric" (just like we get hydroelectric from the hydro-dam) which cause the caffeine-user to be alert(or so-called "boost"), but not for long. Soon, 30 minutes later, the thirst return. Why ? Because the cells are not re-hydrated yet. In the mean while, caffeine also attack the nerve system.
Read slowly now, and I hope you see the point of negative side-effect of caffeine upon the body's nerve system. Plants like marijuana, cocaine, morphine, opium has caffeine. Caffeine is also also found in coffee , tea, cocoa and kola nuts. When an insect eats this caffeine plant, the addictive drug stimulates the central nervous system, increases alertness, reduces fatigue, increases heart rate , and also acts as a diuretic. (Bear in mind, water is natural diuretic for the body without any negative side effect). Caffeine causes de-hydration and simultaneously attack the nerve cells (thru further de-hydration) until the insect become 'stupid' and does not know how to camouflage itself from its predators. Through this way, the plant species survive , before it is wipe out by the insect.
One cup (size 6 oz) of coffee will require another two cups of similar size of water to re-hydrate the body cells. Why waste time and money ?

3. Initially, you may find your visits to the loo (or toilet) to urinate very frequent because your body cells , which has been on drought-management (due to unintentional cells-de-hydration throughout the years) cannot suddenly expand back (or grow ) to their designed shape and size over night. Now, since you start and continue to re-hydrate your body daily with sufficient water-intake, they will function properly again and able to hold the amount of water and your visit to the loos will decrease. The key point of re-hydration is to spread out your required water intake throughout the day. Not in one sitting. And do not use your thirst feeling to re-hydrate your body. But rather provide adequate water for your body throughout the day. The cells absorption rate of water (under normal hydrated condition, it uses diffusion method) is very slow , 0.001 cm per second. Salt plays a great part in retaining the free water in the body , beside maintaining the water balance in the body. Not all salt are the same, though in general people think ok of salt as sodium. Sodium by itself is sodium. Salt is sodium + chloride +other minerals , as found in the sea or ocean.

You may use sea-salt, liberally in seasoning your food, when you have sufficient water intake throughout the day. Your body wisdom will do the rest to keep itself in proper function.
Note: high blood pressure is not caused by salt or diet, but because of de-hydration of the blood cells and general de-hydration of the body in the first place. When the cells is de-hydrated throughout the years, it will produce cholesterol around the cells membrane to prevent it from further loss of water. Bear in mind, dehydration also cause the size of the cells to shrink (smaller) because water takes up the volume inside. The integrity and architectural structure of cell is determined by the water content inside. Now the body is on drought-management, and all available water is ration to service the vital organs first namely , the brain, then the lung , then the heart , then the kidney , then to other parts not so vital as far as survival of the body is concern. Constipation and concentrated urine is common for a de-hydrated body.

In order to get the water into those vital cells, the body now use hypertension method (injection effect) to 'force' the water from the exterior of those cells into the interior of those cells. That's is what doctors term as High Blood Pressure. And it is common to find the high blood pressure patient also suffering from high blood cholesterol. There is no point in trying to remove the blood cholesterol by taking more 'anti-cholesterol' pills; for this paradigm is looking only at the solute. For what the cells need is water to work with. Unless the present healthcare's paradigm is shifted to solvent (water) , they are looking for the answer at the wrong place and premise. If only the patient is asked to drink his quota of water according to half of his body weight, in ounces , daily. Have some sea salt in his diet to help balance the water in the body .Then all these symptoms of dehydration of the organs will go away. It is common sense that you cannot cure thirst by medication, your body cells many cries for water can only be met by daily drinking your water ration. The same goes for symptoms like asthma, cancer, arthritis, gout, headache, migraine, depression and Attention Deficit Syndrome (cannot pay attention for long period) and many others.

Dear healthy reader, when you follow this simple yet profound insight, your cells , including your immunity system cells will be in healthy and top condition to take those daily stress, hence all external disease-promoters agents like pollutions, virus, bacterias can't break in and establish their destroying effects in your body. Remember the body that you clean every day is make up of many organs, in turn make up of many tissues , in turn make up of many cells. Many professionals only look at the organs illness symptoms. If only they care to see deeper inside , and understand the cells are the building blocks of the body life. There is not much benefits in supplementing the nutrients (glucose, protein and fat){solutes} when the main player , water (solvent) is neglected. Never take daily re-hydration for the cells for granted.

You are not sick, you are THIRSTY .
I hope you can recognise that .

God has it written that the human body is fearfully and wonderfully made. This not only limited to the period you were created in your mother's worm . But also tells how it has the wisdom to trigger many "survival mechanism" when you "intentionally / unintentionally" use or abuse it while living . Either way has its respective rewards. One is unnecessary pains and sufferings , while the other is a healthy body for your spirit to dwell in. You make your choice.

The Water Cure Recipe 1-2-3
1.Drink 1/2 your body weight of water in ounces, daily. Example : 180 lb = 90 oz of water daily. Divide that into 8 or 10 oz glasses and that's how many glasses of water you will need to drink , daily.

2.Use 1/4 teaspoon (1.5 gram) of sea salt for ever quart of water you drink. [1 quart =32oz; 1liter =35.2 oz] Use sea salt liberally with food. As long as you drink the water, you can use the salt .As long as your daily diet has salt, it will help your body to retain and balance the free water in your body.

3.Avoid caffeinated or alcoholic drinks. These are diuretics and will dehydrate the body. Every 6 oz caffeine or alcohol requires an additional 10 to 12 oz of water to re-hydrate your body cells. All fluid are no water, but Water (H2O)alone is water. Juices and other beverages cannot be counted in your daily need for water. There is no substitute for water , as far as the body cells (thousands and millions of them) are concern.

God is good and righteous, all the time.

Freely I have learn , freely I share with you. Feel free to share with those affected by body de-hydration symptoms as you journey on this life .
;o) smiles (o:

Let us own our health, not owe our health.
Don't despair, just repair.
Overtime, we will be able to turn health into a positive wealth.

A success is a person who has blundered, but repented, and is NOW able to 'cash' in on the new found experience.

Thanks again to all healthy visitors, welcome all netizens, citizens, and urban zens.

It is never too late or too early to revise and be wise again for the rest of our journey.......

Use Water-cure.
Rather be thankful for the timely warning, and do something about it.

Drink at least 10% of your own daily water-quota (31.42 ml multiply by your present body weight(kg), every 90 minutes. Use 1/4 teaspoon of sea-salt in your daily diet, for every 1250 ml water drank.

Pain is a sign/signal produced by dehydration in the human body. Pain may be common but it is not normal.

To simplify complications is the FIRST essential of success.


Yellowfruit said...

Hope the people who read this took it seriously. Water is very important for life.

Its ME said...

Hi, yellowfruit and healthy visitors,
the truth is always in the simplicity of true science.

Clarity of mind, memory recall, creativity, and the ability to concentrate and focus attention all depend on how well the brain and nervous system are nourished.

An ineffective circulatory system has a dulling and suppressing effect on all mental pocesses. This , in turn , stresses and strain (combined is termed as "distress") the nervous system.

Many victims of prolonged-dehydration are on the verge of nervous breakdown, but the doctors prescribed more drugs-medication instead of using water-cure protocol to shift the distress mode back to normal.
In short, drugs kills the patient, whereas water cure the patient.
Adam's ale were fruits with seeds. All the purest water can be found in the fruits without doubt.

There was a man who never drink a drop of water from the tap but he survived. How? Simple, he went on a 100% fruits and herbs diet.

Happy revising true history of survival methods for humanity from the beginning. All the best in your history examination, yellowfruit.