Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Natural Iron is Best.

Let nature iron-out your daily organic iron-mineral need for your body, when you eat fresh raw fruits and raw vegetables. For all other minerals must be in the correct proportion and organic form in order for the body to work well and in balance and harmony.

All the processed food in the market which have caused addiction among the users is because the manufacturers had remove one or more essential ingredients during the processing and cause the user's body to craving for the missing ingredient and thus initiate "addiction" mode and regularly consuming of the same product(s), like fried food, soft drinks, alcohol drinks, aspartame products, etc.

Only take iron supplement for as long as your doctor recommends to correct a deficiency. This should take NO LONGER THAN 6 MONTHS. And ensure it's from plant-based(slightly more expensive), not those petroleum-based supplements(cheaper kind, beware of 'buy one get one free promotion')

Don't take iron as part of a multi-vitamins or multi-minerals preparation. Why? Because all the human-chemists in the world combined cannot be compared to Mother-nature-chemist.

Inorganic-Iron (i-iron) interferes with the absorption of the essential minerals zinc, manganese, and molybdenum; i-iron destroys vitamin E; organic-iron(o-iron) own absorption is blocked by calcium and magnesium. All the 'high-calcium milk' in the market has caused many people, children inclusive, of o-iron deficiency.

Iron is best absorbed after a meal, with a small quantity of vitamin C , between 100 and 500 mg. Again, more does not mean better.

Safest method to have iron intake daily is to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. Nature will provide you the balance and harmony your body need.

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