Monday, March 30, 2009

see reality in health care choices and

the public purse.

We are highlighting this story …..

Dying In the ICU After Surgery for Ovarian Cancer and Chemo for Lymphoma

She was told that she had ovarian cancer and needed an operation. Wan then moved on to another private hospital believing that another doctor was better able to handle her case. On 16 February 2009, Wan underwent an operation to remove her so-called cancer in the ovary. It was a total hysterectomy. But Wan’s condition did not improve in spite of the surgery. Her stomach was still bloated. Later she became breathless. While still in the hospital for a week, her lungs were filled with fluid … The total cost of her treatment as of 24 March 2009 is RM 194,730.13. Indeed it is very expensive to die in this modern day scientific age.

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May this failing be a “Guiding Light” to those who come after her.

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