Friday, March 20, 2009

Encore! and striving higher hits for all C.B.I.

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Surfing the laws of the universe

1.It is our nature to go above and beyond the limitations we believe are there for us, to map the universe we find and then to throw out those very same maps lest they limit our ongoing perception and progress.

2.You speculate about the path of humanity through a future where its technological and ethical restraints have been unleashed by reckless expansion.

3.Through the course of our adventures, pioneer skillfully leads us to a place where the erstwhile hero/heroin, a cloned man trained as a human computer and honed to the apex of sexual proficiency, flees from the remnants of yet another bitter and costly war. But pioneer flees not only from his/her/its friends and allies, he/she/it also flees from shimmering web of destiny woven by the cosmic gods of his/her/its time.

These are beings metamorphosed over many thousand of years and centuries from genetically modified humans, existing within dimensions unseen by his/her/its peers, but glimpsed by him/her/it at the edges of his/her/its awareness.

4.He/she/it succeeds in his/her/its escape only through dumping the navigational cores of his/her/its computers, the star maps that lock him/her/it and his/her/its crew into one time and space, worst, in vacuum, freeing them from the imprisonment of what they think they know of where and when they are.



fOR US, IN THIS TIME AND SPACE, IT IS ONLY through the suspension of our addictions to certainty that we find balance within the unsteady surface of our universe. We feel so successful that we forgot to ask more and further.

By giving up the battles with ourselves and others to win and conquer territory or ground, resources or ideas. Such battles tether us to the fixity of our limitations.

We still thrive on dominance and gratification.
We reward ourselves for philosophical somersaults that most of our forebears would probably have considered blasphemy.

This we will turn into a navigational quest of who, where and why we are.

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