Tuesday, March 17, 2009

WHAT,THEN, are the diseases

that can be treated with success by using Chinese needle therapy, Chen-Chiu in clinical practice?

Someone faced with that question who has long been a physician practising Chen-Chiu would probably say that it is formulated rather clumsily. The reason for this is that it proceeds from typical Western notions.

In Chinese needle Chen-Chiu therapy, there is no concern with the elimination of established patterns of disease, but rather with regulating and normalizing the sick person as a whole.

The Chinese medicine medicine system is a means of stimulating and regulating the blood and ch'i, the patient's bio-plasma," or "vital energy," or whatever one would like to call it.

Consequently, adequate reservoirs of blood and ch'i in patients are an important prerequisite in curing them. At this point, then, it is better not to ask what illness can be cured by applying Chinese medicine, but rather what kind of patients have a chance of being cure by it.

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