Saturday, August 30, 2008

Researching Crystal Salt.

To date, scientific interest in the biophysical qualities of salt has been slight. Up to now it was neither of any interest to the salt miners nor to the general public. Many people just follow the common saying,"salt cause high blood pressure, so cut down your salt intake, use pan-salt instead, so on and so forth." Poor victims of the ignoramuses indeed. The experts-blind leading the trusting-blinds, and all will fall into the ditch. In fact, it is due to the over time insufficiency of daily free water in the body, that the body on purpose retain more salt, because natural salt has the properties of holding back water molecule, for the body cells to be serviced promptly (osmosis-diffusion-method). If you continue with the GP advice to cut down salt/go salt-free diet, then the body has no more choice but to increase the blood sugar-glucose level to be use as stand-by energy source. The first cause (etiology) is actually prolonged water shortage which triggers/kick in the dehydration management in place for the body to survive another day. Water, salt and glucose are the energy sources for your body, use water-cure protocol. Click for details.

Only after the publishing of research data, gathered from the analytical study of crystal salt that was mined in Berchtesgaden (Germany) and in the Himalayan Mountains in Pakistan, did public and scientific interest soar.

Caution: Unfortunately, the release of this data also encouraged the introduction of fraudulent or "knock-off" crystal salt into the marketplace, and companies are just using the name as a brand identity, the quality of which one should be aware and cautious.Especially with so-called "crystal salts," coming from such places as Northern Germany, Poland and the salt plains of central Pakistan, regions not having the geological prerequisites to form. Or when so, they have not been subject to any degree of biophysical analysis to learn of their possible benefits.

The structure of superior quality has been scientifically proven in the "Original Himalayan Crystal Salt." It is not a question of the number of elements, but about how they are qualitatively available to the cells in our human body. The crystal salt releases its stored energy potential, in relationship to its source, into our entire physical being.

Have salt among yourselves, and live in peace among your selves.

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