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In true medicine, a principle of order similar to that for the body also applies to the mental and spiritual functions.

There are four(4) basic qualities that are material as well as spiritual :

essence (ching),

the mental-spiritual (shen),

the pure soul(hun),

and the bodily soul (p'o).

Universal medicine regards the five treasury organs as the seat of body essence (ching), the mind (shen), the pure soul (hun), the body soul (p'o) and at the same time the storage for blood and ch'i.

Added to this, these inner organs guarantee the free movement of all parts of the human body.

The function of the six hollow organs, on the other hand, concerns the intake and digestion of food as well as the transport of fluids through the human body.

The founders of a systematic, Occidental method of healing took the six rules of "dietetics" into their medical program, which until the 19th century remained valid :
1.) light and air;
2.) work and rest;
3.) sleeping and waking;
4.) food and drink;
5.) the removal of waste-products; and
6.) control of the passions.

Only when they were not able to reestablish order within the organism by referring to these six(6) simple conditions for healthy life did doctors in the West/Western medicine trained resort to drastic measures such as the prescription of medicines/drugs or surgery.

Read: Blood, ch'i, ching (essence, the ability to reproduce) and shen (mental-spiritual) work together in the human body and mutually support one another.
They spread out together throughout the whole of the organism and maintain life and provide the basic elements for human existence.
The pathways of vessels have the task of allowing the blood and ch'i to flow within the body.
They nourish yin and yang,(male and female essence) keep the bones and the tendons supple and provide that the joints articulate properly.
The ch'i of resistance (wei) moistens the skin and keeps the muscles strong. Here is where the water-cure protocol plays the major role in human health.
In addition, it is responsible for the opening and closing of the skin's pores by which the skin remain elastic.
Human will (chih) and the power to imagine control the mind (shen) and the essence (ching).
Moreover, the will concentrates the pure soul (hun) and the body soul (p'o).
Will and imagination can adopt suitable measures so that the human organism does not suffer from the harmful affects of the weather.
As far as the body's interior is concerned, will and imagination can set up a balance between the friendly mood and rage or anger.
In the same way will and imagination can contribute to balancing blood and ch'i so that ch'i flow along the vessels of the meridians without hindrance and guarantees the elasticity of thebones and tendons.
Then the movements of the human being are light and full of vigor.

Use water-cure protocol. Drugs kill: water cure the body organism.

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