Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Worth to reconsider your value:

Invest in your health, and the returns will filter into all aspects of your life.

The ingredients are just as natural as nature, straight forward, original, and raw vegetation and fresh fruitarian, yet the results are welcomed; in short, Heal-thy Wealth. These dishes are never cooked, amazing thing can save your health and wealth simultaneously.
No ingredient is ever exposed to heat or heat-treatment,cooking, much higher than human body temperature/core temperature, where all natural elements live. This creates food with the taste of uncompromised freshness and vitality dishes that are vibrant and beautiful, and meals that leave you feeling real light and energized.

Cooked meals: meat, cheese, bread, pasteurized-milk, cookies,cereal, potato chips have since been discovered as foods quite difficult to digest, dehydrating the human body in general, contribute little nutritionally, and are even linked directly to diseases we see today.

Be useful to others: If ever there was an example of why it is better to give than to receive, this is it.
Older people who were followed for five(5) years reduced their risk of dying 60 percent by providing help to friends, neighbours, or relatives, or strangers. people who received help had no survival benefit. In other words, that friend in need may indeed help prolong your life. No none knows as yet why this should be true, but it could be that people who help are generally more active, or they benefit from social contacts, or they receive a sense of happiness from helping others.
The lesson is that requests for help may sometimes feel like a burden, but they may be another opportunity to improved health.

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