Sunday, March 29, 2009

Motivation & Commitment

are the two most important ingredients which can only be found in your own heart and soul, to take the High Pressure off your heart, in order to live a joyful and strong life . Your loved family members or close friends are and will be your motivation and the source of your continued commitment through the years, from hence forth and onwards.

Wow! you never expected to live healthily strong this long? You can, everyone can, and all the ingredients for that simple healthy longevity are found in your own heart's motivation and commitment.

But now I've gotten greedy!
Life has never been better or sweeter. I love my dear wife, and we're looking forward to growing older with wisdom together and enjoying some of the rewards of decades of hard work, such as travel, and savouring the simple joys of reading books, watching sunsets, and marveling at the beauty of a flower or a bird or a mountain. We went to Nepal. Our son still like to ask advice on personal matters. And I want to be around for the day when my first grandchild is born and I get to hold that cute baby in my arms, to witness again all those wonderful stages of childhood, and dole out the love I have in my heart. Lord God, how I wish my daddy had that chance. sadly he did not, but I do. The realization for those hope and dreams in the future, sharing life with my wonderful family, remain my motivation and commitment.
But enough about me!
How about you? Honorable and respected reader, what are the reasons for your motivation and commitment to health? What are your reasons for taking the pressure off your heart by lowering your hype-high blood pressure? What will inspire you to take that brisk walk outdoor when you rather sit in front the computer/ watch senseless TV movies? To make food choices based on other than taste alone? To lose those extra pounds and put out that last cigarette, if you are a smoker? To religiously take those supplements? Only you have the incredible power to choose a long and healthy life, not just wishful thinking, - or should I say to work for that life. Working our your own salvation with fear of God and tremble, lest you miss the mark.

No program will do any good until you make it a art of your own life. No drug company or supplement maker will put "motivation" and "commitment" into pills or tablets or capsules for you to swallow. Remember water-cure protocol formula, too.

The time to ensure a long,healthy, happy life is now. Find that motivation dep inside your inner self to take the pressure off your heart starting today. For tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow. Join us in the celebration of heart health!

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