Monday, March 16, 2009

"Auriculotherapy" or

the acupuncture of the ear as it is called in Europe and the West. In no case is European "ear acupuncture treatment" at all comparable with traditional Chen-Chiu therapy, because it lacks the appropriate systematic development background existing in China for over two thousand years.

In treating the outer ear with needles, there are special dangers to take into consideration. Ear puncture must never be undertaken when the patient feels inwardly tense or is anxious for any reason. Parents of various cultures had 'force' or tricked their very young child during the ritual of ear-piercing ceremony; unknowingly the harm which was caused to the child's body and emotional state which later manifest in the child's adult life.

The patient must first be calmed and reassured, otherwise he or she might become unconscious.

Ear therapy should not be applied if anemia is present, or if the patient is exhausted or extremely tired.

Pregnant women should never be the recipients of ear acupuncture since, as the ancient Egyptians knew, there is the possibility of inducing miscarriage. Ear-piercing does affect the fertility of the human body. Certain points of the ear promote considerable psychological changes such as euphoric states of mind, depression, or even hallucinations. It is advisable for many men and women to quit wearing earrings or have ear-piercing due to the physiological effects on their body health, especially their fertility .

Fashionable women inevitably suffered permanent distension of the earlobes, which were dragged down by the weight of the girandoles. This fate did not prevent their descendants from participating in another fashion for huge earrings and suffering the same consequences.

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