Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

was originally taken from human cadavers to treat children with stunted growth, but, unfortunately, some were infected with Creutfeld-Jacob disease (human Mad Cows'Disease).

Synthetic Growth Hormones (GH) were then developed.

Injecting GH under the skin of men aged 61-81 years, increased lean body mass by 8.8% and decreased their body fat by 14.4 %.
Bone density was increased in the spine and the men's skin thickened.

However, supplementation did not reverse the negative effects of aging such as declining muscular strength and aerobic capacity. Only natural diet and daily walking exercise can sustain both muscular and aerobic capacity. Modern hormone injection had be hyped to restore youthfulness to aging body is misleading the people.

There is no proof that these men actually lived longer, were healthier or had a better quality of life. Furthermore, in studies on HGH, serious side effects occur in 24 to 36 percent of the subjects. These include swollen feet and ankles, joint pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and pre-diabetes. These were signs/symptoms of water and salt deficits over a long period: prolonged chronic dehydration had set in their bodies. They should use water-cure protocol.

Furthermore, these initial were done on Growth Hormone injections, and not the sublingual (under the tongue) spray formulation which networking companies (Multi-Level marketing) are promoting.

HGH is not very stable in liquid/ aerosol form, which is why the big multi-national pharmaceutical companies (MNC) still have their HGH as injections. If huge MNC (most backed by respective Government agencies) with thousands of scientists and billion of research dollars$$$ cannot develop and stabilize GH in a spray form, then how can small/smaller Health Food Supplement companies do so? Beware of hyper marketing pitch.

The HGH is a large peptide (with 191 amino acids) and is twice the size of the insulin hormone. If large pharmaceutical companies again still cannot develop insulin that can be absorbed under the tongue, how can they do so for HGH?
The million of diabetics surely do not like to have injections everyday. If they only know and try increasing their daily water intake and salt in their diet.

Furthermore, it is QUESTIONABLE whether the growth hormone level increases after the spray and, even if it does, whether there are any long-term benefits has never been proven.

NOTE that the HGH used are all "synthetic". Non-organic.

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