Friday, March 20, 2009

Why eat Food Supplementation with

Vitamins and Minerals for the Treatment and prevention of Cancer?

Because the fact, that the cancer developed is due to deficiencies of these natural elements in one's lifestyle.

Frequently the response to the suggestion that vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients form an important part of an anti-cancer diet is met with the comment, like, 'Why on earth do I need to take in extra vitamins and minerals if I am going to be eating such a good diet?' (Are you really eating direct from the earth? if you are on real earth?)

Upon closer examination of the diet, we discovered that the nutrients were all the while missing, not in the form which the nature produce, but in the 'cooked' version and isolated amount.

Certainly, eating well will exert a very large protective effect, but the issue here is that we are exposed to environmental pollution with petrochemicals, industrial by-products in our water system, farming residues of pesticides and insecticides, and the effects of ionizing radiation and increase Ultra Violet light, and as such are potentially exposed to destabilizing chemical influences which can trigger the cancer process.

It is wise to take in some antioxidant vitamin and mineral protection.

In general terms, the reasons for taking extra vitamins and minerals are:

*replacement of long-term nutritional deficiencies

*boosting of body immune function

*deactivating of dangerous free radicals and pollutants

*direct stabilization of cell membranes and cancer cells

*possible regulation of oncogene, thought to be associated with cancer cell growth

*for those people with cancer who may be facing rigorous treatment, to compensate for the tissue loss caused by surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. (Present cancer patients are recommended to revisit this website and free consultation, and advice at )

Today, many laymen know more about the effective of nutrition treatment for cancer than many doctors who remain largely unaware of this huge body of work. There are now thousands of high-quality, scientific, peer-reviewed studies providing SOLID EVIDENCE for the role of nutrition in cancer development, treatment and prevention. An once of prevention is always better than many pounds of 'cure'(by drugs).

The use of vitamins and minerals in cancer treatment protocols SHOULD now be routine, and all of us living in industrialized society would be well advised to take prevention vitamin and mineral supplementation. Remember that supplementation cannot replace the regular fresh fruits and vegetables in one's daily diet. That is the sole purpose of supplementation, not substitution of eating fresh produce. If one does not eat fresh produce, the supplemetations will not work in the long term.

Vitamins beta carotene(found most in orange colour fresh produce eg. carrot), C, E and the mineral selenium given to 50,000 Chinese for five years brought down cancer deaths overall by 13 per cent, and death from their most common cancers by 20 per cent. Source:Journal of the National cancer Institute 85.18 (September 15, 1993): 1492-98. (Multiole vitamin.mineral supplementation, cancer indcidence, and disease-specific mortality among adults with esophageal dysplasia)

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