Monday, March 23, 2009

I used water to cure OBESITY:

In November of 2000, I weighed 525 lbs. (2.2 lbs=1 kilogram)
Now, January of 2003, I weigh 225 lbs. Here is how I did it.

My story is simple. For thirty-two(32) years of my life I continued to eat all the wrong foods and drink every unhealthy drink imaginable. My life for 32 years was a happy one. I had lots of friends, good jobs and a wonderful, but sickly mother. I got around pretty well for someone of my size. I was active, playing sports and competing in karate, all such activities that would promote a healthy lifestyle or weight loss. I however ate everything that was bad for you in large amounts, at the wrong times and would follow it up by drinking liters of soda or alcohol.

I look back now and could honestly say without any reservation that there were times of up to a month that I would not have any water. water never tasted good for me, and as far as I could remember, it would always give me a stomachache. maybe it did. maybe it was psychological, because I really didn't need to drink water. I loved soda and could easily sit and drink to two(2)-liter bottle with one meal. One meal could be a large pizza with everything and chicken wings, 10:30 at night.
I could recall two to three times a week I would order from a local pizza place a large cheese steak with extra cheese and a meatball with extra cheese and eat both with a two-liter soda, again very late at night. The times I remember eating the most was when I was alone at night or just getting home from work late at night, not tired and would eat. Even at times when I wasn't really hungry. It became routine for me to do this regularly.

My mornings weren't the best either. I made daily stops to the local McDonald's on my way to work to order two to three breakfast sandwiches for one person and again my favorite soda. Looking back now I realized this routine went on for years to the point I couldn't say honestly when I started this massive destruction of my body. It didn't help to have a few friends who were also big people, another word for obese, who ate a lot. My friends and i would regularly hit every buffet in the city. It got to the point where we were recognized and our names called out like Norm on "Cheers." Not something to be proud of. earlier on I stated I was a very happy person and had many wonderful friends. However I was very lonely, I had no one to share myself with.

Just about all my friends were married, in love and had beautiful companions to come home to. Everything I always wanted for myself but was not realistic at my size. Losing weight was not believable to me. My mother was very ill, in and out of the hospital multiple times with lung disease. A few times she almost didn't make it. I was very scared and again found another excuse to eat and eat a lot. My mother did eventually get a little better and didn't need me there all the time.

In November of 2000, at the age of thirty, I started seriously considering stomach stapling to help me lose weight, if I wanted to honestly live. At that weight the chances of living much longer wouldn't be too good. I was feeling the stress of my massive weight on all my joints was getting ill more often and was hospitalized multiple times with deep vein thrombosis. I was very sacred and very alone. I knew it was time to get serious about losing weight or die. I guess you're wondering how much I weighed. I weighed a whopping 525 lbs. I wore a six-extra-large shirt and had a waist line of seventy-two(72) inches. On January 21st of 2001, I started my very long journey to a new life.


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Odunukan G Dayo said...
Although the information is good,long, its cool and descriptive. Can I repost it on and link back to you

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