Monday, March 2, 2009

Modern day Live Cell Therapy was

started by one Dr Paul Niehans who discovered the benefits of live cell therapy quite by accident.

In 1931, he was consulted by a medical colleague who had accidentally removed a patient's parathyroid glands during the course of thyroid surgery. This type of 'accident' happens daily in surgery worldwide.

So vital are the parathyroid glands to life that the woman was unlikely to survive the day without them. A successful transplant was the only chance the surgeon had of saving her. So Dr Paul Niehans, who had a reputation for therapeutically transplanting organs and glands was called in.

On his way to the hospital, Niehans stopped off at the abattoir,where animals he used in his revitalization experiments was slaughtered. He obtained fresh parathyroid glands from a steer and proceeded to the hospital, fully intending to perform a parathyroid transplant.

However, when Dr Niehans arrived, one look at the patient - who was violently convulsing - told him that there was simply not enough time to perform the operation. The woman would not survive long enough.

But Dr Niehan had a idea. He sliced up the parathyroid glands and suspended it is a saline solution and injected it into the fatally ill woman. Immediately, her convulsions ceased. her condition improved and recovered to live another 30 years, well into her 90's.

Many years later Niehans wrote," I thought the effect would be short-lived, just like the effect of an injection of hormones, and that I should have repeat the injection. But to my great surprise, the injection of fresh cells not only failed to provoke a reaction but the effect lasted, and longer than any synthetic hormone, any implant or any surgical graft."

Thus live cell therapy was born and thousands have received live cell injections, which is modern day 'cannibalism', at his Clinic la prairie in Montreaux, Switzerland.

There is a growing popularity and acceptability in German, France and Japan.

Just eat fresh fruits, herbs, drink enough clean water daily, and your body will have all basic material to make new cells, naturally.

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